May 25, 2018

California Stories

Faulconer, other officials back pension overhaul initiative (City News Service)

City Defends Prop B Pension Reform Ahead of Supreme Court Hearing (Times of San Diego)

City moves to control public employee costs (Santa Monica Daily Press)

Government employee pensions: Sonoma’s ticking time bomb (Sonoma Valley Sun)

Rising pension costs looming for Watsonville (Register Pajaronian)

National Stories

Study: Some Public Pensions Funds Could Run Dry in Downturn (AP)

Op-ed: Which will be the US ‘Italy’? California, New Jersey or Illinois? (Financial Times)

Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats? (Common Dreams)

May 24, 2018

California Stories

Dan Walters: CalPERS’ new investment plan – wise or risky?

CalPERS sets questionable private equity course (Axios)

No red ink here: San Dimas looks to slightly grow its reserves with 2018-19 budget (Daily Bulletin)

National Stories

Mass. Pension Fund Tops List of Private Equity Earners (Chief Investment Officer)

Kentucky Math Teacher, Riding Wave of Public Anger, Defeats State House Majority Leader (New York Times)

May 23, 2018

California Stories

Joel Fox: State Won’t Ride to the Rescue over Local Government Pension Problems (Fox & Hounds)

Wishful Thinking Is Now Way to Address Public Pension Shortfalls (Competitive Enterprise Institute)

California school spending grows at fastest pace in the U.S. (SoCal News Group)

New Report Finds Santa Monica City Government Might Require “Painful” Fiscal Changes (Santa Monica Lookout)

Calpers CFO Becomes Latest Official to Exit Largest U.S. Public Pension (Wall Street Journal)

National Stories

‘I Didn’t Really Have a Choice.’ Meet the Teachers Quitting Their Jobs Due to Low Pay and Dwindling Benefits (Time)

The Plight of Teacher Salaries Is Traceable to a Few Key Developments (Real Clear Markets)

The Tragedy of America’s Public Pension Tsunami (The Western Journal)

Report: Public Pensions Boost Government Revenues (Chief Investment Officer)


May 22, 2018

California Stories

On his way out, Gov. Jerry Brown offers prison guards a big raise (Sacramento Bee)

After questions raised about CalPERS CFO’s background and experience, he’s ‘no longer with’ the pension fund (LA Times)

Pension fund’s CFO ‘no longer works’ for CalPERS after hiring review (Sacramento Bee)

National Stories

Op-Ed: The tragedy of America’s public pension tsunami (Watchdog)

Report: Public Pensions Boost Government Revenues (Chief Investment Officer)

Credit ratings agencies sound alarm over local pension debt in Illinois (Illinois News Network)

More hedge funds to renegotiate fees with University of Texas endowment (Pensions & Investments)

NJ lawmakers facing tough choices on state budget (Burlington County Times)

Puerto Rico, oversight board reach deal on fiscal plan (Reuters)

May 21, 2018

California Stories

David Crane: The ‘Big Three’ killing California’s public services (San Jose Mercury News)

Editorial: Betty Yee the only qualified option for state controller (San Jose Mercury News)

CalPERS Is Ready to Do Its Own Private Equity Deals (Institutional Investor)

CalPERS to create direct private equity arm (IPE)

National Stories

Session delivers bills on transportation, pension reform (Colorado Community Media),262294

Legislative session comes to crashing finish (Minnesota Public Radio)

Trez Hopeful: Pensions Need Lotto Fix (New Haven Independent)

Connecticut labeled “untruthful” for hiding $10 billion in retiree healthcare costs (Yankee Institute)

Reputation of hedge funds is hacked back hard (Financial Times)

May 18, 2018

California Stories

Is S.F.’s public payroll out of control, and will taxpayers stick around to foot the bill? (San Francisco Business Times)

Life post CalPERS: CIO Eliopoulos envisions private-sector career (Pensions & Investments)

CalPERS to build $13 bln in-house private equity funds (Nasdaq)

Calpers Launching Startup and Long-Term Private Equity Funds (Bloomberg)

Calpers Considers Following Buffett’s Way (Wall Street Journal)

