Reclassification Project

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Reclassification Project

February 2, 2015 Reclass Update

CAPS will resume its work with CalHR and the various departments that employ scientists immediately after ratification.  CAPS’ goals are to address salaries for each level in the series, increase promotional opportunities, increase lateral transfer opportunities, expand classifications vertically to allow continued scientific work without the need to supervise others, and promote career growth generally.

CAPS wants you to be able to evaluate these for yourself and to provide feedback to CAPS if you so desire.

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Read the August 12, 2014 Tentative Agreement- Reclassification Project

Earth Scientist Series – CAPS Proposal (12/04/12)

The classifications proposed to be folded in to the Earth Scientist series are as follows:  Geologist, Seismologist, Oceanographer, Meteorologist, Petroleum Geologist, Geophysicist, and  Geochemist.  This class specification would provide career growth for members, and recognition to those scientists working at a higher level.

Energy Scientist – TBD

Environmental Scientist – Class Specification – To Be Revised per CAPS MOU

Environmental Scientist – (Adopted) with Edits

Environmental Scientist – Alternate Range Criteria 430 – Adopted 06/20/13

Hazardous Materials Scientist – Draft pending CalHR Response

Health Physicist Series – CalHR Proposal 03/04/14)

Health Physicist – Alternate Range Criteria 07/31/13

Heritage Scientist – CAPS Proposal 02/14/14

Industrial Hygienist – CAPS Proposal 04/23/14

Laboratory (Analytical) Scientist – TBD

Research Scientist Joint Proposal 04/28/13