Supervisors Updates

CAPS Supervisors Update
September 12, 2018

CAPS’ Meeting with CalHR. Your CAPS Supervisors Committee met on August 13 with the Governor’s representative for Excluded employees at CalHR. There was only one member from the Governor’s team present and six CAPS supervisory members from different areas of the state, with various backgrounds and classifications. The CAPS Supervisors Committee presented compelling information regarding the need for increases to salaries, benefits and other conditions of employment.

Summary of Proposals. The proposals came as a result of the Member Survey. Thank you to all who participated! Only Full Member survey responses were reviewed by the Committee. The proposals that were included are listed below:

  • Correct the Unit-wide inequity that was created when only 19 supervisory scientist classifications were provided general salary increases due to the Like Pay for Like Work court ruling. This resulted in 21% of the S10 classifications’, most with higher minimally required degrees, vertical historical relationships being thrown off by an approximate average of 31% from their S10 counterparts in bachelor’s level classes.
  • Ensure that the Like Pay for Like Work classes are paid commensurately as a result of 2018 bargaining.
  • Additionally, correct the discrepancy from 2015 where the Like Pay for Like Work classes were split by 0.8% in their General Salary Increases.
  • Provide a Geographic Pay Differential for all S10 and M10 classes based on the Federal Locality Pay system.
  • Increase Voluntary Personal Leave Programs to match Rank and File’s benefit – up to 3 days useable per month.
  • Increase Uniform allowance and Safety Footwear reimbursement.
  • Provide additional compensation to Supervisors who are sent to handle Emergency situations under Incident Command Structures.
  • Increase Professional Development Days and Professional Conference Reimbursement.
  • Provide Continuing Education Leave up to 20 hours per year for job-required certification or licensure renewal.

You can view the full proposals and other data discussed by the Committee at the meeting here: Supervisors Committee Proposals

What to Expect Next. We know that both CAPS and PECG rank-and-file bargaining have come to a close. This is also why the CAPS Supervisors Committee needed to meet with CalHR – to remind Governor Brown once more that he provided the correction for Like Pay Like Work in 2014; he simply has to do it for approximately 173 Unit 10 Supervisory Scientists to correct the discrepancy in our unit.

The Committee has informed CalHR that we are available should any meeting be necessary prior to the end of the year and that we respectfully expect responses to our proposals.

What About the Like-Pay-For-Like Work Classes That Didn’t Get a Raise? In July, we informed you that the reason that the “Like Pay for Like Work” classes were most likely left out of the 5% increase was due to Rank-and-File Engineers remaining in Bargaining. While the Rank-and-File Engineers have now come to a tentative agreement, it would first need to be ratified by their membership for any raises to take effect for their rank-and-file, and then potentially a bit longer for CalHR to realize the raises for their associated supervisory classes.

Thank you for your continued support and YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

Valerie Brown, Chair
CAPS Supervisors’ Committee

CAPS Supervisors Survey

July 12, 2018

CAPS Supervisors Survey. Your CAPS Supervisors Committee has developed a survey for all CAPS Supervisory and Managerial members to participate in. This is YOUR opportunity to inform the Committee that represents you on employment issues with the Governor’s representatives from CalHR what you need to see addressed in the workplace! Past issues have brought up the need for an increased annual cash out option, added compensation for emergency pay and many other issues. Please take a few minutes and submit the survey. 

Only Full Member Survey Responses Count. Not sure if you are a full member of CAPS? Contact to find out or simply join here.  Supervisors and managers need representation TOO. We are stronger TOGETHER.

July Pay Increase Splits Classes. CalHR released a Pay Letter on July 5, 2018 that confirmed that some Supervisory and Managerial classes would be seeing an increase as of July 1. The Pay Letter (18-15) continues the split between those classes that received the August 2014 Pay Increase due to the Like Pay for Like Work decision separate from those classes that did not receive the increase. The “non-Like Pay for Like Work” classes are set to receive a 5% general salary increase, commensurate with the Rank-and-File increase as of July 1.

Why have the “Like Pay for Like Work” classes been left out? It is most likely due to the fact that the Supervising Engineers have yet to see an increase in 2018 due to the fact that their Rank-and-File counterparts are currently in negotiations with CalHR for this year. This tie between certain Supervising Scientists and Supervising Engineers was established in 2008 after the Like Pay for Like Work case was decided.  It simply wasn’t funded until 2014.

What happens to those “left out?” Rest assured the CAPS Supervisors Committee NOTICED. We will be meeting with the Governor’s representatives from CalHR in the upcoming weeks to speak about our proposals which will include the reminder that any raise that Supervising Engineers enjoy because of the resulting Rank-and-File negotiations should be applied to the S10 and M10 classes and done so retroactively.

Other proposals. Regardless of the 5% increase, the non-Like Pay for Like Work classes are still TOO FAR behind even their state scientific counterparts. This remains a top priority during the meetings with CalHR – but please be sure to fill out the survey and let us know what YOUR priorities are: here.

Thank you for your continued support and YOUR MEMBERSHIP.


CAPS Supervisors and Janus
July 6, 2018

Janus v AFSCME.  You may have heard that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling issued last Tuesday turned out as expected:  rank-and-file public employees represented by a union will no longer be required to pay anything for the representation in collective bargaining provided by their union. What else does the Janus decision mean?

It means that NOW more than ever is an important time to be a full member of CAPS – especially as a Supervisor or Manager. As Supervisory and Managerial members you have always had the choice to remain a full member or pay nothing for the benefits that CAPS, as a union, gains for you through negotiating with the state. And I thank you for making the choice to remain full dues paying members of a union created for and run by State Scientists.

