August 23, 2017

California Stories

CalPERS steps up on climate change (Capitol Weekly)

Financial hurdles loom for Pleasanton and other cities (Pleasanton Weekly)

Report: 147 Hayward retirees paid $100,000-plus (East Bay Times)

National Stories

Underfunded Pensions Could Spark Wave Of ‘Precedent Setting’ Reforms (Value Walk)

Fixing New Jersey’s failing pension system is an economic necessity (North Jersey)

Texas state workers fear fallout from changing math on pensions (Texas Tribune)

IPERS reports increased return on investments for year ending June 30 (Des Moines Register)

Kentucky’s pension crisis can’t be solved with 401(k) plans, group says (Courier Journal)


August 22, 2017

California Stories

Letters: Former San Jose mayor is still wrong on pension policy (San Jose Mercury News)

Former Rep. Lynn Woolsey among 7 nominees for new Sonoma County pension reform committee (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Report: 147 Hayward retirees paid $100,000-plus (East Bay Times)


National Stories

Texas state workers fear fallout from changing math on pensions (Texas Tribune)

Pension fund considering cuts to cost-of-living adjustments (AP)

Ohio’s biggest public pension fund looking at benefit cuts (Dayton Daily News)

Would Ohio’s public retirees be affected by Issue 2? It’s an open question (

OPERS may cut retiree cost-of-living benefit hikes (Columbus Dispatch)


New Mexico’s Two Largest Public Pensions Could See Benefit Reforms (Chief Investment Officer)

Pension fund for hospital nurses placed in receivership (Providence Journal)

August 21, 2017

California Stories

OPINION: State pension fund divestment policies leave Californians another day older and deeper in debt (OC Register)

Trump’s out, but CalPERS steps up on climate (Calpensions)

LA Works retirees’ pensions are slashed; state must act: Editorial (Whittier Daily News)

Court Upholds Increase in CalPERS Retirement Age (Santa Clarita Valley News)

Orange County employee pension fund alleges big banks are costing retirees money (LA Times)

UC adds collective investment trusts to its 403(b) plans (Pensions & Investments)


National Stories

YOUR OPINION: Keep political activism out of New Yorkers’ pensions (Star Gazette)

Office of state budget director launches pension reform website (The Messenger (Ken.)

Consider Many Factors When Choosing Retirement Plans and Options (State College),1473426/

August 18, 2017

California Stories

State pension fund divestment policies leave Californians another day older and deeper in debt (Pasadena Star-News)

Orange County employee pension fund alleges big banks are costing retirees money (LA Times)

Three US Pensions Sue Six World Banks (Chief Investment Officer)

OUR VIEW: County, High Desert not immune from pension crisis (Desert Dispatch)

LA Works retirees’ pensions are slashed; state must act: Editorial (SGV Tribune)

CalPERS Flexes its Proxy Muscles (Chief Investment Officer)


National Stories

Bevin introduces pension reform website (Insider Louisville)

Here’s How A Few Government Pension Funds Are Trying To Close Their $7 Trillion Funding Gap (MENAFN)

N.J. lottery-pension plan “slightly positive,” Wall Street ratings agency says (Daily Record)

State budget director launches pension reform website (The Lane Report)

August 17, 2017

California Stories

OPINION Big public pensions keep piling up (Riverside Press Enterprise)

It Pays to Retire from a Public Sector Job in California (KABC)


National Stories

Editorial: End pensions for part-time county work (Chicago Tribune)


Christie may not like what Wall Street just said about his plan to ease pension pain (

State retirees decry pension records request (Lansing State Journal)

Minn. AG sues companies that required vets, seniors to sign over montly pensions (Fox 9)

Attorney General Lori Swanson sues “Pension Advance” companies requiring veterans and seniors to sign over monthly pensions (WDAY)


August 16, 2017

California Stories

CalPERS $100K Pension Club up 63% Since 2012, Watchdog Says (Chief Investment Officer)

Budget Deficit Creates Tough Decisions for Pasadena Unified (Pasadena Now)


