Classification Reform

CalHR Makes Reclass Proposals
April 17, 2017

CalHR sent us three new proposals to reclassify state scientists. One addresses the entire Research Scientist series, and the other addresses “Energy Specialist.” The Energy Specialist proposal is divided between rank-and-file and “excluded” employees (that means supervisors and managers who are excluded from bargaining). See them at these links:

Research Scientist Proposal
Energy Specialist Rank and File Employees
Energy Specialist Excluded Employees

CAPS’ initial comments in reply to these CalHR proposals can be summarized as follows:  FATAL FLAWS ARE EVIDENT IN EACH OF THEM! You can view our initial concerns and questions at these links:

CAPS’ Response to CalHR Research Scientist Proposal
CAPS’ Response CalHR Energy Specialist Proposal

There’s Still Time for Changes.  As you will see, both proposals from CalHR are inconsistent with the results we jointly developed with CalHR in 2015—in several critical areas.  Thus, the latest proposals are unacceptable for reasons outlined in color-coded response attached to these cover letters. There are no doubt other concerns about these proposals that need to be addressed. That’s where YOU and the CAPS Subject Matter Experts come in.  So please feel free to scrutinize these proposals and make comments.

SPB Makes the Final Decision.  CalHR can’t implement anything unilaterally.  The agency ultimately responsible for adopting all revisions to state classifications is the State Personnel Board, a constitutional agency.  The SPB staff has requested more information from CalHR before they can be evaluated fully.  The SPB has assured us that, in the meantime, that Board will NOT consider adopting any changes proposed by CalHR.

We are hoping to resume a bilateral process to review these classification revisions as well as the others affecting State Scientists in the coming weeks. And while these proposals are unacceptable, the fact that CalHR is now churning out new stuff may open the door for what could be more productive discussions in the future, including a salary review.

Other Classification Series are Important Too!!  No word yet on proposals for the several other classification iterations we are expecting: Lab Scientist, Industrial Hygienist, Hazardous Materials Scientists, Heritage Scientist, Earth Scientist, and Health Physicist and any continuing classes. We hope to prompt CalHR to speed up this effort and to include CAPS’ (including our subject matter experts) in the development process in a meaningful way.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to send them to CAPS: