For Supervisors

Supervisors’ Right to Membership

When supervisors are first hired to Supervisory and Managerial positions, they are sometimes told, or erroneously believe, that they can no longer be a member of ANY union, let alone retain their membership in CAPS. Membership in CAPS is just as important for Supervisors and Managers as it is for the Rank-and-File.

All State Scientific Supervisors and Managers have the right to maintain and/or seek union membership. It’s covered in the “Excluded Employees Bill of Rights,” specifically in Government Code Section 3530. It says, in relevant part, “Excluded employee organizations shall have the right to represent their excluded members in their employment relations, including grievances, with the State of California…

CAPS has represented supervisors in their employment with state management since its founding in 1984. Membership in CAPS is the right choice for EVERY State Scientist. CAPS fights to improve and protect the rights and employment conditions for State Scientists at the worksite, with management, with CalHR on salary and benefits issues, before state boards and commissions, in the Legislature, with the media, and in court when necessary. 

CAPS is here to protect (and improve) your pay, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment, and to ensure that if you need individual representation, you’ll get it! Not yet a member, Choose Unity, Choose Strength, Choose CAPS!