National Stories

Critics Ignore How Public Pensions Benefit U.S. Taxpayers, NCPERS Finds

Boston College’s CRR On Alternatives In Pension Portfolios (Seeking Alpha)

Pension woes a national issue (The News-Gazette)

Mississippi Public Employees logs 14.96% return for fiscal year (Pensions & Investments)

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Why SC teacher pensions matter to all of us (The State)

Court rejects KPERS effort to limit benefits for teachers union leaders (Lawrence Journal World)

You can’t unlock pension loan rules | Biz Brain (

The Global Retirement Savings Gap (Oye Times)

August 11, 2017

California Stories

How a Billionaire-Funded, Anti-Union Think Tank in Nevada Shapes Bay Area News Media Coverage of Public Employee Pay (East Bay Express)

Bull? Stocks can’t stave off California pension crisis forever (OC Register)

CalPERS’ divestment goals in crosshairs as coal stocks soar (Fox & Hounds)

City of Santa Monica on Top List of Biggest Public Pensions in California (Santa Monica Lookout)

10 percent of Pasadena’s retirees make $100,000 or more in annual pensions (Pasadena Star-News)

Santa Clara County, Oakland top fat-pension ranking for public workers (San Jose Mercury News)

Torrance city pensions rank in state’s top 10 for retirees earning more than $100,000 a year (Torrance Daily Breeze)

Here’s how former employees in Long Beach made $100K or more in pensions last year (Long Beach Press Telegram)

National Stories

STATE AFFAIRS: State’s high taxes, low services explained (The Times (Ill.)

Overtime spikes pensions for dozens of Lansing police, fire retirees (Lansing State Journal)

Auditor general criticizes pension fees as performance lags national averages (The Daily Item)

Jim Dey: Single-day substitute faces choice with pension appeal (The News-Gazette)

August 10, 2017

California Stories

More CalPERS retirees are getting $100,000 pensions, according to a new report (Riverside Press Enterprise)

Looming liability: Pension costs remain long-term challenge for T.O. (Thousand Oak Acorn)

Data: CalPERS paid over $20 billion in pension benefits to retirees in 2016 (ABC 10)

Former Solano County administrator tops statewide pension list, again (Fairfield Daily Republic)

No coincidence markets are rising under Trump: Letters (Long Beach Press Telegram)

National Stories

When Americans die younger, corporations save billions on pensions (Bloomberg)

Opinion: Tears fell on Illinois (Putnam County Record)

August 8, 2017

California Stories

Loyalton: California’s Pension Crisis in a Nutshell (City Watch)

What happened after CalPERS cut pensions of former job training agency employees (San Jose Mercury News)

California pension fund divests from coal as industry rebounds (Sacramento Bee)

CalPERS reveals it divested from most thermal coal companies (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Public Pensions Up 12.4% Return Most in 3 Years (Bloomberg)

Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions (Bloomberg)

Proactive shareholders take on climate change (Business Insurance)


August 7, 2017

California Stories

Editorial: The rising cost of public pension frustration (Marin Independent Journal)

This tiny Sierra Valley town voted to pull out of CalPERS. Now city retirees are seeing their pensions slashed (LA Times)

What happened after CalPERS cut pensions of former San Gabriel Valley agency employees (San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

UC leads on pension loans, are 401(k) plans next? (Calpensions)

OPINION California Supreme Court case on San Diego pension reforms will impact cities and counties across state (OC Register)

California politicians lured by easy money, but somebody must eventually pay (Fox & Hounds)

David Little: Who’s looking out for the taxpayer? (Chico Enterprise Record)

National Stories

AZ House Reps Urge Voters to Change State Constitution for Pension Reforms (Chief Investment Officer)

EDITORIAL New York’s soaring pension bills (New York Post)

Puerto Rico oversight board orders furloughs, governor defiant (Reuters)

August 4, 2017

California Stories

Redding begins ‘great effort’ to curb pension costs with mandatory kick-ins for top brass (Redding Record Searchlight)

Michelle Cunningham, CalSTRS deputy CIO, is retiring (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Bevin takes to social media to reassure pensioners (Courier Journal)

