Contract Action Team

The CAPS Member Action Committee (MAC) was established as an ad-hoc committee in 2016. In 2022, the MAC focused its efforts on supporting CAPS bargaining efforts by planning and implementing action campaigns in support of bargaining, organizing State Scientists to participate in those union actions, recruiting and training worksite leaders, and building beneficial coalitions. The MAC created the CAPS Contract Action Team (CAT) to facilitate communication at worksites, and to identify and build a statewide network of CAPS leaders dedicated to organizing state scientists and building and maintaining our collective power.

Are you a CAPS Member? Then join the Contract Action Team (CAT) today!​

Membership in the Contract Action Team is available to CAPS Union Members, and there are several different ways to participate in the CAT:

CAT “Activists” stay informed with contract news from their CAT Worksite Leader and the Bargaining Team. Each Activist assists Worksite Leaders in planning and implementation of union actions and communicates information about the contract campaign to State Scientists at their worksite.  CAT Activists may also be delegated special assignments by the MAC.

CAT “Worksite Leaders” serve as points of contact to coordinate and communicate with fellow State Scientists at their worksites, including CAT Activists, and motivate them to take action in support of bargaining efforts.  Each Worksite Leader should be responsible for about ten (10) of their fellow rank-and-file State Scientists that they see, talk with, and work with on a regular basis (e.g., within their program). 

CAT “Coordinators” serve as a point of contact to coordinate with CAT Worksite Leaders and the MAC, and they plan and mobilize union actions approved by the MAC.  There should be one (1) CAT Coordinator for every (10) CAT Worksite Leaders.

The MAC and CAT will continually prepare for and implement actions during contract negotiations, in collaboration with the CAPS Bargaining Committee, union officers and others, to win a fair contract. You can make a difference!

Have questions about the CAT? Reach out to for more information.

CAPS Contract Action Team Contacts​

Looking for your CAT Coordinator, Worksite Lead, or Activist? See the list of Official CAT members here

You and your fellow scientists have a chance to speak directly to this administration. Your Bargaining Committee goes back to the table, where our goal is to share the photo petition! 

You can show this administration that you and your colleagues are united in our demand for equitable pay, and a fair contract that ends the gender pay gap for Bargaining Unit 10 by signing this photo petition. It takes about 30 seconds to sign! 

With over 1,500 fellow scientists signing the photo petition already, your participation matters in conveying our message.

Once a majority of state scientists sign, we, the Bargaining Committee, will work with the Contract Action Team (CAT) to present the petition as a photo collage to this administration to demonstrate our collective power. This action is for your salaries and your future

Already signed? Get two of your colleagues to sign the petition as well.  

Participation makes us strong, so take action now!

Check out this link to see how a photo collage from a successful organizing campaign looks. Join your colleagues in making yourself heard as we demand fair pay.