Fighting Back on Retirement Benefits

November 15, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS slashed their pensions. Now they’re trying to get their money back (Sacramento Bee)

Investors With $4.8 Trillion Push Gun Industry for Reform (Bloomberg)

National Stories

The Unsustainable Situation With State And Local Pension Liabilities (Seeking Alpha)

Public Pension Return Assumptions Fall to All-Time Low (Chief Investment Officer)

Pensions Account for 61% of Top 100 Asset Owners (Chief Investment Officer)

City pension funds under scrutiny (Bay State Banner)


November 14, 2018

California Stories

Outgoing California governor seeks court decision on pension reform (Education Dive)

CalPERS shifts gears on private equity investment plan (Education Dive)

CalPERS names interim CIO (Pensions & Investments)

November 13, 2018

California Stories

Editorial | This California Supreme Court case could ease cities’ pension crisis (San Diego Union Tribune)

California teacher pension fund pulls money out of immigrant detention centers (Sacramento Bee)

Court date set for California Rule pension arguments (Bond Buyer)

Exclusive: California Supreme Court Sets Oral Arguments on Public Pension Rights (Chief Investment Officer)

High Court to Hear Brown Pension Reform Dec. 5 (Calpensions)

CalSTRS Joins Pensions Divesting From Private Prisons (Barron’s)

City Agrees to New Contract with DCEA, Ending a Decade-Long Standoff (Davis Vanguard)


National Stories

Whither the American pension? (The Daily Gazette)

Sustainable investing’s secret weapon: Public pensions (Reuters)

Reed pension plan a giveaway to insiders, critics say (Atlanta Constitution Journal)–politics/reed-pension-plan-giveaway-insiders-critics-say/O0TrZUq6wOaGnOzlsHV3RL/

Accumulative Pension to Begin January 1, 2019 (Georgia Today)

November 8, 2018

National Stories

EDITOR’S NOTE Bevin got it right and wrong (LEO Weekly)

EDITORIAL: Democrats will have free rein in Carson City (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

November 7, 2018

California Stories

Op-ed: Politicization of CalSTRS hurts returns, harms retirees (SF Chronicle)

Oroville voters approve sales tax, cannabis tax (Chico Enterprise Record)

Supporters Of Sacramento’s Measure U Sales Tax Increase Claim Victory (Capital Public Radio)

National Stories

Commentary: A better split for pension funds (Pensions & Investments)

Next governor faces tall task with pension, health-care obligations (Journal Inqurier)

Election outcome to shape how state handles pension problem (WQAD)

November 6, 2018

California Stories

$1 billion lawsuit over CalPERS insurance rates moves forward with trial date (Sacramento Bee)

Venture Capital Investments May Be in Future for Two San Jose Pension Plans (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Op-ed: The growing pension black hole is pulling us all in (The Hill)


November 5, 2018

California Stories

Schools, cities and counties will ask California voters to OK taxes and borrowing totaling $20 billion (LA Times)

Public Pensions Attack Workers, SF Prof Abdulhadi Under Attack & Labor & Rise Of Fascism (Indy Bay)

Orange County Senator Predicts Financial Crisis In Public Schools (Patch)


The Balancing Act: The silver lining has some very dark clouds (Mountain Democrat)

Don’t bury Blackstone over Prop 10 just yet (Axios)

National Stories

New board to oversee Michigan’s $70B public retirement fund (AP)

Cottonwood – A Small Arizona City at the Turning Point (

Reddy: Public employees earn their pensions and deserve a COLA (Wyoming Tribune Eagle)


November 2, 2018

California Stories

CalSTRS reveals 2017 portfolios costs (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

To Divest or Dig In: Candidates Spar Over Where to Park Pension Billions Amid Climate Threats (City Limits)

Pennsylvania Pension Panel Explores Debt-Cutting Plans (Chief Investment Officer)

Tesla investors urge board to go beyond SEC-ordered overhaul (Pensions & Investments)

November 1, 2018

California Stories

Who Judges the Judges? We Do. (SF Weekly)

Editorial: Albany leaders need to tax less and budget better (San Jose Mercury News)

Alameda teachers, district deadlock in contract talks (East Bay Times)

National Stories


Growing Number of $100,000-plus Public Pensions (Alton Daily News (Ill.)

