Environmental Scientist Needs Your Help

ES Nicole Constantinedes works in the Water Branch of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  She is off work with a serious medical condition and has exhausted her leave balances.  She needs catastrophic leave donations in order to continue receiving pay and benefits.  Section 3.10 of the CAPS MOU allows transfer of leave credits as catastrophic leave: CTO, Personal Leave, Annual Leave, Vacation, Personal Day, and/or Holiday Credit. If donating Personal Holidays, they must be donated in whole day increments per the donating employee’s time base. All other donations must be made in a minimum of one hour (1.00) increments. Sick leave cannot be donated. If you can spare even ONE HOUR, Ms. Constantinedes would be hugely assisted and moved by your generosity.  Please complete Nicole’s Catastrophic Leave Donation Form, designate the amount and type of leave credits you are donating and submit the form to your department personnel/payroll staff.  Nicole and CAPS extend our thanks!

Environmental Scientist Needs Your Help!

Career State Scientist Renee Roberts of DTSC again needs help.  Last year she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung. She has a hard road to recovery.  It’s been far slower than she would like. Renee has again exhausted her leave credits and is in need of leave contributions in accordance with the Catastrophic Leave Program (MOU Section 3.10).  The CAPS MOU lets you transfer certain leave credits to fellow scientists in need:  annual leave; CTO; personal leave; vacation and/or holiday leave. Qualified leave credits can be transferred in whole hour increments, except in the case of personal holidays, which must be donated in full-days. Sick leave can’t be donated. To help Renee receive a paycheck until she can return to work, please download and complete her Catastrophic Leave Donation Form.  Designate the amount and type of leave credits you are donating and submit the form to your department personnel/ payroll staff to process.  Renee and CAPS thank ALL who can assist!

Section 3.10 of the CAPS MOU allows transfer of annual leave, CTO, personal leave, vacation and/or holiday leave credits from one employee to another when a catastrophic situation is confirmed. Sick leave credits cannot be transferred.  Mr. Rook and CAPS extends many thanks in advance for your support!

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State Scientists in Need

A catastrophic leave time bank can be established for fellow CAPS members who have exhausted his or her leave credits and needs alternative options.  Both excluded and represented employees may donate leave credits.  Eligible leave credits include annual leave, vacation, CTO, excess, personal leave and/or holiday leave credits.  Sick leave credits, Furlough hours, Holiday Informal and Professional Development Days may not be donated.  Donation of eligible leave credits must be made in whole hour increments.

Leave credits will be posted here on an as needed basis.  Any unprocessed donations will be returned to the donor. Please note: once your donations are processed for use by an employee, they are irrevocable.

If you wish to donate any of your leave credits to a fellow scientist, please complete a Catastrophic Leave Donation form from your department and also notify CAPS.

CAPS thanks all who members who can assist!