Fighting Back on Retirement Benefits

May 17, 2019

California Stories

Newsom boosts pension-cost relief for schools (Capitol Weekly)

National Stories

New NJ tax plan: Merge public schools, cut health benefits, change state worker pensions (North Jersey Record)

Powerful N.J. Democrat wants to cut worker pensions and health care costs, could bypass Murphy (

Sweeney introduces bills to cut NJ pension, benefit costs (Burlington County Times)

NJ Politics Digest: Sweeney Moves on Plan to Save on Public Worker Benefits (Observer)

WATCH: Rowdy town hall on pension reform spirals out of control as furious crowd heckles politicians (


Public sector retirees hoping for 1.5 percent hike in pensions (New Hampshire Union Leader)

May 7, 2019

California Stories

Op-ed: MMWD pensions illustrate larger problem taxpayers face (Marin Independent Journal)

CalSTRS scouting for specialized consultant for collaborative investment model (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Opinion: New $2 billion tax is for PERS, not ‘for the kids’ (The Oregonian)

PA legislators keep pensions for themselves (Benefits Pro)

Pa. lawmakers cling to pensions after pushing 401(k)-style plans (WITF)

Warren Buffett Warns Movers to Avoid States with Large Unfunded Pension Liabilities (Catalyst)

May 6, 2019

California Stories

Editorial: California pension costs keep on climbing (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Editorial | Alarming data shows public employee pension crisis worsening (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

California’s pension debt is harming teachers and students now—and it’s going to get worse (Brookings Institute)

Whittier’s budget giving off serious déjà vu with $3 million deficit caused by rising pension costs (Whittier Daily News)

CalSTRS Expected to Support Carbon Pricing (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Meet the man who helped create one of the best public pension plans in America (Marketwatch)

Editorial: Unfathomable pension debts (Providence Journal)

Audit: Local governments have almost $54.4 million in pension liabilities (Advocate-Messenger (Kentucky)

Jon Lender: Bill would let retired municipal police collect pensions while double-dipping as school security personnel (Hartford Courant)

Pensions Don’t Always Track How Much Is Borrowed Against Their Names (WSJ)

New Mexico pension official accused of ‘pilfering funds’ (Santa Fe New Mexican)

May 3, 2019

California Stories

SLO city retirees receive average pension of $90,000 a year (Cal Coast News)

City of SLO’s $90,000 average pension tops in the county (Cal Coast Times)

National Stories

State police investigate letter threat to unions, lawmakers (Star Courier)

OPINION Fix New York state’s overtime and pension abuses (City & State NY)

Puerto Rico oversight board presses on pension payments, bond clawbacks (Pensions & Investments)


May 2, 2019

California Stories

OPINION With a growing 100k pension club, California’s pension problem only gets worse (LA Daily News)

Gavin Newsom appoints transgender city councilwoman to CalPERS (Sacramento Bee)

National Stories

R.I. lawmakers propose ‘stipends’ on top of pensions for retired state, local employees (Newport RI)

Parks Cuts And A Water Taxi: What You Should Know About Portland’s Proposed Budget (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Bill Would Deny U.S. Pensions to Convicted Child Molesters (Frontline)

April 29, 2019

California Stories

Rising school pension costs cut programs and pay (Calpensions)

Dan Walters: School spending popular, taxes not so much (CalMatters)

Living The Dream, With The Help Of A Home And A Pension (KPBS)

Senator Scott Wilk Urges Congress To ‘Fix’ Retirement’ Policy (KHTS)

National Stories

Jaimes: IPERS: Iowa Democrats’ favorite scare tactic (The Daily Iowan)

April 26, 2019

California Stories

Dan Walters: School spending popular in California, taxes not so much (CalMatters)

Morgan Stanley to pay $130 million to California pensions over bad investments (AP)

National Stories

A Stress Test of Philadelphia’s Retirement System (Pew Trusts)


April, 25, 2019

California Stories

California’s 6-Figure Pension Club Has Doubled in Size Since 2012 (Reason)

National Stories

Labor coalition defends lobbyist, fears chilling effect (Nevada Current)

Editorial: Bill will test Gov. Steve Sisolak’s committment to transparency (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

State worker claims Bevin Administration fired her because she supported teacher group (Lexington Herald Leader)

City budget sees raises for staff, increased funds for public safety pensions (Arizona Daily Sun)

April 24, 2019

California Stories

OPINION Sacramento politicians play Santa Claus while pension problem gets worse (LA Daily News)

City Should Immediately Boost Annual Pension Payments, Top Finance Official Recommends (Santa Monica Lookout)

City, county must still pay $618K in pension obligations for ex-TCEDA employees (The Union Democrat)

National Stories

The Dark-Money Lobbying Group Going After Pension Funds (Institutional Investor)

Public safety pension gave top boss $43K raise. Officials warn it may have been illegal. (Arizona Republic)


April 22, 2019

California Stories

The Tax Watchers: How do we get out of pension hole? (Fairfield Daily Republic)

Committee, residents to address CalPERS (Marysville Appeal Democrat)

Letter: Follow the money all the way to the pensions (Chico Enterprise Record)