CT Officials Pass Pension Concession Labor Pact (Chief Investment Officer)

Editorial: Pensions costing us too much (The Daily Gazette)

School pensions: What does the future hold? (The Intelligencer)

August 3, 2017

California Stories

Dan Walters: California politicians lured by easy money, but somebody must eventually pay (CalMatters)

Greenhut: Strong stock market doesn’t hide pension problem (The Acorn)

Calif. High Court to Hear Appeal Against San Diego Pension Cuts (Chief Investment Officer)

Dick Spotswood: Brewing tax hikes may test Marin voters’ generous spirit (Marin Independent Journal)

Editorial: Pension reform won’t come from government employees (Chico Enterprise Record)

Retirement plan liability looms over Chico (Chico Enterprise Record)

Redding begins ‘great effort’ to curb pension costs with mandatory kick-ins for top brass

Redding council may make top employees kick more in for pensions (Redding Record Searchlight)

City Council faces sobering reality as employee retirement costs shoot through the roof (Chico News & Review)


National Stories

U.S. corporate pensions see highest funding level in two years -Wilshire (Reuters)

New York City pensions return 12.95 percent in fiscal 2017: preliminary report (Reuters)

State pension fund reports 12.8 percent investment return for 2017 fiscal year (Boston Glove)

Nevada Public Employees posts 11.9% fiscal-year return (Pensions & Investments)

Public pension funds like IPERS are not safer in hands of private companies (Des Moines Register)

August 2, 2017

California Stories

Redding council may make top employees kick more in for pensions (Redding Record Searchlight)

States Turn to Financial Engineering to Ease Pension Burdens (Bloomberg)

Money-Manager Purge Boosts University of California’s Return (Bloomberg)

National Stories

Connecticut lawmakers approve labor pact with pension concessions (Reuters)

Oregon Public Employees lowers return assumption to 7.2% (Pensions & Investments)

How Detroit’s bankruptcy is helping fuel the equity bull market (Financial Post)

August 1, 2017

California Stories

In birth of new state program, what’s in a name? (Fox & Hounds)

Professional employees say LA County Sanitation Districts is unfairly withholding pay bump (LA Daily News)

National Stories

Connecticut lawmakers approve labor pact with pension concessions (Reuters)

After day of drama, Senate Democrats unite to back concessions (Connecticut Mirror)

Double-dipping reports heighten concerns about Nevada pension system (Watchdog)


Jim Dey: Watchdog follows money, irritates powerful (The News-Gazette)

Teamsters shift from fighting pension cuts to finding a resolution (Green Bay Press-Gazette)

July 28, 2017

California Stories

San Diego Pension Reform Headed for California Supreme Court (KPBS)

State Supreme Court takes up appeal challenging San Diego pension cutbacks (San Diego Union Tribune)

Marin County pension fund posts 11.8-point return (Marin Independent Journal)

California Union Bill Looks to Ban Outsourcing Public Services (Reason)


Petaluma explores new tax measures (Argus Courier)


National Stories


State Rep. Mike Schlossberg: Tough decisions needed to fix Pa. budget problems (The Morning Call)

OP-ED Time for change in North Carolina’s public pension plan (News Observer)

My View: Alaska’s pension woes sound familiar (Mail Tribune)

Board to vote on change to Oregon’s public pension system (The News-Review)

Board to vote on change to Oregon’s PERS pension system (Statesman Journal)

July 27, 2017

California Stories

California Needs to Cap the Growth of Runaway Pensions (City Watch)

Greenhut: Strong stock market doesn’t hide pension problem (The Acorn)


National Stories

Judge rules against contribution cap for Arizona plan (Pensions & Investments)

Recent developments in pension obligation bonds (The Bond Buyer)

Illinois Issues: The Experts’ Take On The Budget (NPR Illinois)

Gov. Reynolds’ decision to drop IPERS task force is puzzling (Des Moines Register)

Public Employees “On Edge”; Shortfall in State Pension Fund Projected to Worsen (Iowa Public Radio)

