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By CAPS President Patty Velez


I say that to every one of you who is a full CAPS member.  It’s your membership that makes the critical work of CAPS possible. Speaking of CAPS…

We are doing our part as your union representative, and now we are asking EVERY State Scientist to do theirs. That means joining CAPS and maintaining membership in CAPS!

Seven out of ten State Scientists are CAPS members. But we need more, many more full memberships. I’ve heard all kinds of reasons why some of my colleagues haven’t joined: “I didn’t know I wasn’t a full member… you haven’t gotten me full pay equity… what have you done for me lately?”

The answer to all of this is of course: CAPS IS OUR UNION! For CAPS to be successful it needs strength in numbers. That’s exactly what the teachers in West Virginia recently showed when they collectively, unanimously, forced the state of West Virginia to provide just a 5% pay increase.

Why should Governor Brown take CAPS seriously when he knows that not every State Scientist supports CAPS in its efforts?

CAPS was formed in 1984 by a group of State Scientists determined to ensure that their union spoke exclusively for the employment and professional interests of State Scientists.

CAPS was created as a volunteer organization.  A succession of dedicated scientists have volunteered their time over the years to make lives better for their

Nothing has changed in that formula. Every member of your CAPS Board of Directors volunteers valuable time and makes every important decision involving
union matters. We do not get paid by the union.  CAPS does not pay us to be “released” from our duties to do routine union business. We also rely on volunteer Local Reps who assist members at the worksite. And we are assisted by a dedicated group of labor relations consultants, legislative advocates, lawyers and administrative staff.  CAPS’ dues are among the lowest charged by any union representing state employees. If you doubt that, ask one of your lower paid administrative staff what they pay for union dues.

We do our part, and we need every rank-and-file State Scientist to do theirs.  The minimum is to join CAPS and to maintain membership.

Would YOU help recruit new members in YOUR office? If so, we will supply you with a list of the Future Members (fee payers) in your workplace, with talking points. We can use your help.

EVERYONE needs to do their part, not just our dedicated long-standing cadre of  wonderful CAPS members!