May 4, 2020 Alert

Dear Colleague,

State Scientists are ready, capable, and specially-trained in ways that could assist with the State’s effort to flatten the curve. That’s the message that CAPS sent to the Governor and the California Government Operations Agency (GovOps) several weeks ago. We’re here, we’re trained, what more can CAPS and its members do to help?  

With Governor Newsom touting his plan to reopen California based on science, and the advice of Public Health Officials, CAPS found it prudent to remind the Governor and his Coronavirus Task Force that State Scientists are uniquely qualified and trained to continue ensuring the protection of the public from life-threatening diseases, and offer our services. We also informed him that, should they volunteer to do so, many scientists are uniquely qualified and willing to assist in the effort to quell the coronavirus outbreak in California. 

The governor’s repeated acknowledgement, both on air during his daily coronavirus press conferences, and via his social media accounts, that California’s response is based on science, tells us we’re heard. We’re in the midst of a pandemic now, and the governor knows that we’re in this together

Let’s continue to work together to flatten the curve, heed the advice of local public health officials, and perform our duties in a safe, socially-distanced manner. 

Due to the unprecedented impact of the novel coronavirus, all CAPS Alerts have been sent to all State Scientists in Unit 10, members and nonmembers alike. These regular communications are a privilege typically reserved for CAPS members. CAPS feels this information is too important not to share with nonmembers; however, we ask that you consider joining today. We are stronger together. Help us continue to advocate on behalf of all State Scientists. 


In Solidarity,

CAPS Executive Committee

Margarita Gordus

Daniel Ellis
Vice President

Kelley Aubushon

Kris Wiese