Strength in Numbers!

Since 1984, California State Scientists have chosen to stand together in solidarity, as a union, known as the California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) to advocate for:

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Quality Health Care
  • Retirement Security
  • Rights in the Workplace
  • Scientific Programs in State Government

The monthly dues of $59 are a long-term investment in a better workplace, career security and protecting the benefits promised to you and your family, including a secure retirement.


Join the majority of your colleagues who understand the importance of membership and Science Matters. Scientists Matter.

State Scientists are stronger together, working as one. Without a single, unified voice speaking up for ALL on pay, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment, we would be dependent on the good faith and kindness of the Governor and the state Legislature for our compensation package. When we all do our part, CAPS has the resources to protect our retirement, maintain quality health benefits, and make sure that equitable pay is our top priority at the bargaining table. A strong membership equals power in collective bargaining, with the Legislature and in representing members in all venues.

Please join today.  Maintain your CAPS membership.


Members receive expert representation on employment and professional issues at the worksite, in the state Legislature and, if necessary, in court. Representation is provided by a labor relations consultant or lawyer (at CAPS’ discretion) who is experienced in representing state scientists on employment issues. Certain limitations apply.

Exclusive Membership Rights

Only rank-and-file members vote in ratification elections of CAPS’ labor contracts with state management.  Only CAPS members are eligible to become worksite representatives. Only members can stand for election to the CAPS Board of Directors, and only CAPS members vote in these elections.


Every member receives CAPSule, a monthly newsletter. Periodic CAPS Alerts and informational letters provide more detailed information.  CAPS leaders and staff hold meetings at worksites statewide to present information in person whenever necessary. Volunteer local representatives receive training and regular mailings for distribution to members at the worksite.

Public Relations

CAPS maintains extensive contacts with the written and broadcast media statewide to promote the professionalism of state scientists and the accomplishments of CAPS.

Travel Accident Insurance (Included with membership)

All CAPS members automatically receive $5,000 in term life insurance, $5,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and $100,000 in travel accident coverage at no additional cost.  The travel accident policy covers you on almost any public transportation system where a fare is paid.  Double-indemnity for loss on a scheduled airline flight.

Optional Insurance Benefits

In addition to the $5,000 basic life and $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage listed above, each CAPS member may purchase additional term (self, spouse and dependents) and long-term disability insurance.

Get a Quote from Liberty Mutual for Discounted Insurance Rates for Auto, Home, and Pets

Through a partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance, CAPS members qualify for big savings on auto, home, and pet insurance with premiums paid via payroll deduction.  For more information about personal insurance (including homeowners, renters, or auto insurance), please click here.  To learn more about the pet insurance program, please click here.

Assist America (Formerly Travel Assist).

Get medical, security, legal and travel assistance for CAPS members and their eligible family members when traveling more than 100 miles from home or internationally, for trips of up to 180 days.  That means a comprehensive program of information, referral, assistance, transportation and evacuation services designed to help you respond to medical care situations and many other emergencies that may arise during travel. Travel Assistance also offers pre-travel assistance, which gives you access to information on things like passport and visa requirements, foreign currency in worldwide weather. 

Theme Parks and Consumer Discounts

CAPS members get substantial savings on a variety of amusement parks ( SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm and more) plus other vacation activities and many other goods and services.

CAPS Professional Development Grants

Every quarter CAPS awards four education grants of $400 each to qualifying CAPS members.  The purpose is to support scientific research and professional development not fully funded by the state.

Dependent Scholarships

Any CAPS member with a dependent in college, or bound for college the NEXT fall may apply for a $500 cash scholarship. The number awarded each year depends on the number of applicants and availability of funds. If you aren’t yet a CAPS member, or you know someone who should be, you may apply online.  NOTE: Funding for this benefit was made possible several years ago by an endowment unrelated to CAPS dues or fees.

Join CAPS Today

CAPS dues are $59.00 monthly. Membership is available to rank-and-file, supervisory and managerial state scientists employed in the civil service of the California State Government.