Fighting Back on Retirement Benefits

April 3, 2020


Santa Barbara COunty Employee Retirement System Takes Big Pension Hit


Pension Funds Will Take a Big Coronavirus Hit

Coronavirus is the Tipping Point That Just Upended Pensions

Pensions in a Pandemic: Is One Man’s Bailout Another Man’s Pension Funding Relief?

Coronavirus guts pension funding levels

COVID-19 takes bite out of U.S. corporate pension plans

Steady pension funding improvements since financial crisis

The Public Sector Pension Investment Board makes strategic investment in SitusAMC

New Jersey makes pension contribution despite coronavirus upheaval

Peoria Firefighters Pension Fund Prepares for “Worst-Case Scenario”

Vermont National Guard on a COVID-19 Mission, Printed PPE, Pension Funds and Hungry Bears

Kentucky budget keeps higher education funding steady, won’t increase pension burden

No new cases; state freezes pensions for quasi-government agencies

April 1, 2020


U.S. pension funds may pour $400 billion into stocks, lifting virus-hit markets: JP Morgan

Private sector workers/retirees, is your pension plan at risk from the coronavirus crisis?

How New York City pension funds are vulnerable to coronavirus hit

Milliman analysis: Estimated cost of retiree pension risk transfer climbs from 104.6% to 105.2% in February

Murphy: NJ will make its scheduled pension payment amid coronavirus outbreak

NYC pension system negotiates deals with 5 firms on gender discrimination

March 30, 2020


Crisis reveals big financial shortcomings

Borenstein: CalPERS unprepared for the coronavirus recession


U.S. Public Pensions Lose $1 Trillion from Market Crash

Pensions, food stamps, infrastructure: What congress might include in its next coronavirus relief package

Op-Ed: As coronavirus cripples the US economy, lawmakers must fix another looming problem

State pension fund takes a hit, but credit ratings could be the real concern

Bobby Harrison: Stock market dive brings attention to that third rail – state pension plan

Kentucky lawmakers agree to fully fund teachers’ pensions without caveats in budget talks

The musicians’ pension fund lost big on risky bets. A Cheltenham-born saxophonist led a suit that won a $27 million settlement

March 27, 2020


A guide to the retirement related provisions in the senate coronavirus stimulus/relief bill

PSPRS pension trustees who did business deals with agency staff renew attacks on chairman

States Illinois need coronavirus relief for pensions and health care

March 24, 2020


California’s economy is in uncharted territory due to coronavirus

San Diego Unified, LA Unified say schools need $3 billion in emergency state funding or distance learning

San Francisco pension fund calls on companies to lend coronavirus support

San Diego governments brace for impacts of economic tumult on pension costs


Mercer: Pension plan funding relief needed ASAP

Taking $1.13 billion from teacher pensions a ‘very serious problem,’ official warns

Pension reform plan s are on the table

March 23, 2020


CalPERS loses $69 billion in biggest market losses since Great Recession

California must act quickly to address the financial crisis

Vons, Albertsons, Pavillions workers get $2 hourly raise during coronavirus outbreak


Ohio pension funds hunker down in coronavirus siege

Pension fund sticking to plan in downturn

Corporate pension plans need congressional relief amid virus outbreak

Kentucky pension proposal that sparked teacher protests back on the table

State police troopers accused overtime fraud will get to keep their pensions

March 18, 2020


Riverside County to approve $730 million bond sale to pay pension debts

Supervisors approve bonds to pare down pension liabilities


Pension plans continue to adapt meetings amid coronavirus concerns

March 16, 2020


COVID-19’s harsh impact on state pension systems and school districts

CalPERS battles former board member over real estate investment values

San Diego’s pension payment jumps another $15M, squeezing budget even tighter


Nine local government owe $136M for pensions

Wisconsin retirement system participants to see slight bump in pension checks

How will underfunded Illinois public pensions fare in the coronavirus/market crash aftermath

Alabama pension fund chief David Bronner says market fallout from coronavirus will pass

Coronavirus disruptions could strain Chicago’s finances and pension funds

Council delays decision on pension


March 10, 2020


California’s new state-run retirement program survives taxpayer group’s challenge


COVID-19 Pensions Business Planning

Pensions position, lawmakers prepare as coronavirus economic impact trickles into Pa.

New Mexico Passes Bipartisan Pension Reform

Panel approves bill to move local governments out of ailing Kentucky pension system

Fixing New York’s teacher pensions

Huntington Woods voters OK millage for public safety pensions, road repairs

District 66 Democratic candidates talk pensions, property taxes


California districts proposed state budget won’t cover expenses

Exclusive: CalSTRS develops quarantine plans

US pension fund CalSTRS allocates $2.2B to PE managers in H2


NJ lawmakers move to expand early pension benefit for police, fire

NC treasurer: State4 pension fund will withstand market downturn

Pension plan sponsors slashed contributions in 2019

Senator moves to alter pension buyout process

March 5, 2020


Split decision for  busted CHP boss


New Mexico Overhauls Pension System for Public Workers

6 Little-known aspects of police and fire pensions

Voters asked to approve Huntington Woods police-fire pension millage

March 3, 2020


Cost of pensions climb even as Redwood City boosts payments

Editorial: Chula Vista shouldn’t gamble on pension bonds


ITT GOulds Pumps wants to transfer pension fund to insurance company

US Senate candidate Al Gross announces plan to fix current pension system

New Mexico legislation affects state pension fund contributions

$240M pension payment threatens Detroit’s future

Retirees’ worst nightmare: Federal backing of pension funds at risk

Next pension overhaul in New Mexico may be for educators

February 26, 2020


Powerful public sector unions, public safety compensation, and actual public safety


