Support Bargaining

Dear CAPS Members,

Want an opportunity to help CAPS achieve our salary goals? In order to demonstrate to CalHR the impact that the inequitable salaries paid to Scientists as compared to state engineers — in addition to the inequities with occupations outside of state service – has to real-life State Scientists, we need YOUR Boots on the Ground EXPERIENCE.

We’re asking CAPS Members to write letters to the CalHR Representatives at the CAPS Bargaining Table, detailing the effects that the long-standing pay inequities (either with Engineers, Supervisors, or simply unit-wide) have on your programs, and you personally. This is a delicate effort, but we want your voice heard.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Write letters to the CalHR Team, either on your own or with your colleagues, detailing the salary-related issues you and your colleagues face each and every day. The letters can talk about the inequity’s impact on your program’s work, your agency’s ability to meet its mission, you department’s ability to get the scientists it needs, or whatever else you experience as a result of these issues. Then, email them to the CAPS Bargaining Team ().

The CAPS Bargaining team will review and share them with CalHR. We may also feature your letter on the CAPS Website, so please be sure that all signatories understand that, prior to signing.

The Scientists from DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products Program have provided their own letter, which is viewable here. A template, should you wish to use it, is available here.

In Solidarity,

CAPS Member Action Committee

Member Letters: