Fighting Back on Retirement Benefits

November 11, 2019


Disability status for CalPERS retirees must remain private, court says

Pension Giant Calpers Buys Apple, Intel, Uber, Lyft Stock

CalSTRS says SEC proposal weakens corporate accountability

Declaring California a ‘compassionate state – that’ll fix everything

California Public Employees Retirement System Acquires 27,034 Shares of Arrow Electronics, Inc.


Funds double crypto asset exposure in Morgan Creek’s fund to 1%

Some Ramsey County sheriff’s employees get retirement benefits on top of full-time salary

Lightfoot to Pritzker on pensions: It’s your move

I’m moving to New Jersey. Will the state tax my pension?

Attorneys in Hall pension case point to recent Ga. Supreme Court decision in motion

Oakwood pays off Ohio Police & Fire Pension liability debt–politics/oakwood-pays-off-ohio-police-fire-pension-liability-debt/z0uLyZGi7FnWdci0KPzp9K/

Smart money is on ethics, pension fix action during veto session – but no big bets placed on Chicago casino

Lawmakers taking another stab at stabilizing PA public pension funds

The Energy 202: Mitch McConnell’s surprise turnaround means coal miner’s pensions are a lot more secure

November 8, 2019


California Taxpayers on Hook for Six-Figure Government Pensions

Editorial: San Rafael cries foul over pension rating

New York pension fund may lower holdings in stocks

Calstrs carried interest payments to private equity managers fall as exits slow


New York pension fund may lower holdings in stocks

Kanawha Commission passes resolution in support of miners pension bill

CSW Industrials terminates U.S. pension plan

New York Pension Fund May Lower Holdings in Stocks

Pennsylvania lawmakers taking another stab at stabilizing public pension funds

Boise Cascade trims pension liabilities with $20 million buyout

Young says imminent pension crisis must be solved ‘once and for all’

Pension risk transfers in vogue in 2019

Lisle Police Pension Fund re-ups with Marquette Associates

Senators introduce miners’ pension rescue bill

Milliman analysis: Corporate pension funding rises by $11 billion in October

Illinois still climbing the pension ramp as unfunded liabilities grow $3 billion

IBM employees ask supreme court to hold pension managers liable for loss

New Mexico pension reforms would increase contributions

Pension bailouts could raise the national debt by $7 trillion

Pensions venture into risky corners of the market in hunt for returns

November 7, 2019


Study shows pension funds’ refusal to divest from fossil fuels cost retired teachers, firefighters, and public workers $19 billion


Facing Widespread Divestment and Public Outcry, GEO Group Tries to Soothe Shareholders

US lawmakers introduce new bill to ban federal pension fund from investing in China

Senators Push Bipartisan Fix to Coal Miners’ Pensions

Memphis officials fear “mass exodus” from MPD and MFD if pension program implemented

Red flags abound at bankrupt Rhode Island St. Joseph Health Services church pension

City waits as state juggles police, fire pension oversight

The end to the Chicago teacher strike underscores pension crisis

City reviews finances, look toward pension challenges

Kentucky governor who sought to revamp pension funds loses re-election

Miners react to bipartisan miner pension bill

U.S. Foods to offload $75 million in pension liabilities

New Mexico pension reform calls for higher contributions

Many pension plan amounts to rise in 2020

November 6, 2019


Report: Fossil Fuel Investments Cost California Pension Funds Money

Should California pension funds quit oil and gas? Report says they can earn more if they do

‘Public Safety Employees’ hit hard by CA pension costs

How Calif. Public Agencies Can Reform Pension Benefits

Four California Bay Area Cities Face Serious Financial Risk

Pension costs hitting home – hard

Letter to the Editor: Privatize to escape pension shortfall?; Questioning label ‘traitorous’; Teachers never stop caring


Here’s How Having A Pension Affects Your Social Security Benefits

Public Pension Plans Continue to Shift Into U.S. Stocks

Pension payments to rise a little above GOMB projections

Fire and Police Pension Consolidation Bill Before Illinois State Lawmakers

Did I earn my police pension?