CalPERS eyes creating corporate structure for direct private equity investing (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

New Haven alders halt $250M pension bonding (New Haven Register)

$5M Cut From Schools; Pension Idea Nixed (New Haven Independent)

Accounting, Politics, and Public Pensions (The CPA Journal)


May 16, 2018

California Stories

League Urges CalPERS to Find Ways to Exceed 7% Return Projections (Chief Investment Officer)

CalPERS slashed pensions for 200 workers. Their boss is suing to keep his. (Sacramento Bee)

National Stories

Cutting Public Pension Benefits Would Hurt the Economy (Plan Sponsor)

How generous are teacher benefits and do they make up for lower pay? (USA Today)

NCPERS: Public pension funds’ investments, benefit payments essential for economic growth (Pensions & Investments)

Analysis turns thumbs down on pension “consideration” plan (Capitol Fax (Ill.)

Column: Say ‘no’ to spiked MEA pensions (Detroit News)


May 15, 2018

California Stories

California’s Brown Says Cities on Their Own as Pension Tab Rises (Bloomberg)

‘Crunch time’ at CalPERS: Pension confidence drops among city managers (Sacramento Bee)

Victorville officials: Don’t be scared by audit, but pensions another story (Daily Press)

Giant California Pension Fund Raises Bet on Tech (Bloomberg)

Chief investment officer to leave California pension fund (AP)

National Stories

Time for politicians to keep their promises and invest in pensions (The Hill)

With tax changes giving defined benefit plans new life, company pensions may make a comeback (CNBC)

Largest Union In Connecticut Gov’t Gets New Leadership (CT News Junkie)

May 14, 2018

California Stories

Unfunded debt for California teacher pensions up $11 billion (AP)

CalSTRS funded status declines to 62.6% following rate-of-return decrease (Pensions & Investments)

May 29 state Supreme Court hearing set on San Diego pension overhaul (San Diego Union Tribune)

Pension liability a challenge for Solano county, supervisor candidates (Fairfield Daily Republic)

National Stories

Time for politicians for keep their promises and invest in pensions (The Hill)

A $32 billion PERA overhaul passed the Colorado legislature — what you need to know (AP)

Behind Seattle’s rising pension costs: Past mismanagement adds to taxpayers’ burden (Seattle Times)

Wilshire: State Pensions Are Over 70% Funded (Chief Investment Officer)

Federal worker unions and retiree groups blast Trump pension cuts (People’s World)


May 11, 2018

California Stories

Unfunded Debt For California Teacher Pensions Up $11 Billion (CBS Bay Area)

Treasurer John Chiang: The Union-Tribune Interview (San Diego Union Tribune)

National Stories

Colorado passes pension reform, increasing contributions and retirement age (Pensions & Investments)

Colorado lawmakers’ pension compromise raises teacher retirement age, cuts benefits (Chalkbeat)

Behind Seattle’s rising pension costs: Past mismanagement adds to taxpayers’ burden (Seattle Times)

Wilshire: State Pensions Are Over 70% Funded (Chief Investment Officer)

Phil Murphy takes action on bill giving police, firefighters control over pensions (

May 10, 2018

California Stories

Facing a deficit, Whittier gets by one more year without spending cuts or raising taxes; here’s how (Whittier Daily News)

California teachers’ pension fund to pressure gun retailers (Sacramento Bee)

CalSTRS to pressure retailers to stop selling assault weapons banned by California (LA Times)

CalSTRS opts to engage assault weapon retailers, not immediate divestment (Reuters)

Giant California teacher pension system targets gun sellers (AP)

Ventura City Council approves new police contract with pay raises just over 5% (Ventura County Star)

National Stories

Not So Great GASB: Accounting Rule Pushes Hospital Near Default (Bloomberg)

May 9, 2018

California Stories

The open secret about California taxes (CALMatters)

The University of California workers strike just got even bigger (Think Progress)

National Stories

Op-ed: Wisconsin’s Pension System Works for Everyone (Bloomberg)

Column: Trump thanks federal employees with $143.5 billion in retirement cuts (Washington Post)

