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  • Follow @capsscientists and use #ValueScientists
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  • Include one or more of the recommended hashtags in each post
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  • Make a strong ask by sharing your story!


  • #ValueScientists
  • #EqualPayCA
  • #AvoidCollapse
  • #CAStateScientists
  • #PayEquity


  • @capsscientists
  • @calhr_gov
  • @cagovernor
  • @gavinnewsom
  • @JenSiebelNewsom

Post Ideas

  • What are the importance of your job duties to the State of California?
  • What are some challenges specific to your job title?
  • What does “Value Scientists” mean to you?
  • What does “equitable salaries” mean to you?
  • We need a salary equity because…
  • I became a union member with CAPS because…
  • Spread our demands by sharing this website:
  • Ask folks to sign on to support our platform here:
  • Post a picture wearing your green shirt, union swag, union events, etc.
  • Post a picture of your daily work, of you in the lab, out in the field, etc. and tag #FlatGavin @FlatGavin
  • Does your furry friend support our union? Tag @capsscientists and hashtag #ValueScientists with photos of your pets!

Graphics to Share

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Pre-Drafted Posts

We know its hard to start sometimes! We’ve developed some starter Tweets/Posts to help kick off your social media presence in support of CAPS!

  • You can’t have science without scientists. Pay equity NOW! #ValueScience!
  • It’s imperative that the State of California leads by example and is able to compete for the best scientific talent. #ValueScience!
  • I support CAPS because it’s crucial for us to come together to fight for the resources we need so that we can be effective Scientists for the people of California!
  • We demand a fair contract for State Scientists – PAY EQUITY NOW! #ValueScientists
  • CA State Scientists never quit during the pandemic, yet the last time they got a raise was in 2021. It’s time to thank State Scientists with wages, not words. #ValueScientists
  • CA State Scientists implement the @CAGovernor ‘s programs. It’s past time for these public servants to get the raise they deserve. #ValueScientists
  • We demand action, NOW. Do the right thing and give CA State Scientists a fair contract. #ValueScientists #PayEquity
  • I support @CAPSScientists b/c [insert your reason here] #ValueScientists
  • I am a @CAPSScientists [Environmental Scientist/Research Scientist/Veterinarian] b/c [insert your reason here] #FlatGavin #ValueScientists
  • I am a CA State Scientist whose work is integral to implementing this Administration’s priorities and I support our fight for a fair contract! 
  • The state of California is better served when CA State Scientists are paid fairly. #PayEquity #EqualPayCA #ValueScientists
  • I’m proud to be a @CAPSscientists member and even prouder to stand with my Union as we fight for a fair contract 
  • I’m proud to be a member of @CAPSScientists and stand in solidarity with other state employees in their fight for a fair contract!  #PublicEmployeesStrongerTogether
  • We call on @CAgovernor and @CalHR_gov to pay CA State Scientists the wages they deserve! #PayEquityNow

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