Looming PERS vote on key rate will set pension fund’s direction (The Oregonian)

July 26, 2017

California Stories

Thumbs up: Double-digit returns on pensions (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Push Against Trump Wall Hitting Calif. Contractors Right at Home (Bloomberg BNA)

Union bill will drive up counties’ costs of providing services (R Street)


Glendale establishes trust fund to mitigate escalating pension costs (Glendale News-Press)


National Stories

Op-ed: Public Pension Funds Profit Trump; Possible Links To Shady Russian Business Deals (Huffington Post)

Private-sector retirement programs moving ahead, NCPERS says (Pensions & Investments)

Nappier: CT pension investments earned big returns (Connecticut Mirror)

$43M-a-year bailout of near-bankrupt pension fund for elected officials (Arizona Central)

July 21, 2017

California Stories

OPINION CalPERS gains great, but far from sufficient (OC Register)

CalSTRS annual returns jump to 13.4 percent from 1.4 percent (Reuters)

Teachers’ pension fund posts highest returns since 2014 (Sacramento Bee)

LADWP retirees bring in bigger pensions than city, county workers, audit says (LA Daily News)

Terry McLaughlin: Dramatic change needed in University of California system (The Union)

CalPERS Throws its Weight Around to Make the World a Better Place (Comstock’s)

National Stories

Miami police rack up favorable rulings after high court decision on cuts to pay, pensions (Miami Herald)

Connecticut Sinks Deeper in Debt (Bloomberg)


July 20, 2017

California Stories

Editorial: CalPERS gains great, but far from sufficient (LA Daily News)

Costa Mesa Council approves sober-living permit, moves forward with talk on fire management pay (OC Register)

Unbalanced budget threatens LVUSD schools (The Acorn)


National Stories

Lifting the state of siege on public-sector pension plans (Pensions & Investments)

Connecticut Sinks Deeper in Debt (Bloomberg)

Idaho Public Employee fund returns 12.7% gross in fiscal year (Pensions & Investments)

Arizona mayors call on Ducey to push overhaul of financially fragile public-safety pension system (AZ Central)

July 19, 2017

California Stories

CalPERS says considering making own private equity investments (Reuters)

Department of Water and Power Paid Out $435 Million in Pension Benefits Last Year (Westside Today)

National Stories

Maryland Democrat wants to bring retirement contribution back to 2012 levels for all feds (Federal News Radio)

Proposed legislation would open up records on federal pension recipients (Colorado Watchdog)

Reynolds backs IPERS study, but task force is dropped (Des Moines Register)

July 18, 2017

California Stories

Op-Ed: If someone tells you your kid’s teacher would be better off with a 401(k) than a pension, don’t believe it (LA Times)

Before CalPERS can save the world, public workers want it to save their pensions (Sac Bee)

LADWP paid out $435 million in pension benefits last year, watchdog says (LA Daily News)

Shocking New Report: DWP Trio Cleared Over $1 Million in Pension Pay (City Watch)

Rising public pensions costs could hinder Bakersfield’s ability to keep up with growing public needs (Bakersfield Californian)


National Stories

401(k)s not the answer for Kentucky pensions | Ron Richmond (Courier-Journal)

Mounting tax burden called no match for soaring pension debt in Illinois (Sangamon Sun)


July 14, 2017

California Stories

County pension adjustment will cost local agencies $20 million (Bakersfield Californian)

Public Sector Payouts Pose a Risky Burden (Laguna Beach Indy)

California Still Facing Pension Crisis Even With Good Stock Market Returns (Reason)


National Stories

Changes to Michigan’s teacher retirement system signed into law by Gov. Snyder (Michigan Live)

With teacher pension changes signed into law, Legislature wants more benefit changes (Detroit Free Press)

Snyder signs Michigan teacher retirement reforms (The Detroit News)

Michigan governor signs pension reform bill (Pensions & Investments)

Editorial: Illinois pension woes coming to a state near you (USA Today)

Divest City Pensions From Fossil Fuels? Nope, Says Retirement Board (Seattle Weekly)

