Article 13 – General Provisions

13.1 No Strike A. During the term of this Agreement, neither CAPS nor its agents nor any Bargaining Unit 10 employee, for any reason, will authorize, institute, aid, condone or engage in a work slowdown, work stoppage, strike, or any other interference with the work and statutory functions or obligations of the State. B. CAPS … Read moreArticle 13 – General Provisions

Article 19 – Miscellaneous

19.1 Request for Reinstatement After AWOL Separation In any hearing of an automatic resignation (AWOL) pursuant to Government Code Section 19996.2, the hearing officer shall have the discretion to award back pay. Once adopted by the California Department of Human Resources, the hearing officer’s decision with respect to back pay shall be final and is … Read moreArticle 19 – Miscellaneous

Article 17 – Classification

17.1 Classification Changes A. When the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) desires to establish a new classification and assigns it to Bargaining Unit 10 or intends to modify an existing one that is in Bargaining Unit 10, CalHR shall inform CAPS of the proposal during CalHR’s preparatory stages of the proposal. CAPS may request … Read moreArticle 17 – Classification

Article 16 – Transfer and Layoff

16.1 Layoff and Reemployment A. Application. Whenever it is necessary because of a lack of work or funds, or whenever it is advisable in the interest of economy to reduce the number of permanent and/or probationary employees (hereinafter known as “employees’’) in any State agency, the State may layoff employees pursuant to this Section. B. … Read moreArticle 16 – Transfer and Layoff

Article 15 – Career Development

15.1 Release Time for State Civil Service Examinations Employees who are participating in a State civil service examination shall be granted reasonable time off without loss of compensation to participate in an examination if the examination has been scheduled during his/her normal work hours and the employee has provided reasonable (normally two working days) notice … Read moreArticle 15 – Career Development

Article 11 – Organizational Security

11.1 Organizational Security A. The State agrees to deduct and transmit to CAPS all membership dues authorized on a form provided by CAPS. B. The State and CAPS agree that a system of authorized dues deductions shall be operated in accordance with Government Code Sections 3513(h), 3513(j), 3515, 3515.6, 3515.8, subject to the following provisions: … Read moreArticle 11 – Organizational Security

Article 14 – Health and Safety

14.1 Health and Safety Committees A. The parties agree that Joint CAPS/Management Health and Safety Committees are appropriate in many areas of State employment. At CAPS request, each department shall establish at least one Joint CAPS/Management Health and Safety Committee. Additional Joint CAPS/Management Health and Safety Committees may be established as appropriate for the larger … Read moreArticle 14 – Health and Safety

Article 12 – State Rights

12.1 State Rights A. Except for those rights which are abridged or limited by this Agreement, all rights are reserved to the State. B. Consistent with this Agreement, the rights of the State shall include, but not be limited to, the right to determine the mission of its constituent departments, commissions, and boards; to maintain … Read moreArticle 12 – State Rights