CAPS Dependent Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2019 Dependent Scholarship Winners

CAPS has awarded $500 scholarships to dependents of 15 CAPS members in support of their college education.  These lucky 15 were among the several dozen applicants for the 2018 year scholarship program.  CAPS will keep applications on file for next year’s drawing.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

2020 Scholarships for Members’ Dependents

Any CAPS member with a dependent in college, or bound for college in the Fall, may apply for a cash scholarship!  No family may receive more than one CAPS scholarship per lifetime.  To qualify, the CAPS dependent must be enrolled in an accredited university or community college (but not a vocational school) and complete a CAPS Scholarship Application.  All applications must be submitted by the first day of  June each year.

This is for CAPS members only.  If you aren’t yet a CAPS member, or you know someone who should be, you may join CAPS Online.

NOTE: Funding for this benefit is made possible by an endowment unrelated to CAPS dues or fees paid by state scientists.