The California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) is the exclusive representative of nearly 3,000 scientists working for the State of California.  Our website provides our members and the public with information about CAPS and the role of science in improving the lives of all Californians.

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2018 State Scientist Day

State Scientist Day was a great success!  See the photos here.

 Classification Reform

CalHR Makes New Reclass Proposals (4/18/2017)

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I Work With Mark Janus
Virus Outbreak Threatens Chicken Flock
Gavin is the Best Choice, by Patty Velez, President

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Salary Surveys»

Salary surveys show a salary lag of between 16% and 40% for three state scientific classifications that are representative of most state scientists and based on educational achievement: Bachelor of Arts; Master of Arts; and Ph.D.

The Like Pay For Like Work comparison is for scientific classifications that historically have had salary equity with state engineering classifications.