Fighting Back on Retirement Benefits

August 16, 2019


Jerry Brown, his eye still on pensions, endorses candidate in CalPERS board election

California Surprise-Billing Law Lowers In-Network Payments: Study


U.S. Pensions Return 6.47% for Fiscal 2019, Miss Target

Army pensions watchdog wades into taper tax battle

August 14, 2019


Economic Impacts of CalPERS Pensions in California, FY 2017-18


U.S. Pension returns trail targets for the first time in three years

Returns on public pensions slump to 3-year low

Nearly 40% of Education Spending Consumed by Pension Costs

Opinion: Voters can make Phoenix transparent and responsible on pensions

Opinion: Why annuities should be part of your retirement

Privatization Pension Debt: In Government we trust

August 13, 2019


Economic Impacts of CalPERS Pensions in California, FY 2017-18

California Kaiser Permanente Workers Authorize Strike, Hospital Decries Process

Opinion: Spending other people’s money? Keep your promises


U.S. Pension Returns Trail Targets for First Time in Three Years

University pensions: why are fresh strikes threatened?

Pensions report investment values

August 8, 2019


Teachers, firefighters from California to New Jersey seek Chinese tech riches

More than 1,000 public pensions in California are so big they exceed IRS limits


A Modest Proposal to Solve Illinois’ Pension Woes

Lawmakers demand Help for Union Pensions

August 7, 2019


Number of California public retirees in $100k club skyrockets, but they’re just part of the burden on state pension system


Here’s how much your state spends on retirement

America’s Pension Funds Fell Short in 2019

Public pensions returns lowest in three years

Retired cops ‘getting away with murder’ by raking in fat pensions: report

Police and fire unions must lead on pension reform

These New York police officers recently retired with $100,000 a year pensions

MassPRIM peerless among pension private equity performers: study

Stenger Scandal Prompts St. Louis County Council to Block Pensions for Those Convicted of Corruption

August 6, 2019


Number of public retirees in $100k club skyrockets, but they’re just part of the burden on state pension system

Number of pensioned public retirees in California’s $100K club skyrockets


Phoenix pension campaign supporters are sharing false information about the city’s debt

Kentucky pension law seen as ‘negative’ for credit rating

Burlison leads evaluation of Missouri pensions,64981

August 5, 2019


Local pension costs grew in California at nearly six times national rate, new data show

California’s Treasurer celebrates state’s tax-and spend addiction


“Fiscal Democracy,” Autopilot Spending, And Pension Underfunding: A New Report

Association created for global study of pensions

Should Pennsylvania tax pensions? Reactions range from ‘attack on retirees’ to reasonable concept’

Whitmer: Delaying pension payments has ‘long-term costs’

Phoenix pension campaign supporters are sharing information about the city’s debt

Readers React: New tax on pensions certainly won’t help seniors

August 2, 2019

Half of California workers have no retirement savings, says UC Berkeley report

“Fiscal Democracy,” Autopilot Spending, And pension Underfunding: A New Report

Local Pension costs grew in California at nearly six times national rate, new data show

Pension costs make California agencies ‘do less with more,’ Berkeley professor says

Sacramento CEO faces 5 years in prison for taking over $1 million from pensions

With 6.8% Return, CalSTRS Narrowly Misses Target

UC, union workers reach tentative agreement including pay hikes of 20% or more

Grand jury calls for cities to be more transparent with pension costs


Senate to Deal with Union Pension Crisis After House Passes Butch Lewis Act

Connecticut Governor Strikes Deal to Save State Pension

Whitmer: Delaying pension payments has ‘long-term cost

Real Estate Drages Down Returns for Largest U.S. Pension Fund

Dignity Health agrees to $100M settlement in pension case

Proposition 106 is the wrong answer to Phoenix’s pension debt

Column: Pension crisis reaches beyond workers, businesses

July 30, 2019


CalPERS In-State Investment Program is Up More than 11%


Ultralow Interest Rates Bring Opportunity and Danger to States

Falling Bond Yields Push Model U.S. Pension Funded Status Lower

The FedEx Pension Twist: Borrow at Low Rates to Boost and Underfunded Plan

Top 10 Largest Public Pension funds in the World

Illinois Pension Buyout Program Delivers Just 3% of Projected Savings

Lawmakers hear warning about PERA fund

Kentucky Health Departments face Tough Choices After Passage of Pension Bill

Leaders React to Pension Legislation

July 24, 2019


Another California pension fund falls just short of its investment return target

California tightens rules for going back to work after CalPERS disability retirement