October 31, 2018

California Stories

More California cops and firefighters are paying for their pensions. Is it too late? (Sacramento Bee)

CalPERS Must Focus on Fiduciary Responsibility, Not Social Issues (Fox & Hounds)

National Stories

The Dangerous Consequence Of Cutting Public Safety Pensions (Forbes)

Sweeney: Pension and health care reforms can bring down property taxes (Burlington County Times)

Arizona May Get $275 Million Public Pension Lifeline from Voters (Bloomberg)

Rob Roper: Will Bond Downgrade Spark Pension Reform? (Caledonian Record)

More than 10,000 retired Illinois educators earn six-figure pensions (The College Fix)

Reports: Growing number of $100,000-plus public pensions in Illinois cost taxpayers (Illinois News Network)–plus-public-pensions-in-illinois/article_bbe55b58-dbad-11e8-8446-5feaa32a50af.html


October 29, 2018

California Stories

Gubernatorial candidates John Cox, Gavin Newsom answer questions from local educators (Desert Sun)

No large CalPERS exit fee for charter schools (Calpensions)

OPINION Sales-tax hike not good for Pasadena (Pasadena Star News)

Op-ed: Measure I Won’t Save Pasadena From CalPERS Debt (Law 360)

National Stories

Statewide races shining spotlight on public funds (Pensions & Investments)

Man Behind New York’s $209 Billion Fund Running to Keep His Job (Bloomberg)

Hoosiers Will Vote “Yes” Or “No” On Balanced Budget Amendment (Eagle Country Online)

October 26, 2018

California Stories

Jerry Brown awaits his day in court on pension reform (EdSource)

Big asset managers like BlackRock are pressuring stock exchanges to limit a growing practice that ‘poses danger’ to young companies (Business Insider)


National Stories

Illinois $100,000 Club: 94,000 Six-Figure Public Employees And Retirees Cost Taxpayers $12B (Forbes)

October 25, 2018

California Stories

Letter: Calpers Takes the Long, not a Political, View (WSJ)

National Stories

Public Pension Gap Widening Between Top and Bottom Funds (Chief Investment Officer)

Moody’s: Schools Suffer As Unfunded Pension Liabilities Grow (Value Walk)

John Stossel: Public pensions: Politicians’ deceitful promises

Generalizations Do Not Show the True Picture for Public Pensions (Plan Sponsor)

Democrats make accusations about Republican IPERS pension intentions (Radio Iowa)

October 24, 2018

California Stories

Palo Alto want to use more realistic assumptions about pension costs, but that would raise city’s expenses (Daily Post)

SF pension board votes to divest from five fossil fuel companies (SF Chronicle)

How California public employees fund anti-rent control fight unwittingly (The Guardian)

CalSTRS picks new corporate governance chief (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

How States Have Tried To Close Their Pension Funding Gaps (Frontline)

A Different Kind of Democrat (The Weekly Standard)

Despite transparency law, investment manager contracts for public pensions heavily redacted (Insider Louisville)

October 23, 2018

California Stories

Walnut Creek council candidates stake out positions on downtown, employee pensions (East Bay Times)

National Stories

THE PRIVATE EQUITY GOVERNOR: Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, Sworn Foe of Pensions, Made a Fortune Charging High Fees to Public Pensions (The Intercept)

Op-ed: The Next Retirement Crisis: America’s Public Pensions (Forbes)

‘Frontline’ Examines Woes of Kentucky’s Underfunded Teacher Pension Plan (Education Week)


National teachers union president to stump for Kate Brown in Portland (The Oregonian)

October 22, 2018

California Stories

Will Brown get chance to defend pension reform? (Calpensions)

Republican Greg Conlon, Democrat Fiona Ma vie for California state treasurer (Daily Californian)


National Stories

A GIANT PILE OF MONEY: How Wall Street Drove Public Pensions Into Crisis and Pocketed Billions in Fees (The Intercept)

THE WHISTLE BLOWER: How a Gang of Hedge Funders Strip-Mined Kentucky’s Public Pensions (The Intercept)

How will governor candidates tackle Illinois’ big pension problem? (RR Star)

The Ticking Pension Bomb (City Journal)

Where Pennsylvania’s candidates for governor stand on issues (AP)

Trillo: He’d investigate Raimondo’s pension actions (Providence Journal)

County pays down pension liability, saves nearly $30 million for taxpayers (Arizona Daily Sun)

More alternative investments added to Luzerne County employee pension fund (Times Leader)

 October 20, 2018

California Stories

Council Candidates Tackle Pension Debt, City Hall Pay (Santa Monica Lookout)


National Stories

Governments Should Be Run More Like Businesses (Barron’s)

October Rout Will Test Pensions’ Wall Street Crash Protection

Accused are getting benefits (Hartford Journal Inqurier)

GUEST COLUMN: Public pensions — a closer look (Journal Gazette)—-a-closer-look/article_339b8a83-d082-5fe6-b2a6-21c28d548d8b.html