Green Coalition: Pension plans miss billions by not divesting from fossil fuels

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Company refused to release pension

Illinois’ annual pension bill creeps closer to $10 billion, still not close to paying down debt

Falling interest rates wreak havoc in US pension  system

November 5, 2019


Pension costs hitting home — hard

San Rafael protests No.1 pension tab ranking


America’s Biggest Pension Bought Up Apple, Intel, Uber, and Lyft Stock

Take Politics Out of Public Pension Plans

Report: Public Pension Funding, Education Not Mutually Exclusive

Manchin urges McConnell to put forward pension legislation following health care notices

Pension Insurer Petitions for More Required Contributions Data

Murray Energy’s Bankruptcy Could Bring Collapse of Coal Miners’ Pensions

Coal workers fear for pensions after Murray Energy Bankruptcy

Chicago Teachers No Longer Can Save 40 Sick Days for Retirement: Now It’s 244

Fire and Police Pension Consolidation Bill Before Illinois State Lawmakers

Eying Liquidity, New York pension fund looks to trim equities

Huge Texas Pension Made Big Bets on AMD, Intel, and Walmart Stock

Ohio’s public pension funds turn to outside lobbyists for clout

Lubbock Fire Pension Fund earmarks $10 million for real estate fund

Pension reform a recurring topic in Governor Debates

Lump-sum pension buyouts can shortchange employees

Voters to decide Joplin’s pension-fix proposal

Normal Town Council to consider property tax increase to over pension costs

November 4, 2019


US pension plans dodge queries on healthcare holdings

Editorial: These four bay area cities face serious financial risk

When things get tough, companies split Chairman, CEO roles


‘Nervous and scared.’ Coal workers fear for their pensions after Murray Energy Bankruptcy

Huge Texas pensions made big bets on AMD, Intel, and Walmart stock

Normal to hike property taxes to pay for pensions

Ohio’s public pension funds turn to outside lobbyists for clout

‘Slap in the face’: Cob judges draw from pension – but don’t pay into it

Coal mine workers pension “death” deserves an autopsy

Normal landowners to foot the bill for increased pension obligations

Falling interest rates wreak havoc in US pension system

Pressure on property taxes mounts fro towns across Illinois amid pension burden

NHS misses deadline for staff pension statements

November 1, 2019


California city disputes high debt burden audit by state


Commentary: Evaluation alternative investments pension fund portfolios

WSJ wealth adviser briefing: PG&E trade, coal firm pensions, cannabis open house

On pension, Kentucky should heed Illinois’ warning

Teacher’s pensions fund has a secret plan for urban renewal in Harrisburg. They won’t talk about it.

Pension board backs top executive

Ohio may cut pension benefits for new government workers–regional-govt–politics/ohio-may-cut-pension-benefits-for-new-government-workers/NSEog1q1g2XZa8pPvVw9EJ/

Why pressure on property taxes is growing in Illinois amid pension burden

REV knew investor info was false, pension fund says

Commentary: Evaluation of alternative investments in pension fund portfolios

City council approves 1% pension hike for retirees starting Jan. 1

Rogers secures $163 million pension plan buyout

Pension consultant Mercer cautions clients on Fisher investments

October 24, 2019


Pension funds rethinking investments in blacklisted Chinese surveillance firm


City lawyers to decide on embattled councilman’s pension

New guidelines force pension funds to reveal shareholder voting records

GE freezes its pension plans and offers former employees lump sum buyouts

Chicago budget takes aim at its pension deficit

Judge dismisses lawsuit from Ohio police and fire retirees against pension board

Singletary: You should care about failure of this pension

Trustees continue fighting over pension in Maine Township

Pensions funds, infrastructure, and sewer overflow al big talking points for Peoria’s wallet

Society of Actuaries releases new mortality tables for private pension funds

Where the 2019 Kentucky governor candidates on the pension crisis

Rep. McKinley’s miner pension bill heads to House floor

Doctors dismiss government pensions solution as ‘sticking plaster’

Enzi criticizes pension bailout saying it would cost taxpayers

Proctor & Gamble retiree claims pension cut after moving to US

October 23, 2019


Why America’s Largest Pension Fund Is Cutting Ties with Private Prisons

Letter to the Editor: Property taxes and pensions in California

Nation’s largest pension fund divests from firms that run ICE detention centers

The Exchange: CalPERS’ Ben Meng

This columnist thinks California is in big trouble. Kill Prop 13!


