Fighting Back on Retirement Benefits

February 12, 2020


Multiemployer pensions take center stage in 2020

How the GOP-controlled Senate is putting the pensions of 13 million Americans at risk

North Carolina public colleges are hiding officials who trigger ‘pension spiking’


February 11, 2020


CalSTRS revamps ESG guidelines

Plan advisers get some relief on proposed California privacy regs

SF corruption case: Nuru resigns in wake of fraud charges, but pension fight looms


Public college ‘pension spiking’ costs North Carolina taxpayers

Pension overhaul sent to full Senate

Kansas House looks ready to reject governor’s pension plan

Trump renews call for higher fees to address pension insolvency

Committee passes pension bill amid tense exchange

GE wants judge-led arbitration of $200 million pension dispute

February 3, 2020


The biggest U.S. pension bought up Uber, Lyft, and beyond meat stock before they rallied

Disgraced congressmen would lose their pensions for campaign crimes under this bill

Scandal-embroiled DPW head still not fired, possibly still eligible for pension


Florida state pension back TPG’s rise fund II


Some Long Island educators retire with pension over $300K

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s 13 year-old “Loser’s Bonus” paid by state pension is not Wall Street business as usual

Oregon pension reforms lower costs, but stretch agency thin

Beshear’s nidget would men tens of millions less than expected for KY pension funds

Some good news for Oregon’s public pension system

Pension crisis: US seeks to save flawed state benefits system


Public pension reform s advance in New Mexico legislature

Pritzker’s state of state address quiet on population loss, barely touches on pension debt


January 31, 2020


Public pension reforms advance in New Mexico Legislature

KY lawmakers urged universities public agencies to leave pension system. None have.

New report looks at Illinois’ pension system

Pension of former state police lieutenant suspended after overtime scandal conviction

January 30, 2020


For many California cities, New Year brings higher pension bills

Some big cities in California are still struggling under mountain of debt


New York pension to coal companies: Evolve or we’ll divest

N.J. public-worker pension fund just had a very good year

Detroit Police and Fire pension official sued over 70% pay raise

Ohio pension plan would disclose manager fees, livestream meetings under new legislation

Illinois’s mounting pension debt looms over Pritzker’s plans

2019 retired N.Y. teacher’s pension review by the Empire Center

New York Teachers Pension commit $100M to direct lending fund

January 29, 2020


Amid cuts, House panel backs higher pensions for Georgia lawmakers–regional-govt–politics/amid-cuts-house-panel-backs-higher-pensions-for-georgia-lawmakers/LWOlOxbuej5G74v1zXS1YI/

Six key charts that prove why there is no alternative to pension reform in Illinois

Detroit police, fire pension fund board sues funds own investment committee

Number of NY educators receiving $100K pensions surges

Lockheed Martin secures $1.9 billion pension plan buyout

Beaver County pension funds earned $60M in 2019


January 27, 2020


How to protect yourself from the collapsing pension system

The bottom line: Vacaville’s debt warrants examination

CALmatters Commentary: California faces big educational dilemma

Bonds are a risky way to deal with pension woes


The 1%: Illinois’ pension millionaires

Stars have aligned for needed pension reform

Pension audit results discussed

Police officer work-related disability pension denied

Worldwide pension fund assets to rise to $61 trillion by 2025

$24M found in DOW pension

S.C. governor wants to close state pension funds to new employees

Towns spending 33% of property taxes on pensions

January 22, 2020


Voters deserve the truth on pension-driven tax hikes

Manhattan Beach firefighter pay averages over $300,000 per year


Cost to Stratford unknown in pension plan lawsuit; see the allegations

Huntington Woods puts police, fire pension millage on March ballot

NYC pension funds pick advisors to help divest from fossil fuel firms

Former Hudson County jail deputy director’s bid to recoup full pension is rejected again

American Airlines fights class bid in pension calculation spat

January 21, 2020


Novato school district: Cuts loom if tax measure fails


Arizona might become the 14th state to not tax military pensions

Hawaii’s largest public pension fund hits a record $14B shortfall

Howie Carr: Some pension piggies get two checks in the mail

Judge rules against Stratford in pension lawsuit

Former Hudson County jail deputy director’s bid to recoup full pension is rejected again

Kelly’s $7.8B budget calls for staxing Hulu, delaying pension payments

Blair seeking pension plan study

NJ is set to change a key assumption about public-employee pension investments

Pension forfeitures after felonies awaits Senate action

January 17, 2020


CalPERS Outlines Key Economic Risks for Next Decade

Los Angeles County Pension Focuses on Building Sources for Co-Investment Deals

Perris paid off $14.3 million in pension debt, while other California governments struggle with it

Petaluma ‘looked under every rock’ for pension crisis solution

McClatchy Gets Standstill Agreement on Pension Payments


Will 2020 Deliver Union Pension Funding Solution?