October 19, 2018

California Stories

Locals seek new levies despite $4B property tax surge (Calmatters)

Op-ed: Why is CalPERS still a top investor in Russia’s sovereign debt? (LA Times)

Op-ed: California Public Employees Vote Against Pension-Fund Activism

Fate of contracts, pensions uncertain (Gilroy Dispatch)

National Stories

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s final budget speech: An exercise in legacy-building (Chicago Tribune)

Pension change could help recruit, retain public safety dispatchers, city staff says (Denton Record-Chronicle)

Letter: Don’t blame workers for state’s financial problems (Chicago Sun Times)

October 17, 2018

California Stories

Dave Low: Forget naysayers: Public pension funds doing fine

National Stories

$5B+ public pension liability nearly as large as state’s entire annual budget (New Hampshire Union Leader)

Washington State Investment Board Returns 10.04% (Chief Investment Officer)


October 13, 2018

California Stories

Exclusive: San Francisco Pension System Approves Divestment of Five Fossil Fuel Companies (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

PERS may be defining issue of Oregon’s governor race (Oregon Live)

October 12, 2018

California Stories

San Diego will appeal costly pension ruling to U.S. Supreme Court, citing former mayor’s free-speech rights (San Diego Union-Tribune)

As pension costs go up, California cities turn to voters for tax increases (Bond Buyer)

If voters OK an increase, Port Hueneme sales tax would be region’s highest (Ventura County Star)

National Stories

‘Orphaned’ pension debts threaten taxpayers (Lexington Herald-Leader)

October 11, 2018

California Stories

California Firefighters Make It Hard to Break Up With Russia (Bloomberg)

National Stories

As state agencies privatize jobs, ‘orphaned’ pension debts threaten Kentucky taxpayers (Lexington Herald Leader)

Pension Checks —— and Balances (Fort Worth Weekly)

October 10, 2018

California Stories

New York, California lead in green debt — but issuance is diving (Pensions & Investments)


October 9, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS President Loses Her Board Seat (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

How Public Employee Benefits (Beyond Pensions and Health Care) Compare to the Private Sector’s (Governing)

Pensions Get Bolder in Challenging Private Equity on Investments’ Human Cost (NY Times)

October 8, 2018

California Stories

Editorial | Will CalPERS finally focus on returns? (San Diego Union Tribune)

National Stories

‘Move ‘em out’ trucks arrive at Capitol for lawmakers who voted for pension bill (Lexington Herald Leader)

Bellwether: What cuts would you suggest to help balance the Illinois state budget? (Journal Star)

Griebel: Tapping pension funds risky — doing nothing is worse (Connecticut Mirror)

October 5, 2018

California Stories

A Retirement Wealth Gap Adds a New Indignity to Old Age (Wall Street Journal)

Shakeup at CalPERS board: Cop unseats pension fund’s president (Sacramento Bee)

CalPERS board president is ousted in election, losing to Corona police officer (LA Times)

CalPERS president loses board seat to policeman (Calpensions)

October 4, 2018

California Stories

Worried about CalPERS? Three new laws could protect workers, governments. (Sacramento Bee)

National Stories

Gov. Malloy’s Last Spin on the Facts (Yankee Institute)

October 3, 2018

California Stories

Dick Spotswood: Marin deserves better than what Measure AA has to offer (Marin Independent Journal)

National Stories

Taxpayer advocate says pensions are ‘bankrupting’ Illinois (Journal Star)


October 2, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS adopts harassment investigation policy for board members (Pensions & Investments)

California law creates gender requirement for corporate boards (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories


How Public Pension Boards Are Making a Crisis Worse (Governing)

Understanding Social Security For The Public Sector: The Government Pension Offset (Forbes)


October 1, 2018

California Stories

Dan Walters: Massive study shows California schools face bleak financial future

Moorlach: Justice v. Retribution: AB 3120 Could Bankrupt Schools, Non-profits (Fox & Hounds)

Rough seas to greet new CIO of CalPERS

California turns up the heat on climate change disclosures: New law requires big pension funds to provide more information on environmental risk (Financial Times)

National Stories

Springfield officials tackle pension debt with proposed $2 million budget transfer (Mass Live)

Public Pension Funding Remains Challenging, Despite Two-Year Streak of Healthy Investment Returns (Reason)

Who’s Afraid of a 401(k)? (Yankee Institute)

In Texas, Teachers See Savings Eroded by Bad Bets on Exotic Stocks (The Street)

What Is The Role Of Public Pension Plans In Proxy Voting? (Forbes)

‘Mistake’ to move airport ownership to pension, Wirepoints founder warns (Chicago City Wire)