Together, we make a stronger voice for ALL State Scientists. With larger membership numbers in our Supervisory and Managerial classifications, we will be able to ensure that our rights and benefits – pensions – are protected for the years to come. State supervisors and managers have the right to representation just like rank-and-file employees. CAPS represents you in the workplace, in the Legislature, and, when necessary, in the court of law. CAPS also represents scientists in disciplinary actions and various types of complaints and appeals in the workplace. In summary—if you are a member–on most employment and professional issues, CAPS will have your back! If you have a work-related problem or a question, simply call or email us for assistance. Without membership, you are on your own.

 MOST importantly, as a member, you join the vast majority of State Scientists in supporting CAPS’ efforts to achieve SALARY EQUITY FOR ALL STATE SCIENTISTS!

If you are not yet a member, consider joining CAPS as a full member TODAY.  Nearly half of all State Scientist Supervisors and Managers have.


February 21, 2018
CAPS Update


I AM A STATE SCIENTIST! Hear Environment Scientist Justin Garcia explain why Science Matters:

Want To Tell YOUR Story? Contact CAPS today to volunteer for a video message:

A New Round. The CAPS Supervisors’ Committee is currently being established. The Committee will be formed formally and your Supervisors’ Committee will begin to meet to strategize over the upcoming meet and confers with CalHR and the Governor’s representatives.

The Survey will come First. Prior to meeting, we will want to hear from YOU. A link will be provided in a future broadcast email, asking you to participate in a quick survey in regards to issues that the Supervisors’ Committees have discussed with CalHR in the past as well as what could be discussed in the future. We know there may be other issues that you as members could ensure are brought to the table. Let us know!

The January Budget. The January budget currently shows a 5% general salary increase for ALL S10 Supervisors. This increase is commensurate to the rank-and-file negotiated GSI in the MOU. This will not be finalized until the May Budget Revise.

While a 5% for all is a good thing, I, as your Supervisors’ Committee Chair am harshly aware that approximately 25% of our Supervisors are still lagging behind their S10 counterparts due to the inequitable funding of the Like Pay Like Work decision. Right sizing the salaries remains our top priority.

I look forward to working on your behalf and again, a special thanks to my fellow members who have continued to support CAPS. Thank you for your patience and support of CAPS’ efforts.

Valerie Brown, Chair
CAPS Supervisors’ Committee


January 16, 2018
Join CAPS Today!


Congratulations on your scientific supervisory or managerial position within state service! As you may know, CAPS was established in 1984 to represent the needs of state scientific workers, like YOU, and that includes scientific supervisors and managers!  State supervisors and managers have the right to representation just like rank-and-file employees. Membership by state supervisors and managers makes CAPS stronger by increasing membership and providing essential resources for representing ALL state scientists even better. The reciprocal benefit is that CAPS represents you in the workplace, in the Legislature, and, when necessary, in the court of law. CAPS also represents scientists in disciplinary actions and various types of complaints and appeals in the workplace. All the while, keeping member dues among the lowest of any organization representing state employees.

Your CAPS Supervisory Committee works to negotiate better pay and benefits while CAPS as a whole protects your retirement and healthcare as the exclusive representative for your unit.  CAPS remains a stalwart supporter of high integrity when it comes to the role of science, for sufficient funding for science programs and fair compensation for state scientists.  You can help ensure that CAPS remains strong.  Maintain your membership in CAPS, or sign up today, and encourage your scientific colleagues to join CAPS!


Valerie Chenoweth-Brown
CAPS Supervisor Director


July 6, 2017


Dear Colleagues:

General Salary Increase Confirmed. CAPS received notice Friday that the expected 5% and 2% General Salary Increases that were included for Unit 10 Supervisors in the May Budget Revise are confirmed and will be executed as of July 1, 2017.

This means that Supervisors who saw the Like Pay Like Work increases in 2014 will receive a 2% increase, and those who did not receive the Like Pay Like Work increases will see a 5% increase in compensation in July, received in paychecks August 1.

Click here to view the list of LPLW classes.

Other Post-Employment Benefits Contribution. CAPS received additional notification on Friday that all supervisors would begin contributing to pre-funding retiree health care in congruence with as the rank and file employees in the bargaining unit, as expected. For Unit 10 that means the schedule below:

July 1, 2017: by 0.7 percent

July 1, 2018: by 0.7 percent, for a total of 1.4 percent, and

July 1, 2019: by 1.4 percent, for a total of 2.8 percent.

Contributions are also “pre-tax.” You can view the full Policy provided by CalHR here:

Pre-funding post-retirement health benefits has been on the Supervisory radar since the rank and file memorandums began to include them. It really started with Unit 5 in 2010. This past round of bargaining, we saw the Governor’s team had a larger agenda and pushed for pre-funding in all contracts. Post-Retirement health benefits are extremely valuable for all of us who plan to retire from our state jobs, and pre-funding them is the best way to ensure they remain sustainable.

Small Steps, Bigger Picture. While the 5% increase is a welcome step for those supervisors who did not receive the Like Pay Like Work increases in 2014, it does not make up the 35% salary inequity among the supervisors in Unit 10. CAPS and the Supervisors’ Committee are acutely aware of this issue and will continue to strategize, provide evidence and make proposals to CalHR and the Governor in support of fair increases for scientific supervisors. Our latest salary chart can be viewed here:

Once again, I wish to thank you for your continued support CAPS’ efforts.

Valerie Brown, Chair
CAPS Supervisors’ Committee