August 15, 2018

California Stories

School chief candidates Tuck, Thurmond on pensions (Cal Matters)

CalPERS adopts new private equity policy, changes staff discretion on commitments (Pensions & Investments)

CalPERS CIO Orders Active Risk Review (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Opinion: Don’t confuse public pension cost with generosity (Marketwatch)

Have Public Employee Pensions Become More Generous, or Less? (Forbes)

Kentucky Supreme Court Will Weigh Controversial Pension Bill (Chief Investment Officer)

Dickinson attacks Raimondo on pension overhaul (Providence Journal)

Mayoral hopeful Vallas calls possible $10B Emanuel pension payoff ‘irresponsible’ (Chicago Tribune)

Sweeney task force releases recommendations to rein in spending (NJTV)

Nice try, but pigs will fly before this toll plan does | Mulshine (

August 14, 2018

California Stories

Borenstein: Cal Fire union leaders’ pension-spiking gambit (San Jose Mercury News)

CalPERS fires back against bill requiring liability calculations on Treasury rates (Pensions & Investments)

CalPERS Advisor: As Tech Startup Model Shifts, Direct Investment Model Makes Sense (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Renewed call for pension reform angers public employee unions (NJTV News)

N.J. commission recommends moving new employees to hybrid fund (Pensions & Investments)

Minnesota’s pension reforms receive praise, but more fixes may be needed (Watchdog)

August 13, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS may channel more dollars to buyouts, give staff added flexibility (PE Hub)

CalPERS Cuts Most of Its Forestland Investment Program (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Will the Left Get Fooled Into Abandoning Worker Pensions? (In These Times)

All you need to know about huge changes pushed for N.J. schools, property taxes, pensions and tolls (

Employee compensation hikes have cost Naperville more than $500,000 in up-front pension payments (Naperville Sun (Ill.)

AFT Exposes Billions Invested In Private Prisons Through Hedge Funds Held By Public Pensions

August 10, 2018

California Stories

David Crane: Teachers’ pensions (Cal Matters)

DeMaio defends Prop B following Supreme Court ruling on public employee union measure (Northern California Record)

National Stories

Sweeney task force recommends pension and benefits reforms, consolidating schools (Burlington County Times)

NJ spending cut task force report dead on arrival? Editorial (Asbury Park Press)

NJ is looking for a solution to high taxes. Combining school districts may be one of them (North Jersey Record)

NJ Politics Digest: Could This Be the Way Out of the State’s Fiscal Mess? (Observer)


Editorial: State pension fix should be front and center (ABQ Journal)

Idaho Public Employees returns net 8.4% in fiscal year (Pensions & Investments)

Commentary: Getting retirement solutions rights is a matter of national security (Pensions & Investments)

August 9, 2018

California Stories

San Diego’s Move to DC Plan in Limbo (Plan Sponsor)

National Stories

Pension Funds Are Boosting Bull Market Bets as Stocks Climb Higher (Wall Street Journal)

New Report: Divestment of fossil fuels by New York, Colorado pensions has substantial cost for retirees, taxpayers

Report: Here’s what Colorado’s pension divestiture from oil, coal would cost retirees (Denver Business Journal)

August 8, 2018

California Stories

Dave Low: The other side of the pension debate

California unions win another pension lawsuit. Will their streak continue? (Sacramento Bee)

A CalPERS false alarm (Sacramento Bee)

CalPERS to vote on coordinating consultants’ contracts (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Pensions Beat Expectations for 2nd Straight Year (Governing)

Rebuilding the employment security system for the Rust Belt that created it (Brookings Institute)

Opinion: Depressed wages, pension cutbacks hurt black women (Cincinnati Inquirer)

Matt Brown hits Raimondo on her career making pension cuts (Uprise RI)

Pension Funds Are Boosting Bull Market Bets as Stocks Climb Higher (WSJ)

August 7, 2018

National Stories

Lackluster asset performance in Q2 drops public pension funding by $23 billion

With 6 months down, Gov. Murphy still learning how to win friends and influence lawmakers (North Jersey)

High property taxes pay public pensions, with little public service (Belleville News Democrat)

Column: If they disavow Malloy, why elect any Democrats? (Journal Inquirer)

Why Taxpayers Are Shelling Out More Money for Worse Service (Mackinac Center)

