Article 1 – Recognition

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1.1 Recognition

A.  Pursuant to Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) decision S -SR -10, the State recognizes CAPS as the exclusive negotiating agent for all employees in Bargaining Unit 10.

B.  Pursuant to Government Code Sections 19815.4 and 3517, CAPS recognizes the Director of the California Department of Human Resources or his/her designee as the negotiating representative for the State and shall negotiate exclusively with the Director or his/her designee, except as otherwise specifically spelled out in the Agreement.

C.  At such time that the State employer designates a position as confidential pursuant to Government Code Section 3513(f), the State shall mail a notice to CAPS of the confidential designation. CAPS shall have fifteen (15) calendar days after the mailing of such notice to protest the State’s action. If CAPS elects to protest, the State shall meet-and-confer with CAPS in an effort to reach agreement. If the parties are unable to agree, the confidential designation dispute shall be submitted to PERB for resolution. If CAPS does not protest within the 15-day notice period, the confidential designation of a position shall be deemed agreeable to the parties and PERB shall be so advised.