Calling All State Scientists!

What’s YOUR Story?

CAPS is embarking on a dynamic new media campaign that will seek to boost the profile of state scientists among decision-makers and the public.  We have heard from so many of you that too few people appreciate (or even know about) the essential work being performed by state scientists.  It’s time to change that.  So CAPS has teamed up with CBS media to launch a campaign targeting major media markets throughout the state that will tell our story.

We KNOW there are hundreds of newsworthy science-related stories in state government. We want YOU to be part of it.  While we can’t publicize everything and everyone, we do plan on a well-rounded presentation about the crucial role state scientists have in protect public health and safety and the environment.

CAPS needs YOU to help highlight the great work of California’s state scientists. Got a newsworthy story or event? Something that the public would find interesting about what you do? Check it against this list of news criteria. If you mark “yes” to three or more standards, fill out the following electronic form (or use the hard copy, here) and email it to Jon Ortiz, award-winning journalist formerly of the Sacramento Bee, now coordinating the CAPS media campaign: .

1. Is the impact local, statewide, national or global? (Richmond state scientists solve California crimes; state scientists catch Volkswagen emissions cheating.)

local impactstatewide impactnational impactglobal impact

2.Is there a threat to public health, property or wealth, and/or the economy? (Spinach with E. coli bacteria pulled from store shelves; state scientists stop glassy-winged sharpshooter.)

threatens public healththreatens propertythreatens wealththreatens the economy

3.Is it small but illuminates something big? (School ships in bottled water – drought blamed; state Supreme Court to hear Marin pension case.)

4.Is it a “first”?(First woman in space; first time a goat is successfully cloned.)

5.Is it a “last”? (Last day of the 20th Century; last time the Kings will play in Sleep Train Arena.)

6.Is it recent or about to occur? (Ben Feringa receives Nobel Prize in Chemistry; inspectors to check water quality tomorrow.)

7.Is there a “feel good” element that involves kids, animals or the elderly? (CHP honors 100-year-old volunteer; kids build improvements for Folsom Zoo animals.)

8.Is it a “least”? (California ranks last in spending per high school student; Michigan has the fewest work-related deaths per capita.)

9.Is it a “most”? (California spends more per high school student than other states; Michigan has the most work-related deaths.)

10.Is it wacky/unique? (Man bites dog; California state scientist wins Nobel Prize.)


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