Controversy simmering over gauging pension obligations (Pensions & Investments)

August 6, 2018

California Stories

Column | Sanders and DeMaio talk of teaming up on another pension measure (San Diego Union Tribune)

Three Cheers For The Los Angeles Times (Forbes)

Your Opinions | Taxpayers hurt most by San Diego’s failed pension effort (San Diego Union Tribune)

Solano Voices: Teachers, start saving now (Fairfield Daily Republic)

Santa Maria officials contest part of grand jury’s report on employee pensions (Santa Maria Times)

CalPERS Wants to Hire New Real Estate Managers (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Controversy simmering over gauging pension obligations (Pensions & Investments)

August 3, 2018

California Stories

Supreme Court rules San Diego skipped key legal step in taking pension reform to voters (San Diego Union Tribune)

Editorial | San Diego’s pension mess just got a lot messier. Now what? (San Diego Union Tribune)

Thousands of Employees Face Uncertainty After Supreme Court Pension Case (Voice of San Diego)

San Diego’s Pension Initiative Required Union Input: Court (Bloomberg)

State Supreme Court Rules Against San Diego Pension Reform (KPBS)

Sacramento Tax Increase Proposal Represents Statewide Trend (Fox & Hounds)

Marin Voice: It’s time officials face the facts about public pensions (Marin Independent Journal)

National Stories

Candidates differ on state pensions (ABQ Journal)

August 2, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS on the Hunt for Renewable Investments (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Meet Four Gridlock-Busting Political Innovators (Forbes)

August 1, 2018

California Stories

California Treasurer’s CalSavers Promises Brighter Future for Millions in Need of Retirement Savings

Grand jury urges county cities to prepare for crushing pension costs (The Almanac)

Grand jury on pension crisis: Time for hard choices (Climate Online)

National Stories

Why Our Public Pensions Need Stress Tests (Governing)

Report: Public retirement costs to blame for high property taxes (Illinois News Network)

July 31, 2018

California Stories

Funding the California school system (SF Examiner)

OPINION Another day, another tax or fee hike in California (OC Register)

National Stories

The Pension Hole for U.S. Cities and States Is the Size of Japan’s Economy (WSJ)

Letter: Who’s to Blame for Underfunded Pensions? (WSJ)

Blue states drowning in irretrievable debt thanks to ‘grotesque’ public sector pensions. You’re about to get stuck with bill. (Business & Politics)

Do Fossil Fuels Belong In Pension Portfolios? (The Chief)

July 30, 2018

California Stories

OPINION The California Legislature passes the pension buck – again (OC Register)

Community Voices: Additional taxes are all about public employee pensions (Bakersfield Californian)

National Stories

Top N.J. Dems may soon wage another epic fight, and it could be over pensions, property taxes (

Jim Dey | State, local pension news getting worse (The News Gazette)

NYC Pays $20.6 Million Settlement over Nurses’ Pension Dispute (Chief Investment Officer)

Supporting tolls means you’ll never cut anything (Journal Inquirer (Conn.)

Unsustainable: The Government Pension Pickle that Several States are Facing (The New American)

July 27, 2018

California Stories

Editorial: Will California schools pass their tough test on pensions? (Sacramento Bee)

Study: county pension benefits soar (San Diego Reader)

Letter: Who’ll enter public service if retirement are attacked? (San Jose Mercury News)

Camarillo looking beyond CalPERS for pension help (Camarillo Acorn)

City leaders OK $22M payment to target pension shortfall (Thousand Oaks Acorn)

National Stories

As retiree health costs squeeze budget, Phil Murphy advocates baby steps (North Jersey)

Opinion: Continued inaction on NJ’s pension crisis risks insolvency (North Jersey)

Wait. What? Illinois’ unfunded pension obligation is >$200 billion, NOT $140 billion? (Chicago Now)

Goldman: Beefing Up Corporate Pensions Will Flatten the Yield Curve (Chief Investment Officer)

July 26, 2018

California Stories

Editorial: California’s public-employee pensions don’t have the luxury of making political statements

Walters: Pension fund earnings keep rising — so why still crushing debts? (San Jose Mercury News)

Council OKs $22M payment to target pension shortfall (Thousand Oaks Acorn)

Op-ed: Know when people are crazy? (Madera Tribune)

Tai chi, anyone? CalPERS partners up in effort to fight opioid epidemic (Sacramento Bee)

CalPERS’ CIO Farland: Big Initiatives Coming (Techwire)


National Stories

Creating Pension Plan Chaos for Teachers, Firefighters, and Cops (

Jim Dey | Study: Pension problem is one of overpromising, not underfunding (The News Gazette (Ill.)