Pension funds put $50 million into Morgan Creek’s new blockchain fund

Fisher Investments withdrawals exceed $2billion as New Hampshire pension plan exits

Chicago’s new mayor grapples with nation’s worst pension debt

Low returns for public pensions threaten future retirees

Lightfoot can’t fix Chicago’s finances without pension reform

Singletary: Pension failures and why you should care

Oversight or politicization: Pension takes center stage in KY auditor’s race

Why does local police and fire pension consolidation matter for Illinois?

Case: No jurisdiction over claims that pension board ignored request to withhold trillions of dollars

October 21, 2019


Public Paychecks: Highest-paid Roseville city employees

Prop 13 overhaul gets friendly summary from California attorney general

CalPERS Divests From Listed Prison Companies

Death doesn’t take a financial holiday. Here’s a cautionary tale.


How much is GE shortchanging pensioners taking lump sums? Use our calculator.

Troubles keep mounting for Fisher Investments as losses in pension assets hits $1.3 billion

Can a state senator who’s not under federal probe sponsor this fire pension bill?

Connecticut’s teacher pension system isn’t working for millenials. That’s a problem.

Watchdog says state not doing enough to overcome pension funding crisis

When a pension plan fails, it hurts us all

Jim Dey: Devilish details threaten plan for quick pension action

5 steps to starting a pension if you’re a freelancer

Michele Singletary: Here’s why you should care about this pension case

Roseville voters decide pension shift for police and fire

Palatine presentation shoes possible benefit of combining police and fire pension funds

Borough returns pension benefits to pre-2012 rate

Senator Manchin calls for action on miners’ pension legislation

Illinois ‘pension funds are doomed; says Taxpayers United of America president

Norton gets DC Equality Provision Passed in Presidential Pension Bill

October 18, 2019


California is in big trouble again

Senate president urges treasurer to reconsider opposition to fossil fuel divestment


Breaking Free From Interest Rate Bind on DB Funding

Union works urge senate to pass pension protections

Pension Income Still Dominates. That Will Soon Change

Firefighter’s widow, union feel cheated over slashed pension

Some elected officials get big pensions along with big pensions

Eric County Council members respond to pension controversy

Pepsi Wins Against Retirees Pension Class Action

Rick Bloom: Is taking a buyout from your pension a good idea?

Every state’s pension crisis ranked

October 17, 2019


Pension costs continue to drive tax hikes across California: Susan Shelley

PBGC to take over two Verity Health pension plans

Palo Alto explores new ways to settle giant pension bill

Moody’s Upgrades California’s credit rating

Yvonne E. Walker: Retirement Security for All

Pension costs continue to drive tax hikes across California: Susan Shelley


City pulls $248m in pension money from firms after CEO’s off-color comments on women

Ken Fisher’s sexist comments have cost his company nearly $1 billion in assets

Retirees want pension fix from Congress

Is consolidating the assets of Illinois’ public pension funds a good idea?

Portland police retirements hit record number, pension fund managers say

Union workers urge senate to pass pension protections

Pension crisis forces firehouse closure, 9 firefighter layoffs in East St. Louis

GE’s pension freeze follows similar US corporate trend

Embattled former alderman uses loophole to double pension

Oregon teachers union won’t fund candidates who voted for public pension reforms

M&A Risk: Watch out for pension plans

Senators struggle to resolve pension, retirement differences

Pension penalty waiver sought

FirstEnergy Solutions’ shift on pensions paves way for bankruptcy exit

October 16, 2019


California Confronts the Cost of Politically-Driven Divestments

U.S. pension funds took positions in blacklisted Chinese surveillance company

Pension Backstop Offers 8,000 Verity Workers Partial Relief

Aldeman: Mobility. Flexibility. Fairness. State Colleges Have These in Their Retirement Plans. So Why Don’t K-12 Districts?

Andrew Yang’s ‘freedom dividend’ echoes a 1930s basic income proposal that reshaped Social Security


U.S. pension funds took positions in blacklisted Chinese surveillance company

So Why Are GE’s Pension Funds So Underfunded, Anyways?

