The California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) is the exclusive representative of nearly 3,000 scientists working for the State of California.  Our website provides our members and the public with information about CAPS and the role of science in improving the lives of all Californians.

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For 28 years, State Scientist Day has showcased the important work performed by state scientists to protect public health, the environment, and California’s natural resources.   Read More»

State Scientist Exhibitors:  All state departments that employ state scientists are invited to prepare an exhibit for State Scientist Day 2016!

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  Reclassification Project

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CAPS is working cooperatively with CalHR and the various departments that employ scientists to consolidate scientific classifications.


Capsule January 2016

Brown Urges Continued Fiscal Restraint —
CAPS Urges YES on Ratification
Health Benefits Matter!
Good Old Days, by Patty Velez, President

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