State treasurer highlights $1,000-per-day benefit for one public retiree (Madison State Journal)–per-day-pension-for-one-public/article_9616b9cc-92e4-56b6-8996-6c6eaab73678.html

Pension checks? Resolve legal cases first (Boston Globe)


July 25, 2018

California Stories

Pension fund earnings up, but crushing debts remain (CalMatters)

National Stories

How public sector employers are reducing their pension liabilities (EBN)

Panel seeks new ways to slow skyrocketing state pension costs (Connecticut Mirror)

ISBE contributes to pension spiking for retirees (Northwest Herald (Ill.)

Montgomery County files against OPERS with Ohio Supreme Court (WDTN)

New Commission To Consider Transfer of State Assets to Pension Funds (Yankee Institute)

For Some State Pensioners, Retirement Is ‘Like Winning The Lottery’ (MacIver Institute)

July 24, 2018

California Stories

CalSTRS Begins Review of Holdings of Private Prison Companies (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

Opinions: Connecticut is drowning in debt. Should the rest of us have to pay? (Washington Post)

Op-ed: Yes, Let’s Expand Social Security – To Public Sector Employees (Forbes)

S&P 500 Pension Funding Increases Nearly 5% in 2017 (Chief Investment Officer)

INN investigation: Illinois State Board of Education contributes to taxpayer-funded pension spiking (Illinois News Network)

Unfunded Pension Liabilities a Benefits Problem, Not Just a Funding Problem (Bacon’s Rebellion)

July 23, 2018

California Stories

California teacher pension debt swamps school budgets (Cal Matters)

Editorial: What is the state Supreme Court waiting for? (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

California’s teacher pension fund beats its investment goal for second straight year (Sacramento Bee)

Stop investing in immigrant detention companies, California teachers tell pension fund (Sacramento Bee)

Op-ed: Teacher Unions Reap What They Sow With Unsustainable Pensions (Fox & Hounds)

Does cost of living matter in retirement? Well, it matters when ranking best places to retire (OC Register)

Public CIO pay getting renewed attention (Pensions & Investments)

National Stories

Public Pensions Are Earning More Than 8%—That’s Unlikely to Go On Much Longer (Wall Street Journal)

Editorial: Why Your Pension Is Doomed (Wall Street Journal)

Commentary: Public pension funds must not divest from reality (Pensions & Investments)

Is your public pension safe? States with the best retirement funding (USA Today)

Guest columnist: Benefit reductions necessary to save pension system (The State Journal (Kent.)

Doom and gloom abounds, but a new pension idea emerges (Capitol Fax)

July 20, 2018

California Stories

A Topsy-Turvy Week for Charter Schools and School-Choice Tax Credits (Capital & Main)

National Stories

Republican candidates take swing at labor (Connecticut Mirror)

Nancy Pelosi coming to Michigan to talk pensions at Detroit town hall (Michigan Live)

July 19, 2018

California Stories

As Predicted: Prop 30 Taxes Go for Pensions and Health Costs (Fox & Hounds)

Study: Cost of pensions dangerous (The Daily Journal)

CalPERS fighting divestment review bill (Pensions & Investments)

Calpers appoints Axa Rosenberg for $1bn ‘sustainable’ fund (Financial News)

National Stories

How the Janus Ruling Might Doom Public Pensions Next (Slate)

Janus Is Only the Beginning (American Spector)

We must reform budgeting process, but also rethink public pensions | Opinion (

Lawmakers Warn Of Economic Fallout From Failing Pensions (West Virginia Public Radio)

July 18, 2018

California Stories

Jerry Brown to Supreme Court: Hurry up and hear my pension law case (Sacramento Bee)

Editorial: Jerry Brown pushes for crucial decision on California pension reform before term expires (OC Register)

Letter: Pensions (The Daily Journal)

National Stories

Public pension funds adopt cost-sharing mechanisms to stem volatility (Pensions & Investments)

Berkowitz w/Rep. Skillicorn on solving the State’s pension mess by giving gov employees a haircut (Chicago Now)