Every State’s Pension Crisis Ranked

Plan for over 640 police, fire pensions barely touches Illinois’ $200B problem

Police, firefighter pension plan on the mend

Pension Backup Offers 8,000 Verity Workers Partial Relief

GE Pension Freeze Shows Workers Need Better Way to Save,587433

Pension problems for corrections officer prosecuted in pot butter case

EIU to host state pension issues presentation

Philadelphia pension board drops Fisher Investments over comments-city spokesman

Goldcrest Farm Trust Closes on Additional $300 Million in Pension Fund Commitments

State ends pension contract over CEOs comments

Washington State Teachers’ Pension Battle Denied SCOTUS Review

Wages, pensions, plant investments still issues in UAW-GM strike

October 15, 2019


GM, Pension Funds, And The Temptations Of Big Pots Of Money


Wage’s, pensions, plant investments still issues in GM strike

Michigan ends pension contract over intestor’s comments

County officials say pension boards proposed fix would cost an extra $267 million

Could ‘Antiques Roadshow’ save our pensions?

Audit of Cahokia police pension fund finds less than professional operation

Our view: Losing pension wrong penalty for public worker’s domestic violence

More Employers Look To Switch Pensions Funds In 2019

Illinois State Treasurer says combining fire and police pension could save state money

Pension penalty waiver sought; LRSD charged interest after worker contributions missed

Boston Pension Fund Sues Chemours Over Environmental Liabilities

Miller: Pension change could benefit other funds

‘Eden bonds’: how rewilding could save the climate and your pension

October 14, 2019


Pension obligation bonds are a poor fix for pension debts

Pension obligation bonds are a poor fix for pension debts

How Well-Funded Are Government Employee Pension Plans In Your State

Every State’s Pension Crisis Ranked


GE’s pension freeze puts a spotlight on America’s retirement planning problem

GE’s pension freeze raises a question: Should you take a lump-sum buyout or keep benefits?

Pritzker pension team looks for savings but finds costly threats instead

Editorial: Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s pension suture can be one step toward a full healing

Michigan pension fund moves $600M out of Fisher investments after offensive remarks

I Told You So: Illinois’ Pension Consolidation Task Force Report Recognizes Tier 2 Woes–illinois-pension-consolidation-task-force-report-recognizes-tier-2-woes/#380ba04aaad1

Editorial: Pension issue on tap in Springfield

Pension forfeiture wrong penalty for public worker’s domestic violence

Chicago Tribune reporter Hal Dardick on pension funding: “There’s no sure thing”

Washington to lower distressed pension tax

Limiting vs. Elimination Pension Risks

Pension funds sink billions into a whole new world of risk

NYC pension system asks companies to adopt ‘Rooney Rule’

Court: AG Must Rewrite ‘Misleading’ Pension Ballot Measure

DeVry Settles Securities Lawsuit with Utah State Pension

October 9, 2019


OC Poised to Approve $151 Million in Deputy Sheriff Raises

California’s Conflict of Interest Obligations


GE slashed costs by freezing pensions on 20,000 workers — here’s why investors are still upset

Top GE analyst Tusa sees pension freeze as sign of ‘more cuts’ coming to reduce debt

In the News: To No One’s Surprise, GE Freezes Its Pension

GE froze its pension plan. Here’s what wall street is saying.

Don’t bash pensions — learn the facts

Safeguarding the pensions of public employees

Opinion: Pensions are good for CT

Police, fire pensions pose a fiscal hazard for counties, towns

Voices: Pension and OPEB costs weigh on government balance sheets

October 8, 2019


Henry Jones Wins CalPERS Board Seat

Discussing the battle over Proposition B

New fees and taxes affecting Long Beach Residents and Business


4 reasons the corporate pension is on its deathbed

General Electric freezing pension plan for 20,000 of its U.S. employees

GE Freezes pension benefits for 20,000 employees in an effort to reduce its massive debts pile (GE)

Pensions Really Matter for Stocks. Here’s What Investors Need to Know After GE’s Freeze

GE Freezes worker pensions — what to do if your employer changes the terms of your retirement plan

Have you had your pension frozen or cut?