Conn. Lawmakers Squabbling As They Seek Budget Compromise (Hartford Courant)

Collective bargaining, not money, dominates this budget fight (Connecticut Mirror)

Every Illinoisan Owes $11,000 For Pensions With No Fix in Sight (Financial Advisor)–11-000-for-pensions-with-no-fix-in-sight-38564.html

May 8, 2018

California Stories

Steve Westly: Who Will Fix California’s Biggest Problem? (Fair Observer)

University of California Workers Begin 3-Day Strike (Courthouse News Service)

National Stories

Pension Funds Still Making Promises They Probably Can’t Keep (Wall Street Journal)


Asset owners, managers see different challenges on investment horizon (Pensions & Investments)

May 7, 2018

California Stories

Op-ed: California’s most powerful voice on Wall Street? Its pensions (LA Times)

Marin retirement fund’s average full-career pension: $96,401 (Marin Independent Journal)

San Francisco Voters To Weigh New Parcel Tax To Help Teachers (CBS Bay Area)

How Whittier will deal with $1.8 million budget deficit caused by rising pension costs (Whittier Daily News)

Op-ed: Pensions keep growing (Madera Tribune)

National Stories

Kate Brown poised for easy win in Democratic primary, thanks to union support (The Oregonian)

End of days: Legislature wrestles with compromises as session draws to a close (The Daily Sentinel (Colo.)

Blue Ribbon Panel’s View: Sacrifice together, make good on Minnesota’s public pension promises (Duluth News Tribune)

Guest columnist: New revenue remains essential for fixing pension crisis (The State Journal (Kent.)

Blame our politicians for the retirement savings problem (American Enterprise Institute)

Senate approves pension revocation for state employees convicted of sexual assault on the job (Yankee Institute)

May 4, 2018

California Stories

Point-Counterpoint: May Day and the Milken Institute Global Conference (City Watch)

National Stories

Blame our politicians for the retirement savings problem (The Hill)

Colorado Pension Reform Heads to Conference Committee (Chief Investment Officer)

Business groups urge specific steps in pension-system reform (Denver Business Journal)

Verizon shareholders reject proposals supported by major pension funds (Pensions & Investments)

May 3, 2018

California Stories

LAPD chief calls for change to controversial retirement program

Riverside has balanced budget for next two years but cutbacks loom (Riverside Press Enterprise)

CalPERS Board Spat Heats Up As Pension Giant Feels The Squeeze (Value Walk)

National Stories

Congress Mulls Ideas As Pension Crisis Nears Disaster Levels (Value Walk)

GOP offers compromise CT budget, taps tax windfall to bolster key programs (Connecticut Mirror)

May 1, 2018

 California Stories

CalPERS Board Spat Heats Up As Pension Giant Feels The Squeeze (Value Walk)

National Stories

Rising pension costs play role in teacher protests across US (AP)

Actuarial Report Prompts PennSERS Board to Lower Employer Contributions (Chief Investment Officer)

Gov. Mifflin residents quiz school leaders on costs (Reading Eagle (Penn.)


April 28, 2018

California Stories

California Senate committee kills bill allowing employees to opt out of CalPERS (Pensions & Investments)

Let’s talk about the problems with pensions (Napa Valley Register)

Letter: Pension costs (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Letters to the Editor: Fund competitive teacher salaries (SF Chronicle)


National Stories

LETTER Don’t Slash Public Pensions (NY Times)

Firm footing for now: North Dakota public pensions on solid ground, but may call for future changes (Bismark Tribune)

Editorial: KPERS system worth extensive examination (Topeka Capital Journal)

New tax hikes for middle class? Phil Murphy says no as he pushes his tax increases (North Jersey)

Portfolio size no guarantee of protection (Pensions & Investments)

April 27, 2018

California Stories

OPINION California, like the rest of the country, needs to confront the pension crisis

California Pension Overhaul Bills Killed (Chief Investment Officer)

Secrets, and seals of approval, in the California governor’s race (CalMatters)

National Stories

The big myth about America’s pension crisis (CNN Money)

