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CAPS Referral Program

CAPS Launches New Incentive Program 

The CAPS Referral Program provides a $50 monetary reward to any CAPS member who recruits a new member, rank-and-file or supervisory, as an incentive to activate interested and capable members.

CAPS Local Representatives

CAPS’ Eyes and Ears at the Workplace

CAPS Local Representatives (LRs) aid in the facilitation of communication between the Board, staff and members at their worksites. Their duties include, but are not limited to, disseminating CAPS information including that from Board meetings, in conjunction with CAPS staff coordinating worksite meetings (i.e. room reservations, audio/visual preparation), communicating important worksite issues with the CAPS Board and Staff, engaging with other LRs and CAPS members at their worksite, identifying potential new members and providing information to them on joining CAPS and engaging in various other activities to help strengthen CAPS and increase membership participation and morale.

Active CAPS members interested in the appointment of Local Representative shall apply for the position with the Board. The application shall include the member’s current employment information, home address, and endorsements by five active members who either: 1) work at the applicant’s worksite, or 2) work for the same department with a larger geographical area including small worksites. Upon review of the application, and any appropriate investigation, the Board may appoint the Local Representative applicant.

CAPS Staff, with support and assistance from the Board as necessary, will be the lead for providing training and follow up communications to Local Representatives. Initial training is provided by CAPS Staff as appropriate at an agreed upon date and location.

Local Representatives may hold meetings for their worksite in coordination with CAPS Staff. LRs should include their respective District Director, if possible, and share meeting notes on topics and issues discussed at any meeting with the CAPS Board and Staff.

CAPS Events

Public Relations Committee Responsibilities

The CAPS Public Relations Committee is responsible for the production of materials to further the image of state scientists and CAPS. CAPS further entrusts the annual State Scientist Day even to this committee. The Science Fair Program and the Outstanding Young Scientist Competition are administered by this committee. This committee oversees the development and implementation of media relations that benefit the union.

CAPS Student Outreach Programs

Promoting Future Scientists

The CAPS Public Relations Committee has worked hard over the years to ensure that CAPS maintains a presence with students of all ages, encouraging them to pursue science as a career and engage the public in the important work that state scientists perform. The events have grown large enough at this point that attendance is capped. The success that CAPS enjoys with our outreach events is made possible by the volunteerism of CAPS members and the cooperation of the Legislature and the Departments.