As Chicago Teachers Threaten to Walk Out, New Report Suggests a ‘Hidden Driver’ Behind Rash of Strikes: Skyrocketing Pension and Health Costs

Local Newspapers wait anxiously for pension funding relief

Main issues in UAW-GM labor talks narrow to wages, pensions, source says

October 7, 2019


University of California lowers rate of return to 6.75%

San Jose taxpayers will shell out $1.4 million to fight retirees lawsuit

The DOJ agrees: Calsavers is illegal

San Diego Labor union files suit to invalidate Prop B pension measure

Opinion: California pension debt climbs despite strong economy


East St. Louis Police Pension fund calls for state intercept of $1.8M, following fire pension demands

DePasquale uses York City to warn others of pension funding mistakes

Kankakee misses mark on pensions

October 4, 2019


The New Realities of Work and Retirement

‘Why is there nothing left?’ Pension funds failing at Catholic Hospitals

How Elizabeth Warren would boost labor rights

Despite Rahm Emanuel’s tax hikes city pension debt grew by $7 billion since 2015. Here’s why

Illinois pension conference cost taxpayers at least $8 million

State forces funding of East St. Louis pensions. What will that mean for city services?

State-district tensions swell over school pensions

October 3, 2019


AT&T Sued over stale pension data, joining MetLife, US Bancorp

Opinion: Marin Voice: With penise crisis looming, Marin cities need to take steps now


Southeast Michigan carpenters union is facing a pension crisis. Here’s why

As Strike date set, Chicago Park District cites pension crisis urges workers to accept ‘a very fair offer’

Lower Asset Growth Hampers State and Local Pension Outlook

October 2, 2019


Hollywood taxpayers stuck spending millions on extra pension payouts

How taxpayers may wind up subsidizing Uber and WeWork’s losses

Opinion: Pension report contains must-read information


Public pension plans’ funding ratios inch up in 2018 though still flat overall

New York State Common slates $915 million for private equity, real estate

Pension proposal faces skepticism, support

Disgraced Congressman Chris Collins Will Likely Lose His Federal Pension — No Member has even been stripped of Their Pension–no-member-has-ever-been-stripped-of-their-pension/#4e4ca8ad6c54

PA’s millions: pensions split on private-prison protest

Union Carpenters and Millwrights facing pension cuts to remain solvent

Opinion: Be honest about CT’s pension problems

October 1, 2019


Opinion: Teachers Want Higher Pay, but Pensions Swallow Up the Money

Opinion: Pension report contains must-read information

Women in Pensions Network Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Opinion: Be Honest about CT’s pension problems

Chris Collins to cash in on pension despite resigning in disgrace: expert

September 30, 2019


Pensions for Many California School Educators are too big

Opinion: Dick Spotswood – Marin Pension report’s good suggestions don’t go far enough


How to solve the public pension crisis

Where does Bernie Sanders stand on retirement, pensions, and social security? It’s a Two-Legged Stool

Union pension fund to slash benefits to avoid insolvency

Council approves pension obligation

Public Safety, Pensions and Lead: Mayor Barrett Announces 2020 Budget

Rogers City turns from pensions to Main Street

John Lender: Two more ex-legislators get pumped-up state pensions after final ‘magic years’ in six-figure Malloy administration jobs

Harrison Township refuses to address police union’s pension enhancement request


September 27, 2019


Commentary: Bankruptcy looms for Chicago if there’s no pension fix

Opinion: Pensions are good for CT

September 26, 2019


California’s pension debt cannot be ignored

Hundreds of California school administrators have pensions that exceed IRS limits

How will California fix its underfunded teacher pensions?

2020 may see tax battle royal


10 Biggest Companies that offer pensions

Alarm at FCA pensions data showing 48% of pots accessed with no advice

State investment council runs 2019 numbers on public-worker pensions

SEPTA and Philadelphia reveal their investment managers’ profits while bigger state pensions resist disclosure

Mayor Tom Barret: ‘Pension Structure is Not Fiscally Sustainable’

Former Talen employees claim in lawsuit they were denied full pensions


September 25, 2019


California’s pension debt cannot be ignored

Gov. Newsom’s pension relief compounds funding inequities

City Falling behind on pensions — shortfall grows to $455 million


Pensions: What’s new this week

Veterans among victims of $1 billion Ponzi scam, feds say. Man will face trial in SC

Illinois’ $241B Pension debt still worst in nation despite record income tax hike

The Future of Asset Management, Part III: Pensions — The Shift from Defined Benefits to Defined Contributions