Georgia’s state retirees happy with bonuses but have higher hopes (Atlanta Journal Constitution)–regional-govt–politics/georgia-state-retirees-happy-with-bonuses-but-have-higher-hopes/rFcTiV70K0nvR8xC7nhSbM/

‘We Simply Can’t Take It Any Longer’: Teacher Protests Sweep Arizona, Colorado (NPR)

Corporate Pension Bond Bulls Could Further Flatten the US Treasury Yield Curve (Chief Investment Officer)

April 26, 2018

California Stories

Facing $7M budget gap, Oxnard poised to cut positions (Ventura County Star)

San Diego County Sues Pension for Not Cutting Benefits (Chief Investment Officer)

CalPERS rejects plea to divest from carmakers over emissions (Bloomberg)

National Stories

Op-ed: America’s public pensions matter

Editorial: Give teachers their due, but hold them accountable (USA Today)

Illinois lawmakers studying local public safety pension consolidation (Watchdog)

April 25, 2018

California Stories

Cost-of-living adjustments for California state worker pensions are safe, for now (Sacramento Bee)

Opposition to “Tax Fairness” Measure is All About Pensions (Fox & Hounds)

Calpers Urged to Divest From Automakers That Relax Fuel Standards (Bloomberg)

National Stories

Political will is the missing ingredient in the Illinois pension recipe (The Bond Buyer)


Phil Murphy at 100 days: He sees progress but roadblocks on legal weed, taxes, school aid (North Jersey)

Teachers Federation Calls Out Gun Investors (Chief Investment Officer)

These are the states where retirees have the most income (CNBC)

April 24, 2018

California Stories

OPINION ‘Silver Tsunami’ hits as pension costs devour California school budgets (SF Chronicle)

Teacher Pension Crisis Overwhelms California And Kentucky (Value Walk)

San Diego County sues pension fund to implement new benefit formula (Pensions & Investments)

Report: Riverside County Deficits Weighing on Safety Agencies, Reserves Still Strong (My News LA)

National Stories

Where The Struggle Stands Over Funding Public Employee Pensions Stands (Colorado Public Radio)

NYC Pensions Seek Divestment Plan Guidance (Chief Investment Officer)

Now is the time for pension reform, Khouri says (DuPage Policy Journal)

April 23, 2018

California Stories

Editorial | Why a great year for CalPERS’ investments wasn’t nearly great enough (San Diego Union Tribune)

Glazer: Give public workers a 401(k) alternative to pensions (San Jose Mercury News)

Sales tax on your local ballot? California’s pension crisis may have nominated it (CalMatters)

City Planning Session Held April 13 (South Pasadena Review)

National Stories

Potential Albany ‘pension pork’ bills could cost taxpayers a fortune (New York Post)

Lawmakers attempt to shore up PERA (Fort Morgan Times (Colo.)

1.2 Million Americans Won’t Ever Get Social Security Benefits (Money Morning)

Luzerne County manager bemoans rise in employee pension fund subsidy (Times-Leader (Penn.)

April 20, 2018

California Stories

California Pension Bills Are Sensible Fixes, but They Have Little Chance of Passing (Reason)

UC Workers Vote To Strike, Call For Boycott (Patch)

National Stories

Pension Reform Hurts Public Sector Competitiveness (Chief Investment Officer)

Texas teachers’ pay is average. But their pensions are among the lowest in the country. (Texas Tribune)

EDITORIAL A wrong turn on PERA reform (Denver Post)

KY Retirement Systems won’t join lawsuit alleging pensions were cheated on hedge funds (Lexington Herald Leader)

Hearing Witnesses Lay Out How Multiemployer Pensions Got Where They Are (Plan Sponsor)

April 19, 2018

California Stories

Pension Costs a Looming Challenge as Santa Barbara Council Ponders 2019 Budget (Noozhawk)

SLO council approves plan to slash budget by $8.9 million to pay for rising pensions (SLO Tribune)

Ending secrecy (Chico News & Review)

Santa Maria City Council approves agreement for contract extension with police management, public safety officers (Santa Maria Times)

CalPERS’ funded status flat in past fiscal year; increases state contributions (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Op-ed: Rosy numbers may be hiding Hawaii’s unfunded pension liabilities (The Hill)

April 18, 2018

California Stories

California’s largest pension fund sends next year’s invoice to state government: $6.3 billion (LA Times)

National Stories

Study Finds Different Paths for Corporate and Public Pensions (Plan Sponsor)


State employee contracts can nullify state law (Journal Inquirer (Conn.)