Local representatives, residents gather for second annual State of the State


10 Reasons Today’s Retirees Are Relying on Social Security

Chase for Yield Has Fueled Private Equity With Significant Consequences for Americans

United States: US Pensions Funds Show Increasing Allocations to PE Companies

Pension Bill Designed to Shore up Multiemployer Plans

Ky. Will Use Surplus to Fund Retired Teachers’ Health Plan — Here’s why it matters

Another Bill would make sex offenders ineligible for federal pensions

State Attorney OKs Wasteful Double-Dipping in Office, Blames Parkland Case

July 23, 2019


California tightens rules for going back to work after CalPERS disability retirement

Why you should care about a pension vote in California


Savings from Illinois pension buyback program fall far short of projections

New Maryland Law Requires State Pension to Reveal All Fees

Bevin’s Pension Bill Passes Out of Kentucky House, Democrats Raise Concerns

July 22, 2019


See the 100 highest pensions in the CalPERS and CalSTRS systems

The future isn’t so golden for California’s next wave of retirees

Sales tax plus marijuana proves to be a winning combination in Port Hueneme

Gov. Newsom vetoes legislation raising sales-tax cap in Scotts Valley, Emeryville

Teachers deserve to know their Janus rights


Why Public Pensions are Taking More Risk

3 other states, numerous public pension funds aiming to profit off legal weed in Illinois

Warren Legislation Would Publicize Private Equity Fees and Returns, and Tighten Pension Obligations

New York State Teachers’ Pension Invests in Companies That Operate ICE Centers

Nevada Public Employment Retirement System earns 8.5 percent return

More fiscal clouds looming in N.J.

Township Wants Higher Taxes to Pay for Optional Employment Benefit

Playing politics with paychecks and pensions

Pensions devour towns

July 18, 2019


Valley Voice: With prudent, diligent efforts, CalPERS can meet its obiligations to reitrees


Bringing back retired teachers offers benefits, challenges

How Mike Pence Became a Millionaire from Government Pensions

Some Good News on Multiemployer Pensions

Treasury bars early access to pension money

Illinois State Lawmakers Among the Highest Paid in Nation

Buncombe paid $1.7M extra for pensions. High salaries, employee perks are to blame.

Pension reform: PCS warns trust in Treasury is low as Truss promises talks

Wall Street agency warns CT’s battle with pension debt is far from over

Hampshire Council of Governments’ insurance, pension payments in question

July 11, 2019


Portola Valley school district’s budget sound, but $1.2 million in cuts may come if parcel tax isn’t renewed


When Millions Can’t Afford to Retire, the U.S. Needs a Better Option

Millions in US taxpayers’ money invested in private prison firms

Public Pensions Pour Millions into Private Prison Companies

Miami Commissioner Proposes Rule That COuld Conveniently Give Him Early Pension

Colorado Editorial Roundup

Kentucky House Leader: Special Legislative Session Likely for July 19

Legislative Update: Public Pensions Remain a Topic of Discuss

Gov. Cuomo says he has to look into St. Clare’s pensions after calls for action

Fired ex-Mesa police Officer Philip Brailsford rehired to help him get a public-safety pension

July 10, 2019


California’s second largest pension fund says Trump’s tweets are a market risk

Judge Unlikely to Block Cap on Temp Work by Retired California Judges


Setting the record straight about American’s multiemployer pension crisis

Miami commissioners might restore the publicly funded pensions they lost a decade ago

Chicago Pensions Are no longer 27% funded (it’s now 23%)

This new law makes the pension hole deeper. Here’s how.

July 8, 2019

California Stories

California cities, counties spent $4 billion on overtime in 2018 (OC Register)

National Stories

Editorial: An age-old topic that the legislature doesn’t address (Journal Inqurier (Connecticut)

Gov. Pritzker still looking at pension fix (State Journal-Register)

Phoenix voters could fundamentally change the city in August. Why is no one campaigning? (Arizona Republic)

New law requires Maryland pension system to disclose millions in fees paid to Wall Street firms (Baltimore Sun)

New road-funding scheme: Issue $10B in teacher pension debt to free up cash (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Class action pension suit filed against Corteva, DuPont (Delaware Business Now)

July 5, 2019

California Stories

California is requiring firms to offer retirement plans for workers. N.J. and Pa. are still pondering it. (Philadephia Inqurier)

Dan Walters: New state budget a windfall for unions (CalMatters)

Upland’s revenues grow, outpacing increased pension costs (Daily Bulletin)

