Article 11 – Organizational Security

11.1 Organizational Security

A. The State agrees to deduct and transmit to CAPS all membership dues authorized on a form provided by CAPS.

B. The State and CAPS agree that a system of authorized dues deductions shall be operated in accordance with Government Code Sections 3513(h), 3513(j), 3515, 3515.6, 3515.8, subject to the following provisions:

  1. Pursuant to Government Code sections 3513(i) and 3515, a written authorization for CAPS membership dues deductions in effect on the effective date of this Agreement or thereafter submitted shall continue in full force and effect during the term of this Agreement; provided, however, that any employee may withdraw from CAPS membership by sending a signed withdrawal letter to CAPS and a copy to the Controller’s Office within thirty (30) calendar days prior to the expiration of this Agreement

2. CAPS agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the State and its agents harmless against any claims made of any nature and against any suit instituted against the State arising from this Article and the deductions arising therefrom.

C.  No provision of this Article nor any disputes arising thereunder shall be subject to the grievance procedure contained in Article 9 of this Agreement.