April 17, 2018

California Stories

Questions about new CalPERS CFO’s background and experience should be taken seriously by the pension fund (LA Times)

Los Angeles Schools Facing $15 Billion Debt for Retiree Health Care (Reason)

Council to discuss pension contributions (Chico Enterprise Record)


CalPERS managing investment director of fixed income to retire (Reuters)

Top CalPERS Official to Retire (Chief Investment Officer)

CalPERS managing investment director of fixed income to retire (Pensions & Investments)

CalPERS buys boatload of Bridgepoint stock (San Diego Reader)

National Stories

The Mirage of Pension-Fund Activism (Jacobin Magazine)

Kentucky’s Teachers Embrace a Broken Pension System (National Review)

The New York Times spotlights Oregon PERS: 5 insider facts to know (The Oregonian)

Capitol Conversation: Major Items Still Undecided (KUNC (Colo.)

Paradise Valley budget talks illustrate a municipality in full bloom (Paradise Valley Independent)

Scottsdale employees to see up-tick to monthly healthcare premiums (Scottsdale Independent)

City leaders: Providence pension payments a ‘recipe for disaster’ (WPRI)

April 16, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS faces steep climb to rebuild its funding (Calpensions)

CalPERS hires new chief operating investment officer (Pensions & Investments)

Calpers Is Seeking an Asset Manager for Infrastructure Push (Bloomberg)

CalPERS Likely to Reject Diversity Engagement Targets (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

3 Things That Caught My Eye In The Pew Report On Public Pensions (Forbes)

Public-Sector Pension Changes Create Residual Effects (Plan Sponsor)

New York Moves to Create Retirement Plans for Millions of Small Business Employees (Real Daily)

Taxpayer Costs Soared as Illinois Public College & University Enrollment Dropped (Forbes)

EDITORIAL Taxing logic in the Kentucky legislature (Lexington Herald Leader)

We’ve got you covered — here are the highlights for the 2018-2020 Kentucky budget (Lousiville Courier Journal)

Teachers rally in Frankfort as Bevin veto overturned (City Beat)

Kentucky Teachers To Rally Again As Lawmakers Return For Final Legislative Days (WKU)

New database: Who gets the highest pensions in NY? (Gannett)

Police salaries mind-numbing: Editorial (Asbury Park Press (N.J.)

Ex-LCC president joins PERS elite (Eugene Register Guard)

April 12, 2018

California Stories

California Should Copy New Jersey’s Union Fund Takeover, but With One Caveat (Fox & Hounds)

Mounting Headlines are Fuel for Pension Reform Movement (Fox & Hounds)

Lodi official says California bill could leave cities liable for pension obligations incurred by other cities (Lodi News)

Letter: ‘Double-dipping’ lawmakers? More like elected leaders collecting the pensions they earned (LA Times)’Double-dipping’ lawmakers? More like elected leaders collecting the pensions they earned (LA Times)

National Stories

Attorney General Andy Beshear files suit against Kentucky’s new pension law (Louisville Courier Journal)

Kentucky attorney general sues to stop pension bill (WCPO)

Kentucky attorney general’s lawsuit seeks to void new pension law (Reuters)

Here’s What’s Left For Kentucky Lawmakers In Final Legislative Days (WFPL)

Op-ed: Tax measure will grow economy, create more opportunity (Kentucky Today),12806

Column: New Haven may risk debt to shore up pension fund (Hartford Journal Inquirer)


Bill seeks to lower teacher pension contribution (Yankee Institute)

April 9, 2018

California Stories

Editorial | That ‘split roll’ you heard about? Less a Prop. 13 fix than a pension bailout (San Diego Union Tribune)

CalPERS may join union foes of 401(k) option (Calpensions)

