CAPS-Sponsored Insurance

Life, Disability, Auto and Homeowners’ Insurance Sponsored by CAPS

Good news for those members with coverage under CAPS’ sponsored optional life insurance from The Standard. Premiums for “Supplemental” (the first $30,000 unit) and all “Supplemental Plus” (additional life insurance) have been reduced roughly 10% due to our excellent experience rating.

EVERY State Scientist receives $5,000 of term life insurance and $5,000 of Accidental Death insurance from The Standard, with CAPS Membership, at no additional charge.

Members are also eligible for $30,000 of “Supplemental” Term Life coverage, and additional coverage up to $490,000. That first $30,000 for a 35-39 year old member (just an example) is only $2.34 per paycheck. Life insurance is an important part of any financial plan. THIS coverage is very affordable!

You can get a quote online below, or call CAPS’ Insurance Administrator Jargal Yadam at (415) 956-1344.

Enrollment forms and informational brochures are all available below. The brochures answer common questions such as “when am I eligible?” “when is coverage effective?” and provides complete descriptions of amounts of insurance and the costs for each.

You MUST be a full member to receive this coverage. All current members receive the new, lower rates automatically.

Assist America. CAPS also offers Medical, Security, Legal, and Travel Assistance Benefits through Assist America Travel Insurance.

Life and Disability Insurance from The Standard

Auto and Homeowners Insurance from Liberty Mutual

For information about this benefit, please visit the Liberty Mutual Website Designed Especially for CAPS Members

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