First Circuit Concluded that Two Private Equity Funds Were Not Liable for Pension Fund Withdrawal Liability of Portfolio Company

Clearlake’s Latest Fund Finds Favor with Connecticut Pension System

Massachusetts state pension, debt liability ‘at crisis level’

Howie Carr: State pensions a costly kiss taxpayers underwrite

Is Gov. Pritzker Clueless or Reckless on Pensions?

Pension, retiree healthcare costs cited as big problems for Flint’s solvency

Pension fund approves health-care cuts

Ohio’s largest public pension system slashes health-care benefits for retirees: Capitol Letter

Ohio Public Pension fund votes to shift health care costs to retirees

Pa.’s $57 billion pension fund chooses a history teacher as new chair

At Harrisburg pension panel, private equity firms pitch their soundness as investments

Fewer Illinois taxpayers are on the hook for growing public sector pension liabilities

State Worker Who Allegedly Kept ‘Mouth Shut’ About ‘Rape in Champaign’ and Ghost Payrolling to Receive $2.7 Million in Pension Payments

January 14, 2020


Slugfest at a California conference has inspired a politician to propose a new law

San Diego pension debt climbs past $3B for first time

Los Angeles pension fund seeks to boost PE portfolio and performance


Arizona’s state pension contends with ‘very troubling’ accounting errors

Pension plans will boost hedge fund investments in 2020, study says

Ducey calls for eliminating taces on military pensions

Military pensions are creating a generation of millionaires

San Diego’s pension debt climbs past $3 billion for first time

Low-paid workers at risk of losing full state pension

Pension funding brings Cook County a downgrade

Kentucky’s pension systems could profit off of marijuana–

January 13, 2020


California governor’s $222 billion budget introduces ambitious new policies

San Diego pension debt climbs past $3B for first time


Oregon’s public pension fund had a solid year, just in time

DC plans to look more like pension plans by 2025 – report

NC Treasurer Dale Folwell discusses state’s pension plan

Texas pension committed at least $2.7 billion to private equity last year

Arizona state pension is headed for ‘complete desperation,’ research group warns

What states are doing to offset lower assumed returns


January 10, 2020


Largest deal yet brewing for California’s new pension bond boom

Disgraced congressman Duncan Hunter will likely get $12 million from his federal pension – despite his felony guilty plea–despite-his-felony-guilty-plea/#42c65212ae83


‘Very troubling’ accounting errors at Arizona’s public pension fund could cost cities, state

NY Comptroller appoints director to oversee green investments for state pension fund amid calls for divestment from fossil fuels

Philadelphia Board of Pensions launches international equity search

New York pension fund hires a director of sustainable investing

January 8, 2020


Facing bankruptcy threat, McClatchy skips out on pension payments


Musicians’ pension plan seeks to cut benefits

Public pension funds shun hedge funds for private credit market

Meriden agrees to pay police chief $47K to settle pension dispute$47-000-to-settle-pension-calculation-dispute-with-outgoing-police-chief-jeffry-cossett.html

Kansas City school pension fund puts Fisher Investments on watch

Governor signs pension consolidation law

Oak Lawn credit rating hits junk status amid skyrocketing pension costs

Pension plans’ struggles continue despite big investment gains

January 7, 2020


Duncan Hunter will probably get his congressional pension despite guilty plea


Kansas governor turns to pensions for budget breathing room

Divesting from fossil fuels will save pensioners – and everyone else

Arizona state pension is headed for ‘complete desperation,’ research group warns

City of Jacksonville sues former pension fund head John Keane

Providence attorney pleads guilty to stealing city pension of dead client for 12 years

Pennsylvania pension fund turns to SimCorp for investment operations help

Athene closes $6 billion in total pension risk transfer deals in 2019


January 6, 2020


California’s long track record of promises made but not kept

Simi Valley Pension Obligation Bonds: A risky financing maneuver without a public vote


Maryland pension system halted investments in TEDCO fund amid agency’s troubles

Public pension funding crisis: Why should today’s workers and retirees pay the price?