National Stories

Gov. Pritzker still looking at pension fix (State Journal-Register)

Op-Ed: Chicago pension bailout isn’t the solution, reform is (The Center Square)

Bank Of America Divests from Private Prisons; Your 401K May Be a Different Story (Yahoo)

Report highlights US pension shortfall (Public Finance International)

July 2, 2019

California Stories

Worried about retiring? California will help you save money (LA Times)

Workers in California are one step closer to retirement security (Market Watch)

It’s about to get easier for millions of California workers to save for retirement (Business Insider)

National Stories

Hedge fund, IPI chief sue Pritzker to void $14 billion of state debt (Crain’s Chicago Business)

Lightfoot still pressing for state bailout (Capitol Fax)

EDITORIAL: New mayor, governor had better be pulling together (Chicago Sun Times)

Gov. Phil Murphy: After losing that budget fight he’s not making history; he is history | Mulshine (

Public safety pension plan costs hurting county (Parker Pioneer (Ariz.)

July 1, 2019

California Stories

This time CalPERS plans for stock market drop (Calpensions)

Grand jury: Vacaville retiree benefit package ‘not sustainable’ (Fairfield Daily Republic)

Riverside passes budget without cuts but eyes ‘insolvency’ in 2023 (Riverside Press Enterprise)

Grand jury tells Upland it’s time to get serious about a plan to fund pensions

National Stories

Pension Crisis Deepens in U.S. as Strategies Shift, Outlooks Dim (Bloomberg)

EDITORIAL: Why government pension plans are failing and what to do about it (Las Vegas Review Journal)

NJ budget 2019: Murphy signs budget, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown (North Jersey Record)

June 25, 2019

California Stories

Getting ready for recession, California’s $215 billion budget fills reserves. But is it enough? (Sacramento Bee)

CEO of huge L.A. County pension fund ousted amid tensions and questions (LA Times)

National Stories

About 18 percent of public employee retirees move out of state (Capitol Fax)

June 21, 2019

California Stories

Spotlight On California Pension Funds As Climate Risk Reporting Deadline Approaches (Value Walk)

San Diego Unified teachers to get 4% pay increase with new contract (San Diego Union Tribune)

National Stories


Pritzker praises pension buyout program, backs public safety pension consolidation (The Center Square Illinois)

Convicted ex-sheriff won’t get a pension, saving taxpayers $1.6 million (WHYY)

June 20, 2019

California Stories

Editorial: Oregon shows pension reform within reach (San Diego Union Tribune)

CalPERS pensions mostly restored for retirees who sued after losing promised income (Sacramento Bee)

Santa Maria Looks to Add Public Safety Jobs Amid Bleak News from CalPERS (Noozhawk)

CalPERS officials consider using leverage on portfolio in an economic downturn (Pensions & Investments)


National Stories

The best and worst examples of public pension oversight (Patch)

Concerns over pensions grow as deadline nears (Spectrum News Kentucky)

Rhode Island newspaper takes jab at Connecticut in editorial, calls state ‘a sea of dysfunction’ (Hartford Courant)

Decision Could Change Illinois’ Pension Protections (Alton Daily News)

Editorial: NJ fights Janus ruling for government unions, not the public (Press of Atlantic City)

Column: How many collecting Illinois pensions have moved to other states, and how much did they take with them? (Daily Herald)

June 19, 2019

California Stories

New state-run IRA for private sector opens July 1 (Capitol Weekly)

CalPERS health insurance will cost more next year, but not as much more as insurers wanted (Sacramento Bee)

CalPERS enlists in trust to pre-fund contributions (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Teacher Tensions Fuel Kentucky Governor’s Race (Education Week)

Democrats dismiss Murphy’s ‘progressive’ priorities (NJ Today)

Rhode Island gives pension-cutters a ray of hope here (Capitol Fax)

Editorial: Cautionary tale from Connecticut (Providence Journal)

Murphy promises to veto extension of tax credits, less clear on budget (Burlington County Times)

June 18, 2019

California Stories

Borenstein: CalPERS must stop transit workers’ pension windfall (San Jose Mercury News)

‘No evident justification‘ for California prison guard raises in contract, analyst warns (Sacramento Bee)

Marin County’s budget set for final vote (Marin Independent Journal)

Column: Parks, Parking and Pensions (Santa Monica Daily Press)

National Stories

Pritzker’s claims of paying down pension debt “simply dishonest,” fiscal watchdog says (Prairie State Wire)

NJ Democrats introduce $38.7 billion state budget (Burlington County Times)

