California Association of Professional Scientists

CAPS, UAW Local 1115 is a union of scientific civil servants who protect public health, the environment, and California’s natural resources.

Let the Governor and his Administration know that our membership stands united in demanding a fair contract that ends the gender pay gap NOW! Take 30 seconds to add yourself to our photo petition! Hundreds of your fellow State Scientists have already signed on! Once a majority of rank-and-file scientists sign on to the photo petition, your Contract Action Team (CAT) will publish it and show this administration what collective power looks like! Our power is in our participation, so please take action today!  

Strike School Part One: Organizing for Power 

Our first of many strike school events will be happening tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10, 6-8 PM and Friday, July 12, 6-8 PM. All rank-and-file scientists are welcome to attend. 

Our strike school curriculum features a multi-part series that will build off of each other. It’s strongly encouraged that you and your colleagues attend each part of the series. Both events this week are Part 1 of Strike School, so you only need to register for one. More strike school Part 1 dates will be announced soon – stay tuned!

Value Science. Value Scientists!

Join State Scientists in a collective fight to protect California’s future by providing equitable wages to state-employed scientists.

You and your fellow scientists have a chance to speak directly to this administration. Your Bargaining Committee goes back to the table, where our goal is to share the photo petition! 

You can show this administration that you and your colleagues are united in our demand for equitable pay, and a fair contract that ends the gender pay gap for Bargaining Unit 10 by signing this photo petition. It takes about 30 seconds to sign! 

With over 1,500 fellow scientists signing the photo petition already, your participation matters in conveying our message.

Once a majority of state scientists sign, we, the Bargaining Committee, will work with the Contract Action Team (CAT) to present the petition as a photo collage to this administration to demonstrate our collective power. This action is for your salaries and your future

Already signed? Get two of your colleagues to sign the petition as well.  

Participation makes us strong, so take action now!

Check out this link to see how a photo collage from a successful organizing campaign looks. Join your colleagues in making yourself heard as we demand fair pay.