Associate Health Physicist Alan Rook needs YOUR help!

Mr. Rook is a CAPS member (and CAPS Local Rep) who works out of the Brea office of the CDPH Radiologic Health Branch.  He was scheduled for major surgery early February 2017, but the weekend prior to the surgery, Mr. Rook was taken to the emergency room with a serious medical condition unrelated to the original surgery. He spent a couple of weeks in the hospital.  About a week later, Mr. Rook was taken to the ER and was again admitted with a different serious medical condition. Fortunately, Mr. Rook recently returned home.   These medical events have taken a financial toll on Alan.  He has exhausted his leave balances and needs contributions from others. If you can spare even one hour to donate, Mr. Rook would be moved by your generosity.

Section 3.10 of the CAPS MOU allows transfer of annual leave, CTO, personal leave, vacation and/or holiday leave credits from one employee to another when a catastrophic situation is confirmed. Sick leave credits cannot be transferred.  Mr. Rook and CAPS extends many thanks in advance for your support!

Request Memo from Dept. of Public Health  | Catastrophic Leave Donation Form for Alan Rook

State Scientists in Need

A catastrophic leave time bank can be established for fellow CAPS members who have exhausted his or her leave credits and needs alternative options.  Both excluded and represented employees may donate leave credits.  Eligible leave credits include annual leave, vacation, CTO, excess, personal leave and/or holiday leave credits.  Sick leave credits, Furlough hours, Holiday Informal and Professional Development Days may not be donated.  Donation of eligible leave credits must be made in whole hour increments.

Leave credits will be posted here on an as needed basis.  Any unprocessed donations will be returned to the donor. Please note: once your donations are processed for use by an employee, they are irrevocable.

If you wish to donate any of your leave credits to a fellow scientist, please complete a Catastrophic Leave Donation form from your department and also notify CAPS.

CAPS thanks all who members who can assist!