Supervisory Committee Proposals

Supervisor’s Meet & Confer
Monday, June 24, 2019

Your CAPS Supervisors Committee met on June 24th with Governor Newsom’s representative for excluded employees at CalHR. There was one member from the Governor’s team present and six CAPS supervisory members from different areas of the state, with varying backgrounds and classifications.

The committee presented proposals regarding the need for increased salaries and benefits. This was the CAPS Supervisors Committee’s first chance to meet formally with the new administration.

CAPS Supervisors Meet and Confer 2019 Presentation

The Committee put forth the following proposals, generated largely from last year’s Member Survey:

CAPS Supervisory Committee Proposals (6/24/19)

S10 Meet and Confer Data for Salary Proposal (6/24/2019)

The Proposals aim to correct the Unit-wide inequity that was created when only 14 supervisory scientist classifications were provided general salary increases due to the Like Pay for Like Work court ruling. This resulted in 21% of the S10 classifications’, most with higher minimally required degrees, vertical historical relationships being thrown off from their S10 counterparts in bachelor’s level classes.

  • Correct the discrepancy from 2015 where the Like Pay for Like Work classes received 0.8% less than their engineering counterparts in their General Salary Increases.
  • Provide additional compensation to Supervisors who are sent to handle Emergency situations under Incident Command Structures.
  • Provide a Geographic Pay Differential for all S10 and M10 classes based on the Federal Locality Pay system.
  • Provide 3% Longevity Pay for supervisory employees employed with the state for 21 years or more.
  • Increase Voluntary Personal Leave Programs to match Rank-and-File’s benefit – up to 3 days useable per month.
  • Clarify supervisors’ uniform allowance.
  • Increase Professional Development Days to 5 and Professional Conference Reimbursement to $1,000 per year.