July 17, 2018

California Stories

CalPERS Moves Closer to Naming New CIO (Chief Investment Officer)

National Stories

More cuts to NJ pensions and health benefits? Not so fast, says Phil Murphy (North Jersey)

Supreme Court Says Milwaukee Cannot Alter Retirement System Voting Rights (State Bar of Wisconsin)

July 16, 2018

California Stories

If state Supreme Court rules against San Diego on pensions, it could could cost city millions (San Diego Union Tribune)

Letters: Pensions vs. taxes (Sacramento Bee)

Double-digit infrastructure returns lifts CalPERS’s real assets investments (IPE)

National Stories

Budget Breakdown: How does this year’s budget address pensions? (NJTV)

July 12, 2018

California Stories

L.A. Voice: “Stealing” money from the public with no shame (The Hub LA)

National Stories

After Wall Street’s Destruction of Toys ‘R’ Us, Pension Funds May Divest From Private Equity (In These Times)


July 11, 2018

National Stories

Opinion: The Court Tosses Blue States a Life Jacket (WSJ)

Damschroder: Do or die for Ohio public employee unions (Fremont News Messenger)

July 10, 2018

California Stories

OPINION California’s economy may be booming but pension payments have governments cash-strapped (OC Register)

Coy About Taxes and Pension Costs (Fox & Hounds)

National Stories

The Other Side of Janus (The Atlantic)

Illinois starts retirement savings program (WCIA)

Des Moines retirees blast district over derailed plan to transfer pensions to IPERS (Des Moines Register)

New Jersey pension investments now guided by social, environmental values (North Jersey)


July 9, 2018

California Stories

Dan Walters: What’s with all the talk of California taxes? Do the math – it’s pension costs (Cal Matters)

National Stories

Pennsylvania state treasurer condemns $5.5bn pension fee ‘waste’ (Financial Times)

Minnesota’s pension changes “far from a cure-all,” Moody’s warns (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Editorial: Give independent voters the substance they desire (The Day (Conn.)

Comcast to pay nearly $13.8 million to Lane County agencies (Eugene Register-Guard)

What and who will it take to stop Connecticut’s fall? (Journal Inquirer)

July 8, 2018

California Stories

Dan Walters: Did Brown fix California’s budget mess? Nope (CalMatters)

Herald Fire borrows $460,000 to end CalPERS contract (Lodi News-Sentinel)

National Stories

MURPHY signs police, firefighter pension bill (Politico)

To-do list for the next Legislature: Work together and get the job done (St Peter Herald (Minn.)

July 5, 2018

California Stories

Grand jury finds high risk in Santa Maria, Lompoc pension plans (Santa Maria Times)

National Stories

Editorial: Now, expand public pension spike reforms (The Dispatch-Argus)

Guest view: Don’t blame unions for corporate greed (Quad City Times)

Phil Murphy gives police and firefighter unions control of their pensions (

Pensions profiting from medical billing practices banned by states (Benefits Pro)

Some criminally convicted retirees could keep more of their pensions under new proposal (Boston Globe)

Commentary: Progressive income tax proposal would sink Illinois (Chicago Tribune)

July 2, 2018

California Stories

COMMENTARY Why California Is Losing Teachers and Laying Off Secretaries (Wall Street Journal)

Opinion: Janus court decision is a big win for Californians (San Jose Mercury News)

Editorial: Pension trust fund can work (Chico Enterprise-Record)

Now they have a choice. Will California teachers and cops stay in their unions? (Sacramento Bee)

To avoid budget shortfall, Arroyo Grande lays off workers, will increase fees (SLO Tribune)

National Stories

Census Bureau: Public pension contributions rise 4.6% in 2017, assets up 7.8% (Pensions & Investments)

Editorial: Welcome to the real world, AFSCME (Quad City Times)

Buehler Proposes PERS Cuts To End Oregon’s ‘Classroom Funding Crisis’ (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

NJ budget deal: Phil Murphy loses 2018 battle, hurts chances for more tax increases (North Jersey)

New Jersey Governor, Lawmakers Reach Budget Deal, Avoid Shutdown (Wall Street Journal)

NJ government shutdown 2018: Averted this year, but take a look at every time its happened (North Jersey)

Statehouse Insider: June was big month for Rauner (The State Journal-Register)