CalPERS Puts ‘Laser-Like Focus’ on ESG, Board Diversity, and Executive Pay (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

How rising teacher pension costs hurt school districts (The Hechinger Report)

How Pa. and N.J. taxpayers are on the hook for last year’s pension losses for public employees (Philly Inqurier)

Opinion: Brown’s plan for PERS falls short (Eugene Register Guard)

‘Big Joe’ Clark column: Be careful when making assumptions in your retirement plan (The Herald Bulletin (Indiana)


April 19, 2019

California Stories

Tuolumne County seeks consultant to study public opinion on tax increases (The Union Democrat)

Feedback Friday: Honoring Pension Commitments (LA Progressive)

National Stories

‘This Is Morally Wrong’: Biden Supports Striking Massachusetts Grocery Workers (NPR)

Timing your retirement to get maximum benefit (Federal News Network)

April 17, 2019

National Stories

Oregon governor proposes employee contributions to bolster pension fund (Pensions & Investments)

Union Report: When It Comes to Double-Dipping Pensions, Union Officials Are Happy to Take — but Not So Happy to Give (The 74)

These Are The Most Responsible Asset Allocators (Institutional Investor)

A wage gap is growing between Wyoming’s public and private workers, report finds (KPVI)

Big tax breaks for retired feds (Federal News Network)

Hedge fund seeking Gannett faces federal probe after investing workers’ pensions in its own funds (Washington Post)

April 16, 2019

California Stories

Op-ed: California’s school pension funding plan is working

OPINION: Teachers and school districts won’t be able to blame charter schools much longer (LA Daily News)

How a CalPERS-sponsored bill increased pensions (Capital Weekly)

National Stories

Ballot Initiative Aimed at Halting the Growth of Public Pension-Related Debt Passes First Hurdle (Williamette Week)

April 15, 2019

California Stories

Our View: Dilemma shadows paradise (Santa Ynez Daily News)

Oxnard’s latest budget shortfall shows mismanagement dating back to ’90s (Ventura County Star)

Chico City Council to hear proposed fiscal year 2019-2020 draft budget (Chico Enterprise Record)

CalPERS Supports Carbon Pricing (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Brown to unveil plan to help school cover PERS costs (Mail Tribune (Ore.)

PERS Plan Would Limit Tax Rebates, Affect School Retirement Benefits (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Editorial: Gov. Brown’s PERS plan offers a strong start (The Oregonian)

How Pontiac pensioners battled retail giant Walmart and won (Detroit Free Press)

Why the Pa. teachers’ pension fund is buying fruit orchards in Florida and nut farms on the West Coast (Philadephia Inqurier)

April 11, 2019

California Stories

Fresno County seeks retirement investment officer (Pensions & Investments)


National Stories

Legislators: Bevin must lead pension talks after veto (Messenger Inqurier (Kentucky)

Editorial: How about ‘Let the people vote’ — on pensions, term limits and remap? (Chicago Tribune)

Oregon Bill Would Re-Classify Deputy District Attorneys as Public Safety Officers for Pension Purposes (Williamette Week)

The growth of salaries and benefits in the federal government, state and local governments and public education, 1998-2017 (American Enterprise Institute)

April 10, 2019

National Stories

It’s going to get easier for some Americans to save for retirement (Marketwatch)

Teachers call for prison divestment (Rochester City Newspaper)


April 9, 2019

California Stories

Letter: Money for pensions (OC Register)

CalPERS Investment Committee Rejects Tobacco Reinvestment Again (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Kamala Harris’s flawed proposal to help teachers could make problem worse (The Hill)

A Good Day’s Work: A lobbyist exploited a loophole to get a public pension for one day of substitute teaching. How was that possible? (Slate)

Bills target pensions (Mail Tribune (Ore.)

Op-ed: Changes to PERS can be made by moving forward (The Observer (Ore.)

Pension bill could affect KERS future for the state (College Heights Herald (Kentucky)

April 8, 2019

California Stories

OPINION The California Rule is the California exception (Riverside Press Enterprise)

In Marin water rate hike debate, talk turns to salaries and benefits (Marin Independent Journal)

Editorial: Novato’s pension trust is a good step, but more needs to be done (Marin Independent Journal)

Will CalPERS board shake-up continue this year? (Calpensions)

National Stories

Toll Roads Could Fix America’s State-Pension Crisis. Here’s How. (Barron’s)

Congratulations, Madam Mayor-elect. So, now what? (Crain’s Chicago Business)

EDITORIAL: Proposal could create PERS death spiral (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Illinois Justices Back Pension for 1-Day Substitute Teacher (AP)


April 4, 2019

California Stories

Credit Rating Agencies Concerned About California Pension Costs (Fox & Hounds)

Bugs in the K-12 System (Fox & Hounds)

National Stories

Payson school board haggles about employee fees (Payson Roundup (Ariz.)

April 3, 2019

National Stories

Companies Are Changing How They Think About Workers’ Health (Fortune)


Lawmakers urged to fix ‘loopholes’ in sheriff injury pay (WPRI (Rhode Island)

Bitcoin, BlackRock And The Rise Of Alternatives (Forbes)