2019 Ballot Count Rules  |  2019 Election Procedures

CAPS Board of Directors Elections
Ballot Count POSTPONED

We made a mistake.

We had set today as the day to count ballots in the CAPS Election.

Nearly a decade ago, the State eliminated Columbus Day as a state holiday; however, the Federal Government still observes it. Today is still a federal holiday. As such, the United Postal Service has closed all postal offices. The ballots, while secure, are not available for pick up as planned. The ballot count for the CAPS 2019-2021 Board of Directors election has been postponed until tomorrow, October 15, 2019 at noon.

We extend our sincerest apologies for our mistake to the candidates eager to hear the results of their races and most of all to you our members.

What does this mean for ballots?

Not much, they will sit securely in the post office box until MK Elections, the Elections Committee, and any interested members can pick them up on the new date of the count – October 15, 2019 at noon.

What ballots will be counted?

Any ballot that is present in the PO Box upon opening on the date of the ballot count (October 15) will be counted as long as the ballot has been submitted by a current member or any Unit 10 Scientist with a membership application. These rules do not change.

 Where will the count be held?

The count will still be held at the Holiday Inn Sacramento, Downtown-Arena (300 J Street, Sacramento CA 95814).

All CAPS members are welcome to attend. The ballot count rules can be found here: 2019 Ballot Count Rules

Seating is limited, and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The election is being conducted by MK Elections.




Below you will find the list of candidates in contested seats for 2019-2021 CAPS Board of Director positions with links to their candidate statements. Per past practice, the candidates are presented in the order they were picked out of a hat – the same order that they appear on the ballot:

Vice President
Candidate Statement Stephanie Lewis DTSC – Chatsworth Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Candidate Statement Daniel Ellis SWRCB – Sacramento Environmental Scientist
Candidate Statement Kris Wiese CDFW – San Diego Environmental Scientist
 Candidate Statement Shana Rapoport LARWCB – Los Angeles Environmental Scientist
 Candidate Statement Itzia Rivera CVFPB – Sacramento Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Candidate Statement Kelley Aubushon CDFW – Fresno Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
District I Director
Candidate Statement Willard Garrett DTSC – Cypress Environmental Scientist
Jessy Fierro DTSC – Chatsworth Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Supervisory Director
Valerie Chenoweth-Brown DTSC – Sacramento Senior Health Physicist
Candidate Statement Scott Bauer CDFW – Eureka Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)
Director At-Large
Manjul Bose DTSC – Chatsworth Environmental Scientist
Candidate Statement James Thomas CDPH – Sacramento Associate Health Physicist
Candidate Statement Jimmy Spearow DTSC – Sacramento Staff Toxicologist
Candidate Statement David Miller DTSC – Sacramento Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Candidate Statement Jason Van Court DHCS – Sacramento Research Scientist III

Article 8, Section 3(j) of the CAPS Bylaws state “Any qualified candidate shall be elected by acclamation, without the need for balloting, whenever that candidate is the only qualified candidate whose name will appear on the ballot for that seat.” The following positions for the Board of Directors seats were unopposed. Thus, the following candidates have been elected by acclamation:

President Margarita Gordus CDFW – Fresno Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
District II Director Maureen Lee-Dutra CDFA – Tulare Veterinarian (General)
District III Director Justin Garcia CDFW – Sacramento Environmental Scientist


District IV Director David Rist DTSC – Berkeley Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
District V Director Monty Larson CDFW – Fortuna Environmental Scientist