Assist America

Assist America, Inc.  (Formerly Travel Assist).  Get medical, security, legal, and travel assistance for CAPS members and their eligible family members when traveling more than 100 miles from home or internationally, for trips of up to 180 days.  That means a comprehensive program of information, referral, assistance, transportation, and evacuation services designed to help you respond to medical care situations and many other emergencies that may arise during travel. Travel Assistance also offers pre-travel assistance, which gives you access to information on things like passport and visa requirements, foreign currency in worldwide weather. All services are provided by one of the most experienced assistant companies in the United States, UnitedHealthcare Global.

Members who require assistance while traveling more than 100 miles away from home, or in a foreign country, should contact Assist America’s 24/7 Operations Center in one of the following ways: • Use the Tap for Help button on the mobile app • 1-800-872-1414 (Toll-free call within the U.S.) • 1-609-986-1234 (Collect call outside the U.S.) • Email

Travel Assistance forms:

Travel Assistance Program Description:

During an emergency, you may contact Assist America by phone, email, or fax and reference your Standard Insurance ID number (9061) or group number (7088). This will ensure that they can confirm that you are with Standard insurance, verify your policy, and provide you with assistance.