Peoria Residents Face New Property Tax Fee Devoted Entirely to Pensions

Third Illinois city faces seizure of state funds for pensions

Kentucky pension systems say audit is wrong, they’re complying with law

Spring superviosrs approve $1.8M for employee pensions

The Great Green Pension Hold-Up: Public Pensions as a Political Tool

September 24, 2019


George Russell: Marin County public pensions are due for reform


Does Elizabeth Warren Believe Saving for Retirement is Possible? Turns Out, She Did – In 2005

600-Plus Companies Adopt NYC Pensions’ ‘Proxy Access’ Agenda

Group wants Illinois to divert $2.2M for East St. Louis firefighter pensions

Pension albatross leaves a Bay State brickyard and its workers in ‘survival mode’

WECT Investigates: Potential impacts for employees’ pensions if NHRMC is sold


September 20, 2019


Trump administration wants to kill California’s auto-IRA program

Bill passes moving CalPERS, CalSTRS closer to divesting Turkish investments

California retiree health care severely underfunded

In Closed Session: Unfunded Liabilities Scary

Female Employees Accuse CalPERS Board Candidate of Inappropriate Behavior


Seniors will soon have their own IRS tax forms

Illinois’ public pensions are 80.4% government funded, 7th highest in U.S.

Third Domino falls: Illinois Comptroller set to confiscate East St. Louis revenues to pay for city’s firefighter pensions

September 18, 2019


CalPERS Commits More than $3 Billion to Real Estate

DOJ Shows ‘Interest’ in challenge to CalSavers program

Marin elected leaders seek 10-year plan on pension costs

CalPERS Switches Developers for Sacramento project


Pension Costs force suburban Illinois Village to Weigh New Property Tax

City of Springfield Needs $269M in Tax Hikes to Fund Pensions

$250,000,000,000 and counting

Convicted Buncombe County officials still get hefty pensions

Support Legislation to Protect Pensions

Manchin, Colleagues send letter urging permanent funding for miners health care, pensions

September 17, 2019


Index Funds face heightened risk from climate change

Climate change moves to top of investors’ list of ESG issues


Survey Find 53 Percent of Likely Voters Oppose Dems’ Union Pension Bailout

Why a Casino Can’t fund Chicago’s pensions

Group traveling around Illinois, educating public on government pensions

Study: Rock Island County residents are paying more in property taxes to maintain pensions

Special Monthly Pension provides financial assistance for veterans

Retired lower Merion Township officers owed more in pensions, appeals court rule

September 13, 2019


CalPERS allots $5.4 billion to real assets, looks to revise investment policy


Faith in a ‘Hidden Paycheck’ That could vanish for good

September 12, 2019


CBO: Proposed Bailout of Failing Union Pension Funds Won’t Work, as Loans Will Go Unpaid

Gov. Cuomo signs legislation to deliver pension and health benefits to 9/11 first responders, volunteers and workers

Chicago/Illinois Pensions: What Does it take to get to reform? Insolvencies, Subsidies, rating agencies

Is Michigan school spending up or down? Pension problems muddy the answer

Opinion: Minnesota stays committed to public employee pensions

Opinion: Our View, Time to retire unfair ‘double-dipping; charge

Opinion: Pension debate framing undermines all working people

September 11, 2019


CalPERS retirees have an election this fall. Check out candidates at Tuesday forum

Grocery strike probably averted; contract includes pay raises, pension bump


Your pension plan benefits may not be as ironclad as you think

Advising Pensions & Endowments in Rocky Markets

Former St. Clare’s workers sue Diocese of Albany over failed pension

Illinois Public services Being Cut to Pay Unsustainable Pension Cost

Bailing out local governments’ underwater pension fund would exacerbate Illinois’ pension debt, inviting tax hikes on middle class Illinoisans.

Local taxpayers’ contribution to county employees’ pensions up $700,000 from last year

Judge weighs $11.5 million settlement for hospital pensioners

Ways to create Your Own Pensions

September 10, 2019


Sweet deal: Some retired public employees’ pensions bigger than their salaries were

Long Beach releases details of tentative police contract, including 4% raise in first year

Police get expanded parental leave, pay more toward pensions in new contract

Opinion: A progressive view of California’s pension problem


Your pension plan benefits may not be as ironclad as you think

Corporate Pension Funding Moves Closer to Worrisome 80% Level

Virginia Retirement system returns 6.7% for fiscal year

McArdle: Chicago pledged to pay for pensions ‘later’; well, welcome to later

September 9, 2019


Sweet deal: Some retired public employees’ pensions bigger than their salaries were

California pension mistakes would cost cities — not retirees — under propose law

Grocery strike may be averted: Supermarkets and union reach tentative deal

CalSTRS won’t vote on new asset allocation until November


Low Interest Rates Create a Pension Problem for Companies

Are Contribution Underpayments Really the Cause of Chicago’s Pension Woes?

