CalPERS 2021 Health Plan Rates

The CalPERS Board of Administration has approved new healthcare plan rates for 2021. The overall average increase over the 2020 rates is 4.32%. It is not unexpected the 2021 healthcare plan rates have increased, as they increase every year. This is slightly lower than last year’s increase of 4.65%.

For CAPS-represented employees, the State Employer Health Benefit Contribution (the State’s share) dollar amount will likely increase since it is based on the weighted average percentage of the four most utilized plans.  For 2021, the four largest plans are Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield Access+ HMO, PERS Select, and UnitedHealthcare HMO. At this time the State’s contributions for 2021 have not been released.

The State’s contribution toward employee healthcare is an important component for members to determine the personal financial impacts of the new healthcare plan rates. CAPS will be sure to inform its members once this information is released.

If you wish to make any changes to your coverage for 2021, you may do so during the open enrollment period from September 21 to October 16, 2020.

If you would like to preview the 2021 rates see CalPERS 2021 Premiums.