Lawmakers warned on pension fund for retired

As Illinois moves to consolidate local police and fire pension funds, Evanston and Skokie officials await the results

MetLife to pay SEC $10 million fine over pension accounting violations

Maryland pension system halted investments in TEDCO fund amid agency’s troubles


January 3, 2020


Strong Returns Have Not Improved Funded Status for Corporate Pensions

Retired Southern Illinois coal miners and widow celebrate federal deal to save their pensions

December 20, 2019


Climate change threatens billions in CalPERS pension fund

California won’t release its spending records


Former fire chief charged with larceny will keep public pension

PGIM lends $240M on pension fund’s buy of major Houston office building

Olive Garden owner sees profits plunge due to pension hit

Spending bill aims to rescue some workers’ pensions, but not everyone makes the cut

Illinois consolidates 649 police and firefighter pension funds

Pritzker merges pension funds in cost-cutting move

Can Marijuana help solve Kentucky’s pension woes?

Mississippi sets rule on pensions and legislative service

Largest U.S. state pension funds cut assumed returns: Pew

Keicher witnesses signing of pension consolidation bill

Pension benefits from distressed firms cannot be cut by more than half, court rules

December 19, 2019


These inland agencies have the highest unfunded pension debt

State can help pay UC, CSU’s pension costs, legislative analyst says


Gov. Pritzker enacts pension consolidation for first responders

Kentucky makes changes to free pension from funding ‘death spiral’

MetLife agrees to $10 million SEC fine over pension-related accounting violations

Pittsburgh Council kills pension enhancement amendment

Congress reaches deal to prop up coal miners’ pension fund

Chicago Park District outlook slips on pension woes

December 16, 2019


What, us worry? California lawmakers still ignoring dark pension clouds.


Foss: St. Clare’s pension crisis worse than thought

Pension news dampens Regents meeting

U.S. Bank’s pension stance ‘defies reality,’ Supreme Court told

2019 a good year for Hamden’s pension fund

December 10, 2019


EDITORIAL: California town paying police more in pensions than salary


Detroit pension investment official to get 75% raise, signing bonus as contractor

Council to consider sweeter pension benefits for Harris, other officials

Pittsburgh City Council wants to eliminate pension provision

Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities $500 million more than expected

How military pension tax exemptions could help recruitment in Indiana

December 9, 2019


California pension fund financing its $281million riverfront tower with green bonds

True to form, lawmakers ignore dark pension clouds

CalPERS slashes equity emerging managers program

Walters: Bait and switch on pensions in Oakland and beyond


Illinois spent $8.5 million to cut its pension debt. It wasn’t enough.

School pension costs to rise about $100 million next year but that’s good news

Columbus Board of Education picks up full cost of administrators’ pension payments, frustrating teachers

Official: Pittsburgh pension funds on the rise

Aldeman: Two alternatives to New York City’s Teacher Pension System, which most retirees will never collect from

December 6, 2019


CalSTRS goes green with muni bond debut


Springfield’s shortfall illustrates broader pension problem

NC pension plan a rarity among more ‘optimistic’ states

Retirees turn out to oppose pension change

Governor, key legislators endorse pension changes

December 4, 2019


Governor backs increased pension contributions, former executive returns as Sanida Labs Director

Connecticut to stop investing pension money in gun manufacturers

Governor, key legislators back pension changes

Bevin: ‘The pension system is going to fail in Kentucky’

Torstar Corporation announces completion of merger of defined benefit pension plans into the CAAT pension plan

Quincy leaders look at how to tackle pension problems

Sun Capital Update: First Circuit finds private equity funds no liable for portfolio company’s pension liabilities

Rowland: Pritzker not serious about fixing state’s pension crisis

Illinois Policy’s Adam Schuster on Illinois’ $200B pension mess

December 3, 2019


Walters: Will Newsom increase aid to schools in 2020-21 budget?

Corporations are agreeing more to CalPERS diversity demands

Government officials face pension costs

CalPERS has $17.45 million stake in HD Supply Holdings Inc.

CalPERS acquires 104,846 shares of Dell Inc.


Why the US pension system may need a federal bailout

UMWA opposes proposal to save multiemployer pension plans; says it does nothing for miners

Local legislators mostly in support of recent public safety pension consolidation

Pension settlement expense leads to overall fiscal 2018-19 loss for Cone Health—loss/article_eb09859a-b0fb-5f24-8ba6-1a69ddc32ab5.html

PE Daily: Pennsylvania’s Pension Pushback