July 13, 2017

California Stories

Real time bomb is public pensions (Half Moon Bay Review)


National Stories

This is one pension reform that’s going to take time: Opinion (Penn Live)

Is IPERS fair to the Iowa taxpayers? (Des Moines Register)


Ron DeSantis: Time to Make Federal Pension Information Public (Sunshine State News)


July 11, 2017

California Stories

California Cuts Services, Staff to Pay Pension Costs (City Watch)

Voter generosity helped SF pile up huge pension tab (San Francisco Chronicle)



Why and how La Verne is tightening its financial belt (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)


National Stories

Op-ed: Illinois’s concocted budget crisis a red flag for all pension holders (The Hill)

State budget struggles affect workers: Four now solved – even Illinois (People’s World)

Pension funds request more transparency from companies’ workforce disclosures (Reuters)

July 10, 2017

California Stories

Old cause of pension debt gets new attention (Calpensions)

The Great California Classroom Robbery (Fox & Hounds)

Despite Budget Action, Much Work Remains to Solve State’s Pension Crisis (Fox & Hounds)

California public pensions are not bullet proof (Cal Coast News)

Will California’s overbearing teacher’s union bankrupt the state? (California Blog)

How Pomona Unified is dealing with a lean budget and what it means to the students (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)


National Stories

Mark Patinkin: If not for Raimondo, R.I. could have shared Illinois’ fate (Providence Journal)

Pension system perks cost taxpayers $23 million a year (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

It’s live: Oregon launches plan for private sector (Pensions & Investments)

Private equity’s other transparency problem (Institutional Investor)


 July 7, 2017

California Stories

Despite Budget Action, Much Work Remains to Solve State’s Pension Crisis (Fox & Hounds)

New sales tax helps keep Santa Paula afloat (Ventura County Star)

Letter: Public employee unions take advantage of citizens (Oroville MR)

Letters to the Editor Public sector employees more than recover their lower salaries in retirement (Daily Pilot)

Opinion: California legislators should not mistake their anti-Trump animus for good governance (LA Times)


National Stories

State Pension Crisis Leading To High-Tax Exodus (Value Walk)

Our Editorial: State isn’t done with pension reform (The Detroit News)

Letter: End public pensions in Illinois (Chicago Tribune)


July 6, 2017

California Stories

OPINION Moving toward a better retirement system for government and private-sector workers (OC Register)

Illinois at the brink: Parallel should give Californians pause (San Diego Union Tribune)

Letter: Public employee unions take advantage of citizens (Chico Enterprise Record)

Borenstein: Plea deal protected felon DA’s pension (East Bay Times)

School district plans for cuts (Tracy Press)


National Stories

Letter: ‘Illinois math’ has led to chronic underfunding of teacher pensions (Chicago Tribune)

Our view: Ill. tax increase won’t solve state’s problems (Northwest Herald)

Nevada pension fund shows double-digit growth (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Flagstaff meeting on public safety pension inconclusive (Arizona Daily Sun)


Legal malpractice suit on multiemployer pension fund liability can proceed (Benefits Pro)

July 3, 2017

California Stories

A Union Continues Misinformation Campaign on Pension Crisis (Fox & Hounds)

K-12: ‘Tidal wave of expenses’ in looming California school budget crisis (San Jose Mercury News)

Gov. Jerry Brown’s wall of debt has crumbled, but there are more walls behind it (LA Times)

San Francisco pension debt not curbed by voters (Calpensions)

Costa Mesa Sanitary District pays off entire unfunded pension liability (Daily Pilot)

Local cities’ pension payment plans draw optimism and doubts (Daily Pilot)


National Stories

Still no movement in NJ budget standoff (Burlington County Times)

Michigan pension reform bill sent to governor (Pensions & Investments)

Michigan’s Pension Reforms Are Kind of a Big Deal (Reason)

Editorial: As Illinois Goes Bankrupt, Michigan Embraces Bold Pension Reforms (Investor’s Business Daily)

Pension transparency: Uncle Sam needs to catch up with New York (New York Post)