June 14, 2019

California Stories

Riverside County pension costs could rise by $280.5M by 2023 (Riverside Press Enterprise)

COMMENTARY California Teachers May Need Help to Avoid Retirement Savings Traps (Reason Foundation)

CalPERS commits $1.5 billion to 2 infrastructure funds (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

401(k)s can fill the pension gap (The Hill)

Op-ed: Borrowing from our children (Connecticut Mirror)

Unions rally outside of the Statehouse for millionaires tax (Burlington County Times)


NJBIA Supports First Round of Path to Progress Bills Advancing in Legislature (Insider NJ)

Laurel County Health Department, among other organizations, threatened by new pension laws (Sentinel Echo (Kent.)


June 13, 2019

California Stories

Gavin Newsom’s budget aims to spare California schools from some pension pain (Sacramento Bee)

OPINION The public agenda should trump the public sector union agenda (OC Register)

Increasing pension costs, possible loss of Measure G creating deficit (Watsonville Register Pajaronian)

As New Jersey cuts hedge fund ties, CalPERS’ experience shows that can take years (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Pritzker gambles on new direction (Illinois Times)

June 11, 2019

California Stories

Open Forum: Unfunded pensions are hurting California students and teachers (San Francisco Chronicle)

The City Flipped on Prop. B – But it Doesn’t Change Much Yet (Voice of San Diego)

Council Votes 6-3 to Help Unions Overturn San Diego Pension Reform (Times of San Diego)

California retirees’ pensions restored — at least partially — after CalPERS cuts (Sacramento Bee)

Editorial: Pension reform isn’t happening fast enough (Marin Independent Journal)

Did CalPERS mislead policyholders on long-term care insurance? Trial begins on a $1.2 billion lawsuit (Sacramento Bee)

National Stories

Editorial: PERS reform reasonable (Ashland Tidings)

Op-ed: Murphy vs. Sweeney: The lowdown on the showdown in Trenton (

June 10, 2019

California Stories

Editorial: San Diego needs to take another swing at pension issue — but this time do it right (San Diego Union Tribune)

Glendale officials allocate nearly $25M for affordable housing in new budget (Glendale News-Press)

How Inglewood sidestepped voters when it took on millions in debt to cover up a deficit, then gave raises for executives (Pasadena Star News)

Infrastructure investing ‘evolution not revolution’ for CalSTRS, official says (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

New Jersey’s Health-Care Debt Jumped So Much It Rivals Pension Obligations (Bloomberg)

Opinion: Two cheers for the Legislature’s PERS reform package (The Oregonian)

Column: Pritzker gambles on new direction for Illinois (Sauk Valley)

Democrats face angry union members after tough vote to cut pensions (Salem Reporter)

More Cautionary Tales From Illinois: Tier II Pensions (And Why Actuaries Matter) (Forbes)

Chicago’s Road to Dystopia Is Paved with Public-Pension Promises (Independent Institute)

Editorial: The price you pay for guaranteed public employee pensions (Verde Independent (Ariz.)

June 6, 2019

California Stories

Union: No progress in contract talks with grocery leaders, vows to ‘do what they have to do’ (Riverside Press Enterprise)

Red Rock’s All-White, All-Male Board Draws Calpers’ Attention (Bloomberg)

National Stories



Connecticut closes $3.7 billion deficit without income-tax hike (Bloomberg)

Pensions for Mass. State Police troopers sentenced in OT scandal expected to go under review soon; One trooper already had pension suspended (Mass Live)

June 4, 2019

California Stories

New state-run IRA for private sector opens July 1 (Calpensions)

City Hall Faces Big Pension Decision (Voice of San Diego)

CalSTRS’s Plan to Reduce Fees (Equities)

New data released on Marin pension payouts (Marin Independent Journal)

City budget has few surprises, but Council wary of future expenses (Martinez News-Gazette)

National Stories

$5.2 Trillion Of Government Pension Debt Threatens To Overwhelm State Budgets, Taxpayers (Forbes)

Legal protections for public-sector pension benefits vary widely – Pew research (Pensions & Investments)

Local taxpayers exposed as Illinois local governments lose control over pension eligibility (North Cook News)

Op-ed: A line in the sand will be no day at the beach for Gov. Murphy (

Oregon Pension Reform Squeaks Through Legislature (Chief Investment Officer)

Repeal of year-old limit on some state teacher pension liability slipped into the BIMP (Capitol Fax)

Even After Stealing From the Public, Ex-School Officials Keep Their Pensions (NBC Dallas)