Article 15 – Career Development

15.1 Release Time for State Civil Service Examinations

Employees who are participating in a State civil service examination shall be granted reasonable time off without loss of compensation to participate in an examination if the examination has been scheduled during his/her normal work hours and the employee has provided reasonable (normally two working days) notice to his/her supervisor. For the purposes of this Section, hiring interviews for individuals certified from employment lists shall be considered part of the examination process. The State shall attempt to accommodate a shift change request from an employee who is scheduled to work a graveyard shift on the day of a CalHR examination.

15.2 Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal system of each department shall include annual written performance appraisals for permanent employees. Such performance appraisals shall be completed at least once each 12 calendar months after an employee completes the probationary period for the class in which he/she is serving. The department shall notify CAPS when performance standards are implemented or changed.

15.3 Training

A. The State agrees to reimburse Unit 10 employees for expenses incurred as a result of attending departmental approved and authorized job-required training. Attendance shall be without loss of compensation. Departmentally approved and authorized training attended during off-duty hours shall be considered work time. This includes in-service training courses offered by the department. Such reimbursement shall be limited to:

  1. Tuition and/or registration fees,
  2. Cost of course-required books and materials,
  3. Transportation or mileage expenses,
  4. Toll and parking fees, and
  5. Lodging and subsistence expenses.

B. Reimbursement for the above expenses shall be in accordance with Section 6.1 of this Agreement.

C. The State shall not seek reimbursement for tuition and other necessary expenses if the training assignment is terminated prior to completion of either: (1) the convenience of the State; or (2) because of death, prolonged illness, disability or other similar eventuality.

D. As authorized and approved by a department, a Unit 10 employee may attend, without loss of compensation, and may be reimbursed, in full or in part, for training designed to increase the employee’s job proficiency or professional career development and growth, and/or to maintain or obtain required professional licensure, certification or registration.

E.  All training requests, approvals, and disapprovals, shall be in accordance with departmental procedures. Management shall respond to all training requests within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the date the request was received. The parties may mutually agree to extend this response period. Employee training requests must be compatible with his/her approved individual development plan where such plans are utilized. When an employee training request is denied, the department will give consideration to this fact when reviewing the employee’s next request for training.

This Section is only appealable to the third step of the grievance procedure and is not arbitrable.

15.4 Certification or Registration

A Bargaining Unit 10 employee may be provided up to eight (8) hours CTO upon successful completion of a certification or registration examination taken during off-duty hours. The certification or registration must be directly related to an employee’s scientific specialty and assigned duties and be approved by the department head or designee.

15.5 Departmental Orientation

The State recognizes the value of having Unit 10 employees knowledgeable of programs and activities carried out by the departments. Each department shall periodically conduct a departmental orientation program for new permanent, full-time Unit 10 employees. Upon approval, existing employees may participate in the orientation.

15.6 Professional Papers

A. Upon prior approval of the department head or designee, the State may provide a Unit 10 employee up to 40 hours per year and/or necessary travel expenses for the purpose of research, preparation, and presentation of professional papers, provided that the professional papers are directly related to the employee’s job assignment and the department head or designee has determined that the presentation of the research paper will benefit the State’s operational needs.

B. The department head or designee may deny the employee’s request for presentation for reasons related to training, employee supervision, job performance and operational needs. If the employee’s request is denied, the reason for denial shall be stated in writing.

C. Upon request by the employee, the department will review professional papers for publication. Upon approval by the department head or designee, a copy of the paper may be provided to appropriate departmental and State libraries. This Section is not grievable under the grievance provisions.

D. Signature credit shall be given employees who author or co-author any scientific research document.

E. The department head or designee shall respond to the employee’s request for research, preparation and presentation of professional papers within thirty (30) days from the date the request was received.

15.7 Volunteer Training

Any Unit 10 Fish and Wildlife employee who has approval to serve as a volunteer deputized Fish and Wildlife Warden must complete the appropriate training required by Penal Code Section 832. If a volunteer deputized warden has approval to carry a firearm, the employee must complete firearms training required by Penal Code Section 832.

15.8 Professional Society Dues

In recognition of the professional nature of Unit 10 employees, each department, commission, board, or agency may reimburse a Unit 10 employee a total of up to $100.00 per year. This is for membership dues in one or more job-related professional societies or associations of the employee’s choice. Both parties agree and understand that a different amount of reimbursement, if any, may be provided to employees in the same or similar situation.

15.9 Professional Conferences

Every Bargaining Unit 10 employee shall be entitled to annually propose a professional development plan with a written response required within 30 business days. A plan with up to two (2) job-related professional conferences, in accordance with the annual Individual Development Plan, shall be considered based upon operational need. Such opportunities may involve reimbursement for one or more of the following items: travel, registration, materials, and state time, per department policy and practice. This Section is not grievable or arbitrable.

15.10 Professional Development

The State shall provide to all Unit 10 employees two days per fiscal year (without loss of compensation) for activities such as, continuing education training, professional association activities, professional development seminars, etc., to promote professional growth and to enhance professional goals. Activities related to these two professional development days shall not result in any costs to the employer. Such activities shall be at the employee’s discretion. This time shall be requested and approved in the same manner as vacation/annual leave and may be used in fifteen (15) minute increments. Such time shall not be accumulated.

15.11 Licensure and Certification – Continuing Education – Licensed Veterinarians (includes licensed Veterinarian Specialist)

As a condition of employment with the State of California, maintenance of required license or certification is the responsibility of the employee. For courses directly related to maintaining licensure or certification, the State every two-year- licensing cycle shall provide each Unit 10 employee up to 36 hours of Continuing Education (CE) leave and reasonable travel time. CE courses shall be at the discretion of the supervisor and CE courses shall be related to the employee’s current job duties.

A. The State shall not require Unit 10 employees to utilize vacation/sick leave, annual leave, CTO or Personal Leave to attend conferences directly related to maintaining licensure or certification. The time used for CE leave, regardless of location, shall be considered the same as other paid leave (i.e. vacation, annual leave). CE shall not be subject to any other leave cash-out provisions nor shall CE leave be cashed-out at separation or retirement. CE leave shall be carried over to the next fiscal year if the employee is denied or does not have the opportunity to use his/her CE leave during the fiscal year.

B. Requests for CE leave must be submitted to the supervisor or designee at least fourteen (14) days prior to the CE training. The department or designee shall approve or deny requests for CE leave within seven (7) workdays. CE requests shall not be unreasonably denied.

C. The State will reimburse up to $1,000.00 per year to cover CE costs for tuition and/or registration fees, course related books, and training materials, transportation or mileage expenses, toll and parking fees, lodging and sustenance expenses, and all other work-related expenses for courses directly related to licensure or certification. Certificates of completion shall be submitted with the expense claim. Employees working less than full-time shall be entitled to a pro-rated amount of the $1,000.00 per year.