Senate rejects Gov. Ducey’s proposed state tax break for military pensions

Firefighters making renewed push for pension bill that could saddle city with $30M in annual costs

Teacher pension plans are getting riskier – and it could backfire on American schools

$45 Billion: That’s what this study says pensions lost in private equity gains

Georgia Senate bill would allow ‘alternative investments’ with teacher pension money

State representative spars with Whitmer administration over school pension assumptions

February 25, 2020


As pensions break the bank, Californians face more tax hikes


A big pension payment, more money for schools. What to expect from Murphy’s 3rd budget.

Study finds underfunded state pension plans not an economic drag

Analysis says NC pensions fiscal health in jeopardy

U.S. Bancorp to make $125 million contribution to U.S. pension plan


February 24, 2020


Fees are going up for California state workers’ 401k plans

Wilk: Stop taxing vets’ pensions

Children descend on CalSTRS to urge fossil-fuel divestment


Trump should go to war against public employee pensions

No, Governor Pritzker, Illinois pension reform isn’t a fantasy

Sweeny will back Murphy’s millionaires tax if public worker pension dunging gets huge boost

Redwood City eyes $3M to cut pension liability

NJ pension fund trustee sentenced for embezzling over $360K

February 21, 2020


CalPERS votes to sponsor bill to keep lid on private debt investments

Sacramento must put fiscal discipline first


Corrupt NJ politician could collect some of his public pension, court rules

Fired Chicago police superintendent getting $190K pension

GOP lawmakers demand overhaul of shaky MBTA pension fund

South Caroline law firm allegedly targeted veteran pension funds

Mayors: Reconfiguring Kentucky’s pension system could force local cities to raise taxes, fire police

February 20, 2020


Biggest-ever CalPERS pension tops $400,000 per year

California senator pushes for tax free pension for military retirees


Federal retirement benefits on the chopping block

American Airlines to board $196 million into pension plans in 2020

Illinois investors seek pension fix clues in budget proposal

Former Beverly councilor seeks city pension

Teacher pension changes sputter in Georgia legislature

February 19, 2020


New Mexico public pension reform passes in state House

As pension costs climb, Memphis officials warn of ‘high-level revenue pressures’

Mayors: Reconfiguring Kentucky’s pension system could force local cities to raise taxes, fire police

Teacher pension changes sputter in Georgia legislature

Katko seeks solution to ongoing multiemployer pension crisis

Governor’s office concerned about proposed solutions to state pension crisis

February 18, 2020


231 local tax hikes and bond measures on California ballots March 3


Meye takes City of Covington protest to Frankfort; rising pension rates causing pain, top legislators told

Governor’s office concerned about proposed solutions to state pension crisis

Workers face retirement with fear as GOP refuses to back pension protection bill

Kealoha case fuels push to change pension laws for disgraced government employees

Pension overhaul wins legislative OK

U.S. pension insurer scrutinizing deals between McClatchy, hedge fund

Jacksonville pension costs trending upward but they are less than before voters approved sales tax

New Mexico public pension reform passes in state House

House passes bills to help health departments on pensions; may mean increased public-health taxes

February 12, 2020


Multiemployer pensions take center stage in 2020

How the GOP-controlled Senate is putting the pensions of 13 million Americans at risk

North Carolina public colleges are hiding officials who trigger ‘pension spiking’


February 11, 2020


CalSTRS revamps ESG guidelines

Plan advisers get some relief on proposed California privacy regs

SF corruption case: Nuru resigns in wake of fraud charges, but pension fight looms


Public college ‘pension spiking’ costs North Carolina taxpayers

Pension overhaul sent to full Senate

Kansas House looks ready to reject governor’s pension plan

Trump renews call for higher fees to address pension insolvency

Committee passes pension bill amid tense exchange

GE wants judge-led arbitration of $200 million pension dispute

February 3, 2020


The biggest U.S. pension bought up Uber, Lyft, and beyond meat stock before they rallied

Disgraced congressmen would lose their pensions for campaign crimes under this bill

Scandal-embroiled DPW head still not fired, possibly still eligible for pension


Florida state pension back TPG’s rise fund II


Some Long Island educators retire with pension over $300K

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s 13 year-old “Loser’s Bonus” paid by state pension is not Wall Street business as usual

Oregon pension reforms lower costs, but stretch agency thin

Beshear’s nidget would men tens of millions less than expected for KY pension funds

Some good news for Oregon’s public pension system

Pension crisis: US seeks to save flawed state benefits system


Public pension reform s advance in New Mexico legislature

Pritzker’s state of state address quiet on population loss, barely touches on pension debt