Council hears need to address city’s structural deficit (Martinez News-Gazette)

La Verne ponders borrowing money to cover employee pensions (San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

97 retired city workers in Redondo Beach make more than $100,000 per year (The Beach Reporter)

National Stories

As Kentucky teachers’ movement grows, splits appear over next moves and possible sickouts (Louisville Courier Journal)

5 steps Nashville could take to prevent pension spiking (Tennesseean)

Political Scene: High court to hear pensioners suit Thursday (Providence Journal)

Editorial: Illinois needs to fix state pensions, tax retirees to avoid the abyss (Belleville News Democrat)

Editorial: Lawmakers should fix own pensions first (Dispatch Argus (Ill.)

Gov. Murphy’s pie-in-the-sky community college plan won’t fly | Mulshine (

State employees own pieces of opioid companies and probably don’t know it (Johnson City Press)

April 6, 2018

California Stories

Pension Costs Tally to a Stunning Sum (Laguna Beach Indy)

LA’s former assistant fire chief was paid $1.4 million last year, topping city’s list of highest-paid retirees (LA Daily News)

These 3 South Bay cities rank in the top 10 for the number of retired workers making $100K or more (Daily Breeze)

Sudden departure of state industrial relations head Baker stuns labor, business (SF Chronicle)

CalSTRS CIO Buys In to #DeleteFacebook (Bloomberg)

CalPERS appoints first sustainable investment managing investment director (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Teachers in other states are striking. Texas teachers can’t do that. (Texas Tribune)

Magoffin teachers go to rally in Frankfort (Salyersville Independent)

April 5, 2018

California Stories

A Solid Foundation for the Future (CalPERS)

Greenhut: California should copy New Jersey’s union fund takeover, but with one caveat (R Street)


National Stories

U.S. Teachers Say They Sacrifice for the Job They Love (U.S. News & World Review)

Should I take a state job for the pension? (

Social insurance in the time of robots (Brookings Institute)



April 4, 2018

California Stories

These 13 California legislators are getting two government checks a month (LA Times)

Tuolumne County officials: ‘Drastic changes’ needed to reduce future deficits (The Union Democrat)

Council approves contract extension (Santa Maria Times)

National Stories

Kentucky has a bigger problem than a broken tax system. This week it was obvious. (Lexington Herald Leader)

Ky. Republicans Poised To Remake Commonwealth’s Tax System (LEX18)

Can Florida teachers walk out too? It’s not a good idea, unions say (Tampa Bay Times)

Even Democrats question Malloy’s Hartford bailout (Manchester Journal Inquirer)

Editorial | A problem without solution? (The News-Gazette (Ill.)

April 3, 2018

California Stories

Berkeley Looks to Ban Contracts With Immigrant Database Builders (Bloomberg)

National Stories

‘Tired of begging’: Teacher rebellion shuts down Okla., Ky. schools (USA Today)

The rebellion in Kentucky As the state tries to cut their pension plans, teachers fight back. (The Outline)

Kentucky teachers storm the Capitol. ‘We have no choice but to be here.’ (Lexington Herald Leader)

Here’s what you need to know about what’s in (and not in) the Kentucky budget bill (Louisville Courier Journal)

“This Is a Struggle of Regular Working People” (Jacobin)

Puerto Rico governor to revise fiscal plan, but won’t budge on austerity (Reuters)

April 2, 2018

California Stories

Some cities outsource their highest pension costs (Calpensions)

Bachher still laying foundation of UC investments makeover (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

The investment industry threatens state plans to help workers save (Center for Public Integrity)

‘Cyber, boomers and pensions, oh my!’: state governments’ 3 worries (The Hill)

EDITORIAL Minnesota House should act on clean pension bill (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Pension bill takes an extra six years and $5 billion to pay Kentucky’s pension debt (Lexington Herald-Leader)

Minnesota Senate passes pension reform bill that reduces assumed rate of return (Pensions & Investments)

Puerto Rico governor to revise fiscal plan, but won’t budge on austerity (Nasdaq)

Gun manufacturer takes $2M hit as NJ pension divests in response to Parkland (Think Progress)