Fact-check: Lightfoot wrongly goes for broke with Downstate pension claim

There’s no getting around it: We need a pension amendment

N.J. is facing a $1.2B public-worker pension time bomb

Oklahoma pension fund reports $4.2 million cybertheft

By the numbers: Pennsylvania ranks 9th lowest on pension-plan funding

Editorial: Over 2,000 PERS retirees collecting pensions over $100k

Editorial: Years, hard work bring pension funds up to date

September 5, 2019


CalSTRS Investment Staff Wants Stock Reductions


Secrets to Success in Managing a Pension Fund

Custody Provider Legacy Trust Launches Crypto Pension Plan

Legacy Trust Launches Digital Asset Pension Plan

Custody Provider Legacy Trust Launches Crypto Pension Plan

LIMRA: U.S. Corporate executives still interested in shedding pension liabilities

Lowering Chicago’s pension contributions would be seen ‘negatively’: S&P

S&P leans on Lightfoot to find pension fix

Springfield, Ill., Wants to Cut Police, Fire Pension Costs

Illinois State Senate District 30: Pension loophole closed under new link law

Public, Church Pension Plans Face Similar Challenges

John Pelletier: A Tale of two states’ pension plans

September 4, 2019


Starving Seniors: How America fails to feed its aging

It’s the insolvency, stupid — Why Pensions Really Are An Urgent Issue For Chicago

Opinion: Hedi Heitkamp: Protect pensions now for millions of Americans

Opinion: Can city operations be made more efficient?

KCMO animal control workers fear losing jobs, pensions as city privatizes department

September 3, 2019


Walters: California legislators mull the future of work


Opinion: Low interest rates are compounding the big problems facing pension funds

Mayor Lightfoot is Still not ready to lead on pensions

Lightfoot urges pensions changes, calls 3 percent COLA ‘unsustainable’

Opinion: Chicago kept saying it would pay for pensions later. Well, it’s later.

Opinion: Michigan cities must tackle pension debt

KCMO animal control workers fear losing jobs, pensions as city privatizes department

Opinion: CAFR show pensions still better than 401(k)s

Asset Backward: State pension funds keep increasing risky investments as pension debt mounts

Hunt on to cut police, fire pension costs

August 30, 2019


Powerful California Teachers Pension Fund Joins Lawsuit Against Facebook

Opinion: When California Pensions get bigger than big

Op-Ed: Frustrated by the lack of action on climate change and gun violence? Divest

California Gov. Puts Lendistry CIO on CalPERS Board

Marin school district pension debt can top $24K per household


If a recession is coming, pension managers need to prepare

Pensions. Taxes. Springfield. Here’s what to know about Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s speech on Chicago’s ‘staggering large’ budget woes

Financial confidence soars as Huntington catches up on pensions


August 29, 2019


Powerful California Teachers Pension Fund Joins Lawsuit Against Facebook

Opinion: When California Pensions get bigger than big

Op-Ed: Frustrated by the lack of action on climate change and gun violence? Divest

California Gov. Puts Lendistry CIO on CalPERS Board

Marin school district pension debt can top $24K per household

August 26, 2019


CalPERS Introduces New Trust Portfolio to Ease Employers’ Woes


No, Bernie Sanders’ Plan Won’t Rescue Multiemployer Pensions

Blame The Fed for the Coming Pension Fund Crisis

Phoenix special election on light rail, pensions enters final phase

Public Pensions to Benefit from State Surplus

Lightfoot Looks to Springfield for more taxing power on high-end services, home sales

Opinion: Chicago homeowners are suffocating under pensions and property tax hikes

Rockford public safety pension costs to soar

Opinion: An urgent call to stabilize multi-employer pension funds

August 23, 2019


Grocery-Worker Talks Are Progressing Slowly


Coal miners fight for better pensions under Trump