Become a CAPS Local Representative

CAPS Local Reps


CAPS Local Representatives (LRs) aid in the facilitation of communication between the Board, staff and members at their worksites. Their duties include, but are not limited to, disseminating CAPS information including that from Board meetings, in conjunction with CAPS staff coordinating worksite meetings (i.e. room reservations, audio/visual preparation), communicating important worksite issues with the CAPS Board and Staff, engaging with other LRs and CAPS members at their worksite, identifying potential new members and providing information to them on joining CAPS and engaging in various other activities to help strengthen CAPS and increase membership participation and morale.

Be CAPS’ Eyes and Ears at the Worksite!

Every State Scientist worksite should have at least one CAPS Local Representative. That is a CAPS member who is willing to receive CAPS-provided training and to serve as a volunteer intermediary between members at the worksite and CAPS leaders and staff.  If you are willing to serve your fellow state scientists and stay up to date on employment and professional